National Immigration Justice Center, what is that?

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If you are not aware of the immigration system of the U.S, you’d want to get familiar with programs or organizations helping immigrants. And if any of your immigrant relatives or a family member is facing any kind of problem then this article is for you. This article will cover brief details of the national immigrant justice center. How it works and what kind of services it provides?

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National Immigration Justice Center, what is that?

Heartland Alliance is the leading anti-poverty organization of the unites states and the National immigrant justice center (NIJC), is one of its programs. It was launched in 1984. Mary Meg McCarthy is its executive director. Its headquarters are located in Chicago. Hence, it has offices in Washington, Goshen, Indiana, San Diego, California, and DC. While it works in Laredo, Texas with partners. Moreover, it has a network of thousands of pro bono attorneys providing services to immigrants.


The mission and goal of this organization are to ensure access to justice and human rights protection for all refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants. Hence, it has a successful track record for 30+years of legal representation to vulnerable immigrants and refugees.

Services of (NIJC)

NIJC is providing quality legal services to low-Income immigrants. It helps individuals detained in remote areas of the country. NIJC helps the immigrant community and their families by providing them legal information. Moreover, this program helps them to prevent exploitation by individuals involved in the unauthorized practice of immigration laws. Hence, a strong management team of NIJC focus on these populations:

  • Detained individuals
  • Immigrant children
  • survivors of gender violence
  • Asylum seekers
  • Individuals seeking family union
  • LGBT individuals

How NIJC helps immigrants

National immigration justice center advocates for these populations through public education on immigration laws, policy reform, and impact litigation. However, it promotes the dignity of immigrants. Moreover, the director of NJIC is responsible for collaboration with community groups, elected officials, and law schools to advance legal services for immigrants. Hence, it also maintains professional relationships with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. They cultivate projects that support these vulnerable immigrant populations:

  • by providing direct representation for asylum.
  • by reuniting formerly separated families. Hence, provide public education on immigration policies and laws.
  • educate immigrants about their rights.
  • by increasing legal representation for those in detention and removal proceedings.

Current programs of NIJC

NIJC has several programs with legal service teams working to end immigration detention.

Jeanne and Joseph Sullivan Program for Protection of Asylum Seekers

This program seeks to defend asylum rights. However, It has a network of approximately 100 pro bono lawyers. However, more than six thousand refugees, asylum seekers were provided with legal counsel and representation in 2014. Hence, they also helped victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, and unaccompanied children.

Defenders Initiative

This initiative offers training and resources to lawyers and defenders in criminal cases. Hence it seeks to provide information to the criminal defense lawyers at the federal, state, and local levels. As a result, they can provide better advice to their clients concerning convictions of immigrant defendants and immigration consequences of pleas.

Gender justice initiative 

This upholds the rights of immigrant women. Hence, it ensures that whether they safe and equal access to legal services. This initiative also works to ensures that the families stay together. And the recognition of gender-based asylum claims. Moreover, It helps victims of crime and domestic violence.

Detention, Democracy and Due Process Project

It upholds the due process protections of immigrants. Hence, it also verifies due process rights of immigrants subject to deportation or held in detention. This project upholds due process by making use of policy advocacy, litigation, and strategic communications.

Immigrant Children’s Protection Project

This project advocate for the rights of detained or non-detained immigrant children. Hence, these children may be subject to deportation or have to face the possibility of deportation to their dangerous home country.

Immigrant Legal Defense Project

This aims to help immigrant families in need. Hence, it offers them low-cost or free legal representation and other related services.

Counter-Trafficking Project

It helps both adults and children, survivors of human trafficking, by providing them case management and comprehensive legal service.

LGBT Immigrant Rights Initiative

This initiative provides equal protection for LGBT immigrants.

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Essential Responsibilities and Duties of Staff Attorneys

He has to conduct a preliminary intake interview. Hence, he gathers all facts for presentation for each case at the unit meetings.

Making appropriate referrals for those who are not eligible for organization service is his duty. However, assessments of income eligibility are also his duty.

He develops and implements strategies for consultation with the supervisor and immigration laws and procedures.

Maintains and develops relationships with social and government service organizations. Moreover, he also maintains relationships with the community organizations and U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

Maintaining accurate and complete records of clients is also his duty. Hence, he also conducts training sessions assigned by the supervisor on immigration procedures.

Developing and maintaining special projects is his primary responsibility.

Offices of National Immigration Justice center

NIJC has offices located in different countries. Hence, we have discussed here Goshen office.

National Immigration Justice Center (Goshen Office)


110 E. Washington St. Goshen, IN 46526

State served


Contact Methods

Phone calls, Emails, Website

Language spoken

Spanish and English. Hence, do not charge any nominal fee.

Which populations do they provide their services to?

  • Detained individuals and domestic violence victims
  • Farmworkers and human trafficking survivors also get served
  • They also check individuals who are not in legal immigration status
  • Individuals with criminal histories and those having physical or mental disabilities
  • Moreover, they serve Juveniles, lesbians, torture survivors, gays, bisexuals & transgenders.

Which areas of immigration legal assistance do they provide?

This assists in adjustments of status and asylum applications. Hence, they also provide employment authorization and helps in consular processing. Moreover, they assist in the following areas:

  • Habeas Corpus
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • Family-based petitions,
  • Assistance in removal hearings and special Immigrant juvenile status,
  • NACARA and naturalization or citizenship
  • Moreover, they assist with T visas, U visas, violence against women act petitions, and temporary protected status

What types of immigration legal services do they provide?

They provide service for filings with USCIS. However, they also serve for representation at asylum interviews. NIJC Goshen office provides services for representation before the Board of Immigration appeals and the immigration court. Moreover, they help you with appeals in federal court.

If you need any more assistance you can go and check the website of the National immigrant justice center. All their services are available on the official website. You can access them to counsel or to hire an attorney or a lawyer. Moreover, you can also contact their help center in case you need any information.

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