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Find out what are the main steps in the translation of marriage certificates. We can help you understand this process much better and make smarter choices. Whether you have immigrated from abroad or you were lucky enough to have your marriage proceedings on a paradise island, you will need a professional marriage certificate translation from the home country language into English or another official language. Here we will show you the main steps of the personal document quality translation services process in a range of languages! Check it out!

We have made an infographic about certified translation of marriage certificate

The Template:

First of all, it’s important to know that personal documents and affirmation documents are different in each country, whether that is your birth certificate, marriage license, police certificate, or current residence documents. A marriage document issued in Spain in the native language won’t look the same as source documents released in Germany or the US due to country-specific guidelines and marriage laws from country to country. There is no such thing as a marriage certificate translation template or certificate of accuracy to speak of. In every country, the ministry of foreign affairs has different rules set up that are followed by the national notary association in each country.

Marriage certificate translation service steps: what do you need to know about this process?


The first thing you need to do is sending a picture of your marriage certificate to the translation agency. It can usually be sent via website or e-mail by scanning the license in an editable format! It can take a few minutes until the document and translation order form arrives in the marriage certificate translators or company’s e-mail box.


In the next step, in the professional translation company the document sent by e-mail in an image format like JPEG or pdf file, for example, will have to be transformed into an editable format, that can be a DOCX version for instance. After that, the translation service shall start working on the editable format!


Now, in the editable version with a detailed description, all the text is extracted from the document, and the process of translation into the target language will start with the compilation of legal requirements by an accurate translator in the professional translation company, or the company chose.

If you want to have the infographic as an image, click the small image on the right for a larger one that you can save on your computer, or save it from here Any issues? Live chat with us and we will help you out!

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First Draft!

It is sent to you in the first draft of the translated document. You will be requested to check the detailed description like names, dates, and other details corresponding to alternative documents of the document compared to the original one to make sure that every information is correct accordingly with the quality control department of the professional translation company.

facts about the translation process

Marriage certificates translation steps that you should know about:


After this last procedure and once you approved the document, the translation company or the translator will add the translated text of the language pair back into the original template issuing certificate of translation for the time frame by the authorized signer, that picture that you have sent in the first step of the process, remember?

Certified translation!

The translated marriage certificate will be certified and then sent again to you with a certified translation accuracy. The certified translation must follow the strict rules imposed by the USCIS regarding civil documents, and all the certified translations will possibly come with guaranteed acceptance at any immigration office in the United States. the detailed description should be according to the standard certificate for uscis.

That’s all there is to know about marriage certificate translation steps!


Now you have the final translation of the wedding certificate! It is supposed to be attached to the other legal documents to proceed with your case to verify your marriage license. Marriage translation services are required when forwarding your case for immigration into the US for visa application, so choosing the right translation company for a quality translation project of original documents is beneficial.

These are the necessary steps that are followed by translation agencies for quality translation of marriage documents services. You should look into the Immigrations website of the USCIS and check for yourself the requirements of marriage certificate translation and other civil documents, affirmation documents by authorized signer required for translation accuracy.

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Watch out!

Make sure that you are answering all the required information and alternative documents for the certificate for USCIS issuing authority immigration translation and high-quality translations. Let’s suppose that you are missing some of the significant data in personal document translation from home country data into a foreign language; then that is a particular case in the translation project. That will require a specific procedure that we cannot foresee and additional costs. But for you to make appropriate changes, you need to make sure that you are following all the rules required for a translated marriage certificate. If you miss out

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