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If you are running an educational blog and want to earn more than you earn directly from your blog, our affiliate program is a good fit for you: sell translation services and earn a commission with every sale you generate! Affiliate programs have been a big hit since the very beginning of the internet era, anyone could make money selling other people’s products. But not translation services. Introducing our translation affiliate program, a great way for you to earn money by directing customers in need of translation to us.

How do affiliate programs work?

We know this must be the next question boggling your mind but don’t worry, it’s explainable. Affiliate programs are run by big companies and firms who are working on driving traffic to their websites. They need targeted traffic and audience sent to their website because that is how they sell products. If your traffic generates sales, you get a commission. general affiliate programs take in affiliates that are bloggers or public figures, persons who have a big number of followers or readers, able to generate traffic.

what affiliate program to choose

What affiliate program to choose?

You will place ads of a certain company whose affiliate you choose to be. Every time your visitors read the ad or see the ad they will click it to get some more information and they will land to another website which will be of that company you are affiliated with.

If the visitors coming from your blog buy their products, you get paid a certain percentage off that sale. And those specific clients will be yours forever. Every time one of those clients will make a purchase from the company you will be paid a commission.

Now the most important thing is, which affiliate programs you should choose? There are numerous companies who run affiliate programs. You need to look for the one which is better for yourself too. Instead of having your blog fully loaded with low paid advertisements to make a decent amount of money, it’s  better to have a sponsor which pays you well. When you promote a company on your page it means that you are referring your clients and people who know you to that certain company. This shows that you yourself have put your trust in that company. This way you will be sharing your reputation and integrity too. People will link up the quality of services or products they get from that company with you too. So be very thoughtful before choosing an affiliate program.

Why sell translation services?

There is a large variety of blogs on the internet, in just about any niche you could think of. While the owners would very much love to earn money by joining affiliate programs, their traffic may not be a good fit for whatever they want to sell, therefore they may not be able to generate sales. this is another thing to keep in mind when you choose a company whose advertisement will be put on your page, as they should be somehow linking up with your content too. How about having an educational blog and promoting a blockbuster movie? Sounds funny, right? This is what you need to think twice about too. So you have to consider what your readers are interested in, and based on that, choose an affiliate program which has such products. By doing that, there is a high chance your readers would be interested in buying a product, and by that, the owner of the website (you) earns a commission and if you sell translation, you’ll get 17% from us.

Your blog would obviously generate traffic interested in what you have to say. If your blog deals with business expansion, education, languages or immigration, your readers may be interested in having documents translated. In this case, you have a high chance of earning affiliate commissions simply by joining our program, grabbing a banner and adding it to your blog. When running such a blog it is really a huge responsibility if you promote some other company as the services you promote must be of the highest quality. So why not promote our services and earn money in the process?

earn commissions by selling translation

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work to Sell Translation Services?

Affiliate marketing is smart and easy to set up since there’s a little investment needed to get started. There are four parties concerned:

  1. Advertisers – the party that sells translation services
  2. Publishers – the party that promotes the translation services and receives a share on sales
  3. Networks – an affiliate network is the agent who connects advertisers with publishers, gives the tracking technology, and processes commission fees
  4. Consumers – these are the end-customers who buy the translation service.

Successful affiliate marketing leverages the connections between these parties to create revenue and help to sell translation services. Publishers prefer a translation service using their different affiliate link, and customers make purchases as a result. Tracking cookie technology is used to register customer action so that sales can be credited back to the publisher. The network and advertiser use the cookie data to quantify effects and calculate commission fees.

How can you sell translation on your website?

Sell translation by sending your visitors to us

We are one of the leading translation companies in US, and we address to both businesses and individuals alike. We have a full package of good information on our website for your visitors, and we have a great deal for you. If you become an affiliate of Universal Translation Services or you are our affiliate already, you get 17% commission with every visitor from you who buys our services. UTS works in full transparency and has provided millions of people with high-quality translation services around the globe. So there is no chance that your reputation will be at stake.

We are a great option for you to be an affiliate with and sell translation services as we are reliable and competitive and we won’t let you down, it’s a guarantee. We pay the biggest commission in the translation industry and our banners will look great on your blog too. Even more, your visitors do not have to buy right away. If they leave our website and come back within 30 days, you will still get a commission. To top it all up, once your visitor becomes our client, it’s yours for life, which means, if they come a year later to translate another document, you will still earn 17% of what that client spent with us. If 5 years later they decide to have another document translated with us, you will still get your commission for that, which is still 17%.

As you can see, it can be easy to sell translation services on your blog and earn money. All you have to do is to signup or login into your affiliate account, grab the banner that fits best on your website and put it online. It’s a 5-minute work which might bring you high benefits along the way.

Sell translation by offering it within your company

There is another way to sell translation services. If you are an immigration attorney and you deal with clients which need certified translation for immigration in the US, you can either hand them over our flyers (which we can send you for free), or contact us directly in their name. You send us the documents, you for the services, you give the translation to your client and they pay you. More details on how to sell translation services this way on our referral translation program.

If you have a language related website or a website dealing with immigration and thinking to sell translation to your visitors, our affiliate program is probably the best fit.

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