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How Does an Image of Translation for USCIS Template Look Like?

How Does an Image of Translation for USCIS Template Look Like?
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(Last Updated On: October 20, 2023)
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There are many government institutions and university processes that require certified translations. Others might require notarized translations of documents that are signed by a notary public, such as for some specific immigration purposes. With your immigration application, you would include a certified translation of the original documents. But the translation should be according to USCIS requirements.

To have an idea about the format, you can see an image of the translation for the USCIS template on Google or you can go to our shop where we provide you with different certificate templates ready to use. Their prices are listed and you can purchase them right away. Isn’t that awesome? The process of immigration requires a lot of documentation and translation as well.

But the documentation need for immigration has some protocols when it comes to translation. You cannot attach a low-quality translated document to your immigration application. If you do so then your application is more likely to get rejected. There are some eligibility requirements to apply for becoming a permanent resident in the United States.

You can check those requirements on the website of U.S. citizenship and immigration services. So, make sure to choose a translation company that provides top-notch quality translation according to the requirements of USCIS. Let us dive in to know how does an image of translation for USCIS template look like and much more about images in USCIS templates.

How Does an Image of Translation for USCIS Template Look Like?

The most common document that is required at the immigration is a birth certificate. An image of translation for the USCIS template includes a translated birth certificate accompanied by a certificate of accuracy.

USCIS template
uscis template translation

This certification has the name of the translator or the translation agency, along with the statement that the translation is done by professionals and is 100% accurate. To put a seal of accuracy, companies stamp their documents with their official logo or trademark.

Essentials For USCIS 

When you are applying for immigration in the United States, you need your document translation for immigration. It may include birth certificate translation, adjustment application, Passport application, replacement application, and certification letter, green card renewal, criminal records, etc. You need electronic copies and hard copies of all documentation for the immigration process.

The immigration process is all about paperwork and bulky applications. But USCIS has standards for translation you can’t submit documents without fulfilling the requirements. For quality translations hire native language translators, don’t do automatic document translations, and find the best quality translation services agencies in town. Here are few essentials you need to follow.

Certified Translation

The documents which are going to be used in USCIS require a hundred percent correct translation. But there are a few protocols that identify the accuracy of translation like certification and notarization. No need to worry, you don’t have to do the certification process by yourself you can hire any translation agency at affordable prices for this task.

Notarization and translation certification are frequently confused. However, they are two distinct types of formal translation services. With the notary, a notarization translation is a very detailed translation. A notary public is a legally recognized expert in the subject. The translation is done by any professional translator, but it is approved by a notary public.

However, there are situations when the notary does not understand the language in which the document is translated. As a result, the translated document is certified first to verify that the translation is accurate and of high quality. In this scenario, the notary signs the certified document, indicating that the translation is accurate.

The most important aspect of document authenticity is to maintain the document’s original meaning. Only a professional translator is capable of doing so. It is critical to avoid mistakes in the workplace. A certified translation includes a signed document in addition to the translated one, it is also known as the certificate of accuracy. The fact that the translated document is an accurate translation of the original document verifies the signature.

Use USCIS Specific Format

Different translators use different templates for certified translation but USCIS specified the official translation template. They only accept documents with that specified format. No matter which documents you are translating for the immigration process in the United States like adjustment Application, passport application, replacement application.

Even they can be bird certificates translations, translation affidavits, marriage certificate translations, etc. You just need to follow the format. For having an idea of the template for translation you can Google it and see different translated documents. The format is super simple it requires the name of the certified translator and his signature. It also includes further information like address and date etc.

You need to mention both languages of your pair language as well. This means the source language in your original document was and the target language in which your translated document is. If the format is not appropriate then your documents will be of invalid version.

translation official uscis
image look uscis template

Do Not Use Translating Tools

Are you using Google translate or any other transition tool for the translation of your documents?  And thinking about doing the same for the original birth certificate for the immigration process then don’t do it because it won’t be an acceptable document for USCIS.  Although Google Translate frequently provides accurate results, words might have multiple meanings.

As a result, it’s tough for a machine to comprehend the situation and translate appropriately. It will not sound natural at all. It will not be inflow if the text is not context-based. This renders the text unintelligible. A single word might have multiple different meanings in every language.

Google Translate, no matter how efficient or smart it is, will never be able to replace human translators. Even Google does not guarantee translation accuracy or readability. Although translation services have vastly improved, they still refuse to guarantee absolute clarity and correctness. When you have legal or governmental documents there is a danger that a machine translator will destroy them.

Although Google Translate is superior, it has the potential to mutilate terminology and technical terms, entirely changing the sense of the text. So don’t risk your paper copies for government offices by using any kind of translating tool. USCIS rejects the documents before presenting them to the immigration attorney.

No one wants to get their green card at risk because of poor translation. Hence, don’t translate your official documents like divorce certificates, your marriage certificate, legal documents, divorce decree, government agency documents, vital records, school records, your passport application, green card renewal, arrest records, etc. through translating tools.

Hire Native Translators

The native language principle, often known as the native speaker principle, is extremely beneficial. It assists in obtaining a high-quality, very accurate certified translation. It’s no surprise that natives comprehend their language better than everyone else. The best English translation services and translation services in other languages are provided by native translators.

They understand the dialects and norms of that specific place. They have the qualities of legal professionals. The dialect of the different languages’ changes from one place to another. For example, only native French translators can be trusted with certified French translation.

Similarly, a native English speaker is more familiar with the terminology and subtleties of his language than others. For instance, for verified English to Arabic translation, a native English speaker is required. A native Arab performs the Arabic to English translation. The native speaker rule works in this way.


Everyone is excited for their green card and immigration process to complete immediately. To fasten up the process you need to make sure that you are fulfilling all the essential requirements. Make sure you have all your documents and their respective translated copies with certification. The only way to avoid the red tape and delays is to apply the proper procedure and accurate documentation.

When you have all your correct documents and your applications do not get to check them, again and again, you’re more likely to get your green card as soon as possible. The process is time taking no doubt but it is worth waiting for.

essentials uscis image

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