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Legal translation and English-Spanish Glossary

Legal translation is the practice of converting legal documents and materials from one language to another while maintaining their original meaning. This type of translation entails a technique that considers the legal context. Contracts and other legal documents, such as Legal Statements, Licenses, and Litigation Material, are just a few of the legal documents that can be translated. Law dictionary is part and parcel of legal translation services.

Legal translations should be dealt with extreme care because the slightest error can deprive people of their rights or even some life opportunities. Before proceeding further, let’s take into account such a country that is culturally diverse. It will help you get a clear understanding of what we are trying to communicate. We recommend you to know the translation terminology list to get more knowledge.

The Significance

Law dictionary plays the same role as other dictionaries like language dictionary or dictionary of business. Even medical professionals need to consult medical dictionaries no matter how much they have studied medicine. Likewise, when the question of law arises or there is an issue in the interpretation of laws, federal courts usually interpret laws by using a law dictionary according to the literal rule of interpretation. Simple word meanings are utilized in this position, and the statutes are interpreted by the court accordingly. In District court usually, there is no question of law. So legal translation of these documents might require extraordinary legal terminology knowledge from the translator.

Legal documents are highly professional documents that demand expert translation processes. You may require the translation of a variety of Dutch documents. In your day-to-day life, you’ll require these kinds of documents. Legal documents are difficult to translate because laypeople are unfamiliar with legal jargon. There are different online books and articles are available for English to Spanish law dictionaries.

Diccionario Jurídico Bursátil and Diccionario de Términos Jurídicos Más Usuales. Diccionario De Comercio Internacional, Diccionario de Términos Económicos and McGraw-Hill’s Spanish and English Legal Dictionary, and Jufidico Ingles Espamol are Spanish editions of legal terminology dictionaries. As a result, legal professionals are necessary for translation purposes.

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Top 5 Legal Terminology English to Spanish Glossary

Begin by obtaining all of the necessary archives for interpretation. Gather them into a single bundle for a rudimentary conversation with the interpreter. Add any special requirements, such as copy duplicates, phased affirmations, or special notification, that should be kept on hand while the interpretation is taking place. Determine how long your requirements will take, as many administrations will turn your workaround in 24 hours for a small fee. This can be cultivated if, for example, an exceedingly late interpretation of a marriage endorsement is necessary. Simply take a deep breath and trust that you’ve been chosen expertly.

1. Affidavit 

A written statement of facts backed up by the person who created it swearing-in. Affidavits must be notarized or administered by a judge with the authority to do so.

Affidavit in Spanish:

Declaración jurada por escrito, afidávit

2. Appeal hearing 

After a trial, a request is filed to another court (typically the court of appeals) to determine whether the trial was properly conducted. “To appeal” or “to take an appeal” means to make such a request. Both the plaintiff and the defendant have the right to appeal, and the person who does so is known as the appellant. Appeals can be filed for a variety of reasons, including incorrect procedure or requesting that the court alter its legal interpretation. This is what appeal is an appeal hearing is hearing of that request to reconsider or reopen the case.

Appeal hearing in Spanish: Audiencia de recurso/de apelación

3. Beyond reasonable doubt 

The standard must be met to convict a criminal defendant. The prosecution must show the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in the eyes of the jury. The expression “beyond a reasonable doubt” is frequently used to describe the burden of proof. This term is most commonly used in criminal law since the penalties are harsh, hence the court decides to use the “beyond a reasonable doubt” approach. In civil cases burden of proof is usually 51% but in criminal cases burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt.

Beyond reasonable doubt in Spanish:

más allá de una duda razonable

4. Evidence 

The information offered in testimony or documents to persuade the fact finder (judge or jury) to rule in favor of one party or the other. Evidence is a very important part in any case so if you are can you studying or writing a contract the term evidence is very common that you might use it. 

Evidence in Spanish:

Prueba(s), medios de prueba

5. Administrater order 

When an individual or a firm is unable to pay their debts, a county court will issue a court order. Normally, the court mandates that debts are paid in installments and as soon as possible. As long as the debtor follows the order, the creditors are happy. They are unable to retrieve their funds through any other means.

Administrator order in Spanish

orden administrative

Free Download Glossary Legal Terms English Spanish 

Glossaries are an alphabetical list of terms and their meanings usually you can find them at end of the book especially the science one. This is because it is humanly impossible to know all scientific terminology, so a compact source of terminology is essential. But now the question is how legal glossary help translators to translate better? Which makes translating legal documents quite difficult?

A candidate for this position should be knowledgeable about the legal system or legal phrases used in the previous judicial system. Otherwise, the document would not appear to be factual or convincing enough to support your claim. Legal documents are required to be translated all over the world. The glossary can aid the process of translating legal documents because working hard is not the key, working smart is. So here is a list of a few free glossaries, download them for free, and start working smart.

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Legal Glossaries and dictionary

This glossary is 34 pages and includes all essential and basic legal terminology. What lacks in this glossary is that it doesn’t explain English terms. So, if you have a grip on English terminology this glossary is all that you need.

English/Spanish Legal Glossary/Glosario Legal

This is an extensive and very helpful glossary for Spanish/ English legal translation because firstly it includes a huge number of terminologies from basic to advanced levels. And terminologies are explained in both languages.

Basic Legal Terminology: Some English Spanish Equivalent

This glossary is thorough and contains all basic terms. If a person does not know about the basics of legal terms, then this glossary will prove to be very useful for beginners.

Legal Glossaries and Dictionary

This is a very compact list of legal glossaries in different languages. You can get different lists for different levels of Spanish terminology in it. And these lists are separated for different subject matters so now you know where to go when your document is related to a specific matter.


Terminology is classified in this Glossary according to distinct subject matters, as well as different organizations and states. So, if you have an UN-related paper, you may browse to that section and quickly identify the terms you need.

Translation Services/Glossaries – Spanish Gateway

Sponsored by Maryland Thurgood Marshal State Law Library, which is a court-related agency of Maryland Judiciary this is a site with highly accurate information about legal terminologies and does not provide legal advice. Along with the glossary, a representative is also available for the user to ask queries right away.

A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation

This handbook will aid your translation process and if you can’t play with links and want a thorough glossary for English/ Spanish terminology and this handbook is for you.

Glossary of Legal Terminology: English-Spanish

With over 470 words, this glossary provides its user with the most comprehensive details for all the legal terminologies. It helps not only the beginners but also the advanced learners.

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