How To Speak Pig Latin?

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Language is a fascinating thing. But the fascinating thing in the world is the human brain that keeps coming up with new words and languages. Although all the languages we have created so far are connected in some way, they are still pretty unique. Communication is not only necessary for making friends, but it is also important for the survival of the world. Although communication can help us communicate with a friend, it is not often enough for having fun. This is why humans create different types of games. But those who like their brains to be challenged to have fun prefer word games.

What is Pig Latin?

Pig Latin is not an actual language, and it is not made up of Latin words. The name is an intentional misnomer to confuse those unfamiliar with the language game. The game is often used by children to talk in codes. The language game is popular in the English-speaking world as it is based on the English language. Forming words in Pig Latin is very simple, and anyone familiar with English can do it. However, those unfamiliar with the rules of Pig Latin can easily get confused by it, which is why it can be useful for a child who wants to communicate with a friend using a code language. Find out here how hard is it to learn Latin.

The origin of this argot is not clear. There is a reference to ‘dog Latin’ in the work of William Shakespeare. The modern variation of the game appeared in the 20th century. Popular culture, including comedy films and songs, made Pig Latin popular among adults and kids both. A few common phrases are used by almost every American in their everyday lives. One example of this is the original word scram, which is a part of many Americans’ everyday vernacular. It has become Amscray in Pig Latin and is used by many people every day.

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History of Pig Latin

The history of Pig Latin dates back to the 1800s. It was invented by children at the time who started it as a language game. The original name was Hog Latin. The term became popular in America in 1919 when the song ‘Pig Latin Love’ came out. However, in any way, Pig Latin is not rated to the Latin language.

Pig Latin is not a real language but rather a language game invented by children to speak in code words. However, it has its own rules for formation. And if you are not a pro, you might find it difficult to speak and understand what others are saying.

It’s not. It’s a reference to the Netflix series Lucifer in which the main character used some words from Pig Latin and later shown in the series to not remember doing that. People on Reddit have been in discussions about the incident and insisted that he spoke Pig Latin.

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How to speak pig latin?

How to Speak Pig Latin?

There is a whole internet language that only the youngsters are familiar with. It’s a mixture of English with internet slang. It works like a secret language for the people of the internet. Others have to turn to online dictionaries to find out the meaning of terms used by internet users. Although Pig Latin is not common, it is still a fun language game, which is why many people want to learn it. So, if you are wondering how to speak Pig Latin, you are about to get all the answers.

The basic rules of Pig Latin are not complicated. It is worth remembering that it is mainly a spoken language, so you don’t have to worry about writing systems. As for the spoken parts, here are the four basic rules that you have to remember:

  1. Consonants in the Beginning:

If the word you want to change begins with a consonant cluster, you have to move the cluster to the end of the word and add the suffix ‘-ay.’ Take the word ‘blend,’ for instance. The consonant cluster ‘bl’ will move to the end, and once you add ‘ay,’ the new word will be complete. So, the English word ‘blend’ will become ‘end-blay’ in Pig Latin. This might sound like a complicated rule, but if you practice changing the English words regularly, you will be able to master this pseudo-language.

  1. Vowels in the Beginning:

If a vowel or its sound is at the beginning of the word, then it will remain the same. You will only have to add the suffix ‘-hay’ or ‘-way’ to the word, and you will be able to speak Pig Latin. The exception to this rule is if an English word begins with a vowel but does not have a vowel sound at the start. For instance, the word ‘one’ begins with ‘o’ but has the sound of ‘w.’ In this case; the word will be treated as if it begins with ‘w.’ So, it will become ‘ne-way’ or ‘un-way.’ Since Pig Latin is a spoken tongue, the rules are also based on sounds.

  1. Compound Words:

When it comes to compound words, keeping them as it is will make the game less fun. People will be able to figure out what you are saying even if they are not familiar with Pig Latin. The best way to handle compound words is by breaking them down and treating them as two separate words. For instance, the word doorknob should be treated as door and knob. This way, changing the words will become easier for you.

  1. Letters with ‘Y’:

Every letter with ‘y’ has its unique sound. In some words, the letter ‘y’ has a vowel sound, while in others, it has a consonant sound. You should use rules one and two depending on the sound of the letter ‘y’ in the word. You can create a whole phrase with the help of these rules. But you can’t become an expert overnight. You will have to practice your skills regularly to polish them to perfection. It is better to find a speaker of Pig Latin who can practice with you and help you improve your language skills.

But is Pig Latin a Language?

Pig Latin is not a language but a language game invented by children in the 1800s. A game with its separate rules and usage, popular in the American culture, especially among youngsters. You can call it slang but it’s more of a code language and only those who know the rules can speak and understand it.

Who Uses Pig Latin?

Every company has a lot of secrets that it wants to protect. But no business turns to a pseudo-language for help. You won’t have to worry about entering a company meeting and hearing phrases spoken in a code language. You can hear a foreign language being spoken in your office, but you won’t hear Pig Latin. But since the popular language game is so fun, everyone wants to try it.

It is indeed a game for children, but it is still very fascinating, which is why everyone can have fun if they learn Pig Latin. You can use any phrase or word in the tongue to confuse others. Although the game is based on the American language, different variants of it have been created in France and other countries. If you want to learn the French or Italian variant of the game to send secret messages to your friends, you will have to look up their rules.

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Why Are Code Languages Important?

Humans have created multiple coding systems. Morse code is very famous in multiple fields. But why is it necessary to make such languages? It is true that children and adults mostly use Pig languages for games. They use these tongues to send secret messages. But that’s not the only advantage of codes. A language that has its code and is not common can be used by law enforcement agencies and militaries to share sensitive information between them.

The workers of government bodies can use codes to share information. They don’t have to worry about someone stealing the information. The more unique a code is, the harder it will be to crack it. So, if you are using the code intending to keep your information secure, you can fulfill that with the help of effective language. A code must have a logical key, so you can easily solve it. But it should be complicated enough so it can confuse others who are trying to steal your information. So, regardless of the language, you speak, learning an argot will be a good idea.

How is Pig Latin Different from Dog Latin?

It’s different actually. Where Pig Latin is a code language, Dog Latin is more of a way of turning words into humor. In Dog Latin, you imitate the Latin Language by twisting English words, words that actually may not even have a meaning.

It is also important to remember that Dog Latin was referenced by William Shakespeare in his work in 1509. So you can say it’s an ancient language.

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