How much do we charge for a certified Birth Certificate?

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With regards to the question of how much does a certified birth certificate, it is not as simple as giving out an immediate quote. There are a number of factors that affect the final price of a particular translation project. With regards to certified translation birth certificate, there are additional fees on top of it as well. In a nutshell, this is how it usually breaks down.


A typical English to Spanish translation is a relatively easy project. To say the least, almost any major foreign language can be translated into English with relative ease. Almost any translation agency can attest to this, and our company is well equipped in handling such projects. Nevertheless, there are a number of instances wherein a client wants to have a Dutch document translated into Japanese. Now, that there is where things get quite a bit complicated.

When it comes to translation of foreign language into English, our company can definitely handle that. However, if you want a German birth certificate translated into Chinese, then that will add up to the cost. What most agencies do in cases like this is to translate the original document into English first, and then translate it into what the client wants. That is not the case with our company. We have a pool of highly skilled and well-trained translators that can handle any language with relative ease. This is why we are among the top rated translation company in the business.


Turnaround Time.

Turnaround time is the time needed in order to complete a particular project. In essence, it is the time from the moment the project is accepted by our company to the time that the client received the final translated document.

We offer a number of turnaround time options. We have 1-hour translation option, rush translation, or you can have the regular one. As stated above, the number of hours it will take for you project to be finished depends on the type of translation you want to take. However, it is important to note that each of these cost differently.

Should a customer want a rush translation, what we do is pool our translators into that particular project for us to be able to finish it as fast as possible. This means leaving some regular projects hanging. As such, we charge a little fee when doing rush or 1-hour translation services.


As the name implies, a certified birth certificate translation has one specific requirement, a certification. There is no need to worry about that. Our company is properly certified to hand out certification in order to prove that our translation output has reached a certain level of quality. Not all agencies are allowed to issue such certification, which is why we are proud that we are one of the few that has achieved this status.

Because of its certification requirement, a certified birth certificate translation costs a little bit more compared to an ordinary one. While this might be true with some companies, we offer our certified translation at a price that is always negotiable and friendly to the pockets of our clients.

If you shop often, you must be very specific about prices. It’s actually a good thing to know the prices as you have to spend your hard earned money on it and you shouldn’t let it go down the drain. But what we would suggest you is that you must understand a few rules of comparing prices. According to online shopping researchers, it is advisable to compare prices while keeping in mind their quality, service, brand and reputation of the providers. You just can’t compare a Gucci bag with a local brand and even if you do, you should at least go for a quality check and customer reviews.

So the sword of inflation hangs loose over your head and you want to save money whenever you are out there for some buying. When the inevitable hits you, you just can’t avoid it. Just like the translation of a birth certificate. Birth certificate translations are only requested for official uses and when you are requested to submit a birth certificate translation, you have to get it translated and the translation must be certified.

We know that like most people, your question would be the same, “how much does certified translation of birth certificate cost?”

As we said earlier, it depends on a lot of aspects. Quality and excellence have their own cost. Besides, different translation agencies use different methods of charging for the certified translation of the birth certificate.

Translation Rates Per Word

A lot of companies offer their translation services on a fixed rate per word basis. Such companies allow their customers to assess the calculated price through a word counter tool. Customers find this method fair and transparent. It’s also easier for them to check the price themselves.

Translation Rates Per Page

Another angle of pricing that many companies use is the translation rate per page. This method is also a very common practice in the translation industry. Companies provide a certain area where they project per page charges for certified translations.

Factors Affecting Charges

Despite the method different companies use, there are other factors that could affect the charges. These include

  • Language
  • Nature Of Document
  • Nature Of Requirement
  • Type of Text/Content
  • Additional Services If Requried

Most Common Prices

A rate of $60 to $70 is the most prevailing one for the certified translation of a birth certificate. In the case of further attachments, the price could be higher. However, you can’t count on presumptions if you really want a certified translation of your birth certificate.

Our Word

Literally, don’t take our word for it, and click on the UTS birth certificate translation services tab. You’ll understand what quality, convenience, transparency and affordability really looks like. Not only do we challenge that our prices are the lowest, we also provide you with templates and an availability of downloading. We address your formatting needs and we adjust willingly no questions asked.
So stop worrying over how much does certified translation of birth certificate cost and let us take care of your translation.

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