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FedEx Shipping Calculator

If you need your translation in a hurry you may want to consider using FedEx to have your documents delivered to your doorstep the same day. Some of our clients are using this shipping method in order to save time, and if you need your hard copies in a rush, you may want to consider using it too. This is why we’re decided to create this free FedEx calculator which can give you various options for you to choose the one that suits you best. Use our free FedEx shipping calculator to see how much you have to pay to have your certified translation delivered the same day or the next day.

Why would you use FedEx?

same day delivery

Same day delivery

Were you looking to have your documents translated and sent to you in a hurry? You may find FedEx to be the best option. Choosing one of their overnight options (first, priority or standard) should insure that you get your package in time.

no delays

No delays

While we do offer USPS delivery at only $10, the delivery takes 2-3 days and there could be extra delays due to various reasons. Choosing FedEx instead is a much better option as you’ll have your package delivered whenever you need it.

at your doorstep

At your doorstep

Tired of having to drive to get your package? Have you used USPS in the past and had to struggle to get your package delivered? Choose FedEx 2 day delivery if you need to, or their express saver and pay less while being assured your package reaches your doorstep in time.

Having issues or questions?

Prices are dependent on location. Use our free FedEx calculator to see how much you need to pay

With FedEx prices depend on your location. We will send the package from our translation office in Miami, Florida. In order to see how much you need to pay and what are the options you are getting, please use our FedEx shipping calculator below. It is free to use and reliable. Simply add our zip code 33130 in the first field, and your zip on the second. Click submit. In a few seconds the page will refresh and will give you the FedEx rates.

  • What is FedEx used for?

    FedEx is a multinational delivery services provider. Its headquarter is in the United States. FedEx provides delivery services to not only individuals, but also to companies. Many businesses rely on FedEx for the delivery of important materials. It continues to be a trustworthy name in the courier industry. In 2019, FedEx had 400,000 employees working around the world.

  • Why did FedEx return my package?

    Sometimes, a package gets sent back to the sender. If the address you gave to FedEx for delivery was incorrect then the package will be sent back to you. The package can also be sent back to the shipper if it could not be delivered to the recipient. You can get in touch with FedEx to acquire more information about the matter.

  • What makes FedEx unique?

    FedEx has established an image for itself among its customers. Today, it is known for its reliability and timely delivery, something that customers in the courier industry value highly. Another factor that makes FedEx unique is that it has grown and acquired new services, which is why it can help its customers in various ways.

  • Can USPS do same day delivery?

    USPS does not offer same day delivery to any addresses in the US. However, it does offer an overnight delivery option, which is known as Priority Mail Express. But even that has a few exceptions and might not work for every address and PO Box in the US. Anyone who needs same day delivery should choose a service provider other than USPS.

  • Who does same day delivery?

    Multiple courier services in the US are offering same day delivery. FedEx is the one that is the most popular because of its reliable services. UPS also offers same day delivery. DHL offers same day delivery along with proof. Amazon offers same day delivery for free to Prime members. But those who don’t have a Prime membership will have to pay $12.99 for same day delivery.

  • Can Amazon deliver the same day?

    Amazon can deliver on the same day to most addresses and PO boxes in the US. However, the same day delivery is only free for those who have a Prime membership. Prime members don’t have to pay shipping on other orders too. But if someone doesn’t have a Prime membership, they will have to pay $12.99 for same day delivery.

  • How much is same day shipping?

    Same day shipping charges will depend on various factors. There are different speeds available for same day shipping too. You will have to provide all the necessary information before you can get a quote from companies like FedEx and DHL. With Amazon Prime, however, you can get same day shipping for free if your order is over $35.

A free FedEx shipping calculator to save your time

While there are numerous tools out-there that you could use, some may not be reliable. We are dealing with delivery every day and we were in need of a FedEx shipping calculator in order to quickly find out the price of delivery for our various clients from all over the US who were willing to use it. Since we care about our clients and we hate loosing time and energy with unreliable tools, we have created our own FedEx calculator.

While initially developed to be used in-house by our project managers, we have decided to make it available for free to all our clients. You can use our FedEx shipping calculator below an any time without having to worry about its accuracy, we always make sure it is working at it was intended.

If you need to have your translation delivered at your doorstep in a hurry, FedEx is probably the best choice. Urgent overnight deliveries are possible only with them, and you get the assurance that your package will be delivered just exactly when you need it. In order to find out how much will delivery cost, use our FedEx calculator below or get in touch with us by live chat.

FedEx shipping calculator

A free tracking tool save your time

This tool allows you to enter a tracking number to track shipment on over 470 couriers (including USPS, DHL FedEx, UPS).

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FedEx calculator

What we can do for you

Universal Translation Services is a leading translation agency with offices in Miami and Aventura which provides highly accurate translations in any field, from and into any language. We deal with corporate clients but also with individuals looking to have their personal documents translated for USCIS.

While corporate clients prefer to get their translation by email, there are some cases when legal documents have to be translated and hard copies are required. In that case, we are offering delivery by USPS at $10, but our clients can use FedEx when needed.

If you are an individual dealing with USCIS or university admission in the US as a foreigner you’ll need official translation of your personal documents which we provide at some of the lowest rates you can find without having to worry about quality as all our translations come with guaranteed USCIS acceptance. If notarization is required we can do that too through our online notary public.

Not only do we provide cheap certified translation services, we are also doing our best to have your documents delivered in time. If you are in a rush and USPS is not an option, you may want to use our FedEx shipping calculator to learn how much you have to pay to have your hard copies delivered fast.

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