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We at Universal Translation Services are doing our best to train our translators in using computer assisted translation tools like sdl trados studio 2017 in order to speed up the translation process and to ensure high quality output. Our translator training videos are created for both inexperienced and seasoned translators, and following our tips you’ll be able to work quickly and effectively with the most used translation tools on the market.

translator training videos

Translator training videos

We are not only the friends of clients who need our translation but we are friends of the translators in the market as well. We provide constant assistance in translation projects that come up for translators across the board both online and offline with blog posts and translator training videos. We are the translation company which understands that in this day and age of translation friendly world; the need for translator training is high and in strong need.

We have many more videos for translators on our Youtube channel, where we add a new video every week. We also have created a couple videos on how to use Tranwise, our translation management system.

translation tips

Translation tips

We have made many videos on this page; our favorite place for blissful understanding of the craft where the translation is done regularly. We are here to help you get your translation tips and tricks and even explain the trade of translation to any and all novices who are interested.

Our videos are simple and user friendly and yet they tackle complex and complicated tasks that occur in every day experience of the translators and we show how these tasks are tackled by the translators. From showing you how to use Tranwise to get translation job notifications to how to use computer assisted translation tools, our translator training videos are of great help to linguists trying to get up to date with technology.

learn cat tools

Learn to use software

In a time when all translations are done on the computer or other computing devices, we feel that someone needs to help you to learn how to use the latest translation trends in the market. We are here to help you gain the translation perspective in time and understand the world of translation with full force and seriousness.

Our translator training videos are carefully designed to help all who would like to understand how to translate using modern tools. We’re not talking about Google Translate, but about CAT tools which are a must if you want to offer translation services. If you’ve heard of tools like Trados Studio or xBench and would like to learn your way around, this is the perfect place.

In the age of information technology, the world needs and prefers video tutorials over long boring lectures and classes and we are here to provide you with just that: short and to the point translator training videos so you will fully understand how to use modern translation tools which are always asked by our clients.

MemoQ: How to update a translation memory on a project with multiple files

MemoQ and Trados and the most used computer assisted translation tools nowadays. Odds are, if the client asks for translation memory to be used, it will be a project in either MemoQ or Trados Studio.

The following video will show you how to update a translation memory when it comes to a project with multiple files in MemoQ.

update a translation memory on a project with multiple files in MemoQ

create a translation memory in Studio

How to create a translation memory in .tmx and .sdlTM format using .sdlxliff files

If you are a translator using Computer Assisted Translation tools like Trados Studio you’ll probably need to know how to create a translation memory in a .tmx or a .sdlTM format by using .sdlxliff files provided by the client.

This video explains how to do just that so you don’t have to search through the Trados documentation, watching this video will save you some precious time.

How to create a xBench type glossary file from a sdlTB studio glossary file

Sometimes you may need to use a Trados Studio glossary file in xBench. Since it can’t be used directly, you will need to convert it into an xBench glossary first.

This video will show you how to do that easily. In under a minute, you will be able to convert a glossary from Studio into xBench then get on with the translation.

create a xBench type glossary file from a sdlTB studio glossary file

Create a glossary for use with xBench

How to quickly create a glossary to use with xBench

ApSIC Xbench is a free computer assisted translation tool which provides a quick and simple way of checking the terminology used in a translation. It is also one of the best tools for quality analysis.

In this video we show you how to quickly create a glossary of terms which you can then use with Xbench.

SDL Trados Studio: How to create a glossary of terms

SDL Trados Studio is probably the most used computer assisted translation software in the world. Translators have a higher chance to get more translation jobs if they know how to work with Trados. Since most clients require a glossary of terms to be used, any translator would need to know how to create such a glossary to use with Trados.

This video shows you how to create a glossary to use with Trados in just a few easy steps. Watch the video and in 5 minutes from now you’ll be able to use your own terminology lists with Trados.

Create a glossary for SDL Trados Studio

translation in xBench

How to check your translation in xBench with glossary provided by the client

Xbench is one of the most used computer assisted translation tools out there. Among other things, you can check your translation against a glossary of terms provided by the client in order to make sure there are no discrepancies in usage of the terms.

xBench can be hard to learn if it is the first CAT tool you’ve ever seen, and could take a while to figure how how to use a glossary. This video should make it easy for you.

SDL Trados Studio: create a glossary of terms with comments

One of the most common translation tools is SDL Trados Studio and it is no wonder why as it’s probably the most complete CAT tool and includes translation memory along with several ways to analyze your translation for errors.

In one of the previous videos we explained how to create a glossary to use with Studio. How about when wanting to use a glossary with comments? This video explains how to deal with glossaries with comments.

glossary of terms with comments in Studio

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