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In the ancient practice of Gematria, letters in different languages were given values and then added together to calculate the value of one word versus another word or even name versus name.

Well, in its simplest form, gematria translates from Greek to English like this: ge = earth; ma = mother; tria = triangle—so we get earth mother triangle as the translation of Gematria.

To learn more about the hidden meaning of the art of gemtatria, stick around and read on.

What Exactly is Gematria?

Gematria is a number system used in ancient civilizations. In Hebrew gematria, each letter has a numerical value assigned to it according to the order it was traditionally taught by Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides).

When converted into English numbers, the letters are then added together and their sum is the number found within that word. Letter combinations and vowels are also utilized in Hebrew gematria.

There are many ways to translate words using this form of gematria using this letter combinations. Kabbalistic astrology is one method which assigns heavenly bodies to correspond with each Hebrew letter. Check out the list of countries that speak the Hebrew language.

The first Jewish-Christian translations from Hebrew to Latin were made in the 8th century AD when Rabbinic literature began to be translated into foreign languages. Later during the 17th century, there were more translations from Hebrew to English when the language had become dominant.

A big controversy arises when considering how translations are made: some people prefer literal translation while others believe spiritual or hidden meanings should be revealed. Those who think spirit or intent is best revealed through such a translation have four main views on what comprises an accurate representation of Hebrew words.

They either use hebrew alphabetical values, letter names, Hebrew vowels, or Greek grammateia as a basis for their interpretation. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola thought the central meaning should be left untouched and rely on all other interpretations to offer details about what’s being said.

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What is the best way to practice gematria translation?

One way to practice gematria translation is to try your hand at ancient languages, like Biblical Greek or Biblical Hebrew. These are challenging but rewarding language courses.

Another way to learn gematria translation is through Jewish culture! This can involve translating the text in a siddur (Jewish prayer book) or simply studying some basic facts about the culture. Once you are familiar with the culture, take a step back and think about why this would be relevant to you.

If you have chosen Jewish culture as your coursework, then try going a little further into that world by incorporating these common day rituals or eating kosher food.

How can I get inspired to translate more texts during Gematria translation?

If you find it difficult to get excited about translating texts for centuries, here are some ideas:

1. Track your word count.
2. Work in tandem with someone else on a translation project.
3. Join a translation group and work with others on translations they need help with in exchange for their help with texts you want to translate.
4. Pick up a text that looks like something you’d enjoy reading but is not being translated yet and translate it, then post it online where others can see it if they’re interested in helping out on the text or want to read the finished product when you’re done.
5. Read through an old text and try to understand what was going on during that century and do the same for the next century you translate from so you have a better understanding of how cultures were changing at that time.
6. Keep track of all your stats (words, days) from each decade so you can see how much progress you’ve made and which decades were more difficult than others!
7. Look into how different artists tried to represent life at different points in history and compare them to pictures of people today so you can learn more about culture changes.
8. Find a song that’s been around for centuries and translate it into another language.
9. Use google-translate as a last resort only because it’s an easy way to make sure the meaning is correct without doing any research yourself, but this will affect the quality of your final product!
10. Research ancient symbols before translating texts involving those symbols; this may require making multiple trips to libraries since these symbols often span hundreds of years even though there are many places online where you can look them up quickly without leaving home!

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What is the influence of English language

Gematria is a form of numerology or Kabbalistic astrology that assigns each letter in the Hebrew alphabet with a corresponding number. This system allows every word in the Torah to be mathematically broken down into its smallest unit, and at the same time, given new meaning through another dimension of understanding.

In our English-speaking world, we may be able to gain insight into the author’s intent when they use certain words over others; but Gematria takes it one step further by breaking these words down until there is only one letter left. And even then it can provide more insight into how that single letter affects other letters that follow it and what connections exist in the story.

For example, the gematria value for truth (כתובה) is 78. If you add up all of the numbers from 1-78 you get 365—a year which coincides with Jewish tradition that says God created light on day 1 and created man on day 6.

There are many such stories throughout the Bible that shed light on this ancient practice, which makes sense considering its place in Judaism as an educational tool for young children to learn about their history, traditions, and spirituality

Frequently Asked Questions

Gematria, or letter numerology, is the act of assigning numerical values to letters in words or phrases in a way that cause them to reveal information.

A gematria calculator calculates the numerical equivalence of a word based on the Hebrew letters or Hebrew vowels. When converted to numbers, the values contained in the Hebrew alphabet are added together to form a total.

A word that has an 8 as a gematria value is considered one of the more powerful words in gematria. It carries within it the power to bring about what is not now, but will be in the future.

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