What is the proofreader role in translation?

What is the proofreader role in translation?
proofreader role

Wondering about the proofreader role in translation? When a job is being edited, proofreading is the last thing that is normally done. The job of the proofreader is to check through the document and find out if there are any errors with mark up or queries concerning accuracy, style, punctuation, spelling and grammar. It is possible to proofread blindly or check with the original document while proofreading.

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The proofreader role in translation

Normally, proofreading should be done after all the content has been revised. The copywriter is responsible for ensuring that the document content and structure have been properly done. There are however instances where up to the last minute, editorial adjustments are been made and there is no time for proofreading prior to printing.

There is a significant relationship between the copy editing and proofreading, even though they both have their separate responsibilities and roles. It is important to be aware of the exact job being done at that point in time, if it is copy editing or proofreading. It is vital to know that you cannot copy edit and proofread simultaneously.

Proofreader skills and abilities

The following are some major techniques and skills that are required by proofreaders when they are proofreading.

  • Check for errors by scrutinizing even the smallest detail in a document.
  • Look for popular errors that editors and writers normally miss.
  • Apply a structured process for proofreading to make sure the document is free of error.
  • Show the corrections made while proofreading with the aid of correction marks.
  • Not losing concentration and patiently proofreading documents that are long.
  • Identify and correct punctuation and grammar errors.
  • Identify and correct hyphenation and capitalization errors.
  • Know about a wide word range and know when they are wrongly spelled or used.
  • Ensure consistency by using style rules as agreed upon.
  • Be aware of when there is the need to make adjustments or not.
  • Effectively and decisively query where there is text ambiguity.
proofreader responsibilities

What is included in the proofreader role

Proofreaders should know the difference between they’re, their and there. If you are great with spelling and can easily recognize the little differences between similar words, then you will make a great proofreader.

Proofreaders go through transcripts and copy to ensure typographical, grammatical or spelling errors are absent. They work in a number of places including for newspapers and publishers that need to ensure printing documents that are grammatically perfect. Normally, they will be given a copy where they are to identify adjustments to  be made by editors, typists, or writers. Proofreaders could also check to ensure that pages are correctly spaced and that there is no text outside the printing margin.

Proofreaders should be aware of various grammar styles, based on the work type, including AP Stylebook, Elements of Style or Chicago Manual of Style.

Educational qualification for proofreaders

Proofreaders should have a bachelor’s degree in fields related to journalism or English as well as a good knowledge of style, grammar and spelling.

Job Requirements and Skills

  • Grammar/Spelling: Proofreaders should be perfect with reading of documents. They must know how a sentence should be spoken and how a sentence should be read. It is crucial that they are proficient with writing style and language.
  • Detailed: It is important for proofreaders to make sure there are no wrongly spelled words or wrongly placed commas.
  • Work with a team: Proofreaders usually need to work with other proofreaders, typists, authoris and editors. They need to be able to work with a team.

What to expect in the future in line with proofreading

With different electronic software for checking grammar and spellcheck, the requirement for proofreaders will increase at a slow rate from 2010 to 2020, as stated by Labor Statistics Bureau.

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