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How To Get A Cuban Birth Certificate

How To Get A Cuban Birth Certificate
cuban birth certificate

Sometimes, it can be difficult for us to praise the positive traits of a person or institute we dislike. But differences between people exist everywhere because we cannot think and believe in the same things. This is why it is foolish to think that everyone that does not agree with us on all things must be a horrible person. The same can be said for states that do not follow the general rules of governance. There are communist and socialist states that the rest of the world love to hate. But if they are doing a good job of taking care of their citizens, what can anyone blame them for.


Located closer to the Caribbean, Cuba is a country of 11 million people. Like other states of the region, it spent a couple of centuries under Spanish rule. The colonization lasted until the Spanish American war, after which Cuba got nominal independence. Things changed in the country when it came under the leadership of Fidel Castro. It has been a communist state since 1965. During the rule of Castro, the country became involved in military activities throughout the world. It mostly sided with rebels fighting against the state.

Many countries have accused Cuba of human rights violations over the years. However, it has a high rank on the Human Development Index. The healthcare and education sectors of the country are known for their high performance. Cuba has a stable economy, which is mainly supported by the tourism industry. Export of sugar, tobacco, and coffee also contribute to the economy of the country. Culturally, Cuba is closer to Latin America. It has retained a lot of values from its Spanish rulers. The official language is Spanish. The population of the country is diverse, but people of mixed race with Spanish and African origin make up the majority.

cuba birth certificate

Birth Certificate and When Is It Needed:

Everyone has a bunch of personal documents that they keep in a folder for their safety. All the documents in that folder are important in some way, but most of these are kept safe because they are useful. They are needed in life from time to time for various reasons. One such document is called the birth certificate. It isn’t something that a person obtains in most cases. A child’s parents apply for this after the birth of their kid. There is a time period during which parents must register the birth of their child. The time period and other rules related to the issuing of the certificate vary from country to country.

There are many moments in life when a birth certificate becomes vital. A person cannot get admission in school without their birth certificate. But it is also necessary for adult life. If someone is applying for immigration to another country, they will have to show their birth certificate. And if there is a language difference between the two countries, the document must come with its certified translation. Without a birth certificate and its translation, immigration becomes impossible.

How to Get a Cuban Birth Certificate?

The process of getting a Cuban birth certificate is not the same as other countries simply because the administration of every state works differently. In some countries, even the states have different ways of doing the same thing. In Cuba, there are two types of documents that are issued after the birth of a person: birth certificate and baptism certificate. There are various ways of obtaining a document if you have lost yours and wish to get it from the state’s record.

birth certificate translation cuba

Registro del Estado civil or the Registry of Civil Status is the institute in Cuba where people can register important life events. Act like birth, marriage, and death are registered with the registry. The registry takes somewhere between 2 to 15 days in issuing a certificate. The time period will depend on various factors. The parent or parents can request the document after the birth of their child. They will have to bring their identification documents along with their marriage certificate. They will have to provide important information to the registry like the name of their child, date and place of birth, and any other necessary details. The parents might be asked for their birth certificate in some cases, but if they have proper identification, they won’t have to worry about anything else.

After submitting all the information along with the record of the hospital where the birth took place, parents can sit back and wait for the document.

Certified Translation:

If someone is applying for immigration and need the translation of their birth certificate, they must turn to a very qualified professional. There are many kinds of translations, but only one, a certified translation, is accepted by government officials. That makes it necessary for the immigration process. People must keep in mind that this isn’t something you can from the internet or do it themselves with the help of their bilingual friends. It is a lot more complicated than that and requires the services of an expert.

Find a good agency if you need to get your Cuban birth certificate translated. Make sure they are a native speaker of Cuban Spanish because a non-native won’t be able to do a good job of translating the language. The native speaker, who knows their language well, will be able to help you out with your document and provide you with the most accurate translation.

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