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How To Get A Certified Translation Service For Hungary Adoption?

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Hungary Adoption 

If you’re like most people adopting a child from another country, you’ll want to complete the process as quickly as possible in order to bring your new baby home and start enjoying time together as a family.

Because of this, you might be tempted to get your adoption paperwork translated without having it professionally certified by an authorized translator first. However, doing so could lead to potentially disastrous consequences.

That’s why you should work with a certified translation service when working on your Hungary adoption documents instead.

Here are some tips for choosing the right service for your needs.

Pick a language service provider with industry experience

The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 outlines the requirements that adoptive parents must meet in order to adopt from another country.

According to the act, anyone adopting from a foreign country must provide evidence that the child does not have U.S. citizenship and has legal rights as an orphan in their current country.

You also need some kind of translation of your home study (or adoption paperwork) and your child’s birth certificate which is often issued by the government of that country, or by Hungarian authorities.

And in most cases, you will need a certified translation service’s help translating your documents and answering any questions posed by Hungarian translators about translating your documents properly.

Be sure you are familiar with all of these translations before you start!

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Check the service provider’s reliability

To find a service provider with a good reputation, research the background study of the company or translator. Get in touch with their references and see if they have experience working on this type of translation before trusting them with an important project.

You also want to know what services are provided by the service provider. Ask if they offer English translations, proofreading, certification, copies of your document translated into multiple languages.

Be sure you hire someone with native fluency in both languages because more than likely the adoption agency will not do any formal English translation on your behalf when it comes time for submitting adoption papers or going through the adoption process.

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Ask if they are experts in your niche market

With 18th-century birth certificates, forms and other adoption application materials being translated from English into Hungarian, the quality of translation is paramount.

In order to find the best translation service for your needs, be sure you ask what certifications they have in this area.

For example, do they have official documents or translation certifications from notarized and registered translation companies? Do they know what words are important to use when translating adoption documents?

It is critical that any translation services used to be professional, credible, dependable, and accurate. A good rule of thumb to follow when selecting a translator is:

Can the translator prove he/she has relevant professional credentials?

Has he/she worked on projects similar to yours?

Do they provide any certificates proving accuracy?

Do they offer references from previous clients?

However, when comparing companies, ask them these questions:

What is your minimum turnaround time?
Do you provide sample translations?
What type of files do you translate?
Do you translate by hand or machine?
Do you offer language-pair combinations I don’t see them listed on your website?

If any company cannot answer these questions satisfactorily–or lacks some kind of certification–you may want to look elsewhere. By asking these questions now, you can narrow down your options and find the best-certified translation for a Hungarian adoption service.

Find out how they handle client complaints

Every reputable agency will have an application process that their birth parents and prospective adoptive parents must go through in order to see if they are qualified. There are also stipulations about how agencies can communicate with birth parents who want to place their child.

Birth parents are free to call the agency or send them an email but must not share their contact information. It is important that you find a certified translation service who uses native speakers and has experience translating birth parent letters, court documents, other vital documents, and applications.

You need someone trustworthy and dependable for this part of your adoption journey! Make sure that all certificates from the translator are issued by organizations like the ATA (American Translators Association) so you know they’re certified. That way, no one will be able to question your decision on who translated what document!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to adopt in Hungary, you will need two notarized copies of the certificate of single status. The original and a certified copy in the language of the country you are living in.

As with any service, the price of your translation will depend on who you use. A freelance translator might charge as little as $50 per hour while professional agencies can charge up to $100 or more per hour.

The length of the translation will depend on how much content needs translating. The average length is 2-3 weeks, however you can often get it translated in as little as one week.

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