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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Pashto

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2022)

Learning Pashto

Pashto, among the asian languages is an Iranian language, the third most common language in Afghanistan and the second official language of Pakistan. It belongs to the Indo-European language family. It’s also one of the three official languages of India, along with Hindi and Urdu.

Pashto have become increasingly popular in other countries around the world, and became the auxiliary language of the United States, Canada, and Australia, United Kingdom and especially in some communities of the United Arab Emirates, as a second language among native English speakers who are interested in learning Pashto and other oriental languages. The following are seven reasons why you should start learning Pashto if you haven’t already done so…

People in Afghanistan speak Pashto

There are nearly 40 million native speakers of the Pashto language and another 10 million non-native speakers speak this as an auxiliary language. This is a figure that makes it one of Afghanistan’s two official languages, along with Dari (Farsi). More than half of Afghanistan is bilingual or trilingual, with members of each generation speaking all three languages. If you want to do business in Afghanistan, or to talk to Afghan students—or even if you’re just traveling there—you need to have a little understanding of Pashto script.

There are over 50 million speakers worldwide

That’s a lot of people! However, only about 8 million can read and write their native language. If you have been dreaming of learning a foreign language, Pashto might be worth your time. The Afghan dialect is spoken in central Asia and uses an alphabet called Perso-Arabic. A number of Arabic alphabet or their Persianized forms have also been assimilated into Pashto, as have several Persian verbs. Pashto is written with a modified Arabic alphabet.

However, In the modern era, voices are raised to discord the perso-arabic scripts as english language learners are increasing.

learning pashto
learn pashto language

It’s easier than you think!

Many people mistakenly think that learning a new language is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on how you approach it. First, you need to find an immersion method that works for you. Your brain actually absorbs words and concepts better if they’re in context, so Pashto learners seek out or make friends with someone who speaks Pashto so you can learn from them directly.

The people are friendly

One thing that stands out about Afghanistan is how friendly everyone is. No matter where you go or who you meet, you will find genuinely nice and welcomin people. This means that it’s easy to integrate into Afghan society, whether in Kabul or any other city in Afghanistan.

Learning a new language will broaden your horizons

Language is one of our most valuable resources. When you have additional ways to communicate, it becomes easier to find common ground and foster new relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Beyond that, learning a new language can also make you smarter: research has shown that knowing more than one language makes it easier for your brain to recall certain information later in life. Install some language learning apps on your mobile device and get started. Apps on mobile device has made it easy and quick to learn!

learn a new language pashto
why learn pashto language

A language opens doors

It’s difficult to overstate how much easier travel is when you can speak a little of your destination country’s language. Learning new language includes active learner participation. Even if you don’t plan on living abroad for an extended period, learning another language helps better understand another culture, which in turn makes it easier to negotiate business situations and engage with new people.

Without enough people who speak English in a given country, especially one where most official business is conducted in that country’s native tongue, getting by becomes very hard.

You can learn anywhere and at any time

Technology has changed just about everything in our busy life, including language-learning. It’s never been easier to enhance your language skills with applications that teach languages you can use on your mobile device. Pashto lessons are now easier to learn. Many apps are available for android device which lets you learn even in offline mode.

Learning any new skill includes active learner participation. ‘Learn Pashto’ is a free application which helps both non-Pashto and Pashto speakers to learn and improve their Pashto skills. The app offers audio files for the purpose of learning through listening Pashto alphabet. 30, 30-Minute audio lessons are provided. Do you need Pashto translation services? Contact us.

Some audience are visual learners i.e. they go for reading and writing except for listening and speaking. For visual learners:

If you are a Android device user, simply download the official google keyboard app called “Gboard”. It has almost every major language including Pashto. This one is best for visual learners.

If you are on iOS, Pashto learners can download and use “Khaista Pashto Keyboard” app. Follow the instructions in the app and you will be able to change your keyboard to Pashto anywhere and write Pashto in any app.

study pashto

‘Mango languages’ and ‘Bluebird languages’ are also well known softwares that offers arabic language learning. This app is useful for intermediate learners and advanced learners as well. Both apps can be operated from android ™ devices and also have desktop version.

Bluebird Languages has several types of lessons. On your mobile devices • Stream lessons, learn core vocabulary, essential verbs, creating sentences, powerful phrases, and conversation. Each topic seems to teach a beginner, intermediate learner, and advanced learner.

Install these apps on your android ™ device because these are quite helpful for the Pashto learners. Keep practicing this in your day to day life and surely you will learn it in no time.

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