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(Last Updated On: April 12, 2022)

Klingon Translator

Do you watch Star Trek? As an American, perhaps you do. For Asians, Star Trek is an American science fiction media franchise by Gene Roddenberry of the 1960s which later on became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. It started from the production of series into various films, television series, video games, novels, and comic books.

Marc Okrand, an American linguist introduced the Klingon dictionary to help the readers and viewers understand the Klingon language. Some of you may be hearing about this language for the first time. It is very exciting already to know that a language is specific to understanding TV series and films of Star Trek. In the third series, Marc Okrand did efforts to invent more Klingon words because the producers want it to sound like a real language. And therefore Marc thought that it should be one. That is how the Klingon language seems to exist.

If you want to know more about the Klingon language or its translator, you’re just at the right place. If you’re looking for a Klingon translator, this article may give you some tips to find one! So, let’s start!

Klingon Language

The first question that crosses the mind of every linguist is what this language is about. Well, Klingon language is the constructed language spoken by a fictional alien race, the Klingons, in the Star Trek universe. Its description is in the 1985 book ‘The Klingon Dictionary’ to explain the sounds of the aliens. So it’s a fictional language.

And therefore, it has several typologically uncommon features. The language’s first sound was first devised by actor James Doohan and producer Jon Povill for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It was the first time when this non-human language was heard on-screen.

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Due to the increasing fame that this alien language has, many people posted online to look for Klingon translators who can translate the whole script of the Star Trek series. But there were only a few people who could speak it. A Klingon translator is in need by the office that treats mental-health patients in metropolitan Multnomah County. Jerry Jelusich, a procurement specialist for the county Department of Human Services said, we have to provide information in all the languages our clients speak. Although Klingon language is for works of fiction, it has had consistent grammar, syntax, and vocabulary as well. Know the easiest languages to learn.

The Multnomah County just found recently that many people, apart from the fans of the series consider Klingon a complete language. The major need for a Klingon translator was because many mental-health patients speak this artificial language, said Franna Hathaway, the purchasing administrator. This is why County Official is looking for a Klingon-English interpreter, who can put the language of Starship Enterprise officer Worf and other Klingon characters on a par with common languages such as Russian and Vietnamese, and less common tongues including Dari and Tongan.

How many people can speak the Klingon language?

A very small number of people can fluently speak the Klingon language. In one of the books of Arika Okrent, she said that there might be around 20-30 fluent speakers of this lingo. But due to the increasing popularity of Star Trek, the number of speakers also increased.

Klingon language institute is also responsible for promoting the language. One of the Klingon speakers raised his little son by teaching him Klingon as his first language, while his mother spoke English with him. Klingon speakers of non-Star Trek TV series, including Frasier, The Big Bang Theory, and Lucifer, and heavily feature in the My Big Fat Geek Wedding episode of The Simpsons.

Where to find a Klingon Translator?

Klingon became a famous language and therefore many people started working as Klingon translators to earn. If you want to find one, you can simply search on Google. Due to the increasing use of social media platforms, you can find the online translator with just a few clicks. But since it is a language that only a few people can understand, there are still very less people who can provide its translation services.

Some people may fake out and act as Klingon translators just to get high prices, but it is your responsibility to get away from such scams. Further, there are some websites and translation apps that offer Klingon translation services. So, you can contact them and get your Klingon translator as soon as possible!

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What is the Grammar and Writing System of Klingon?

As Klingon is a constructed language, many people neglect its grammar and writing system. But you can’t do that because it is still a complete language according to many. As an agglutinative language, it mainly uses affixes to alter the function or meaning of words. Some nouns have inherently plural forms but most nouns require a suffix to express plurality explicitly.

The suffix changes depending on the type of noun. You have to adjust the appropriate suffix to make the words meaningful and construct the sentence sensibly. Klingon nouns take suffixes to indicate the grammatical number and there are three noun classes. A word may carry no more than one suffix from each class. And the classes have a specific order of appearance.

The writing system of Klingon is very unusual. It is because some letters are uppercase while some have a lower case. All of them are Latin alphabets. Capitals are generally reserved for uvular or retroflex consonants pronounced further back in the mouth. Or the throat that is normal for the corresponding English sounds. But the linguists and writers are still in confusion about the preferred and accurate writing system of the language.

What things a Klingon Translator should master?

Klingon translation is now provided by several famous websites and translation tools. Google Translate and Bing Translator Site are the two free sites that allow you to translate text snippets and web pages to and from Klingon. But when you hire a Klingon translator with charges, he/she should have the following characteristics:

  • Sentence Structure– since the language is spoken by the aliens in the series, the translator should make sure that the sentence structure of their dialogues are not making the sentence look meaningless. The translation should be done by keeping the sense the same.
  • Language Command– while translating the text, this characteristic is the major one without which no translation can work successfully. It is already a language with limited speakers; therefore you should make sure that the Klingon translator you are hiring has exclusive command of the Klingon language.
  • Attention to Detail– Star Trek is a science fiction series which is why it is full of different attitude shifts and friendly dialogues. As a Klingon translator, you should convert your translation style according to the texts and the conversation of the two characters. A good translator is one who can pay proper attention to even tiny details.
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Yes, there are several. Fun translations is one of them. Convert from English to Klingon. The Klingons are a fictional extraterrestrial humanoid warrior species in the science fiction franchise Star Trek.

Klingon is now a supported option on the Bing Translator site.

No, Google translate does not support Klingon as it is a fictional language of the alien in the Star Trek series. The producer of the series is Harve Bennett.

Audio tapes are also available for this series.

The translation of nothing into Klingon is ‘Pagh’. Klingon is not a natural language. So it can’t be translated by Google translate. We need different translators for it. Fortunately, there are translators for Klingon which helps you translate their language into any language you want.

Klingon is a language that was made for the Klingons in the Star Trek universe. It is a constructed language, not one that developed naturally. Only a few people can speak the Klingon language well enough to talk in it. The Klingon Language Institute helps people learn Klingon.

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