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Spanish for Kids

Spanish for Kids
spanish for children
(Last Updated On: October 18, 2023)

Spanish for Kids. Why is it important to learn Spanish?

Spanish is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages. Why is Spanish important for kids? It originated from Vulgar Latin in the Iberian Peninsula after the fall of the Roman Empire. It is closely related to other Romance languages. It enjoys official status in more than twenty countries today. Latin America is the region in the Americas where Spanish and other Latin-based languages are spoken natively by the majority. There are also millions of speakers of the Spanish language in the US. This is why the popularity of Spanish is increasing day-by-day. It is also a popular language in the media. Many TV shows and movies are made in Spanish each year that end up becoming popular in the US.


Learning a Second Language, What is the Perfect Age?

Being bilingual in a linguistically diverse world can be very beneficial. And there is no age restriction as to when you can or should learn a second language. What is the best age to learn a language? But the perfect age for learning a second language is from two to twelve years. There are plenty of reasons behind this. Children don’t have responsibilities to take care of. They don’t have to prepare meals or go to a job. But not only do they have more time for learning, but they also have less to learn. Adults are always consuming information through the internet.


Spanish Books

Children can be taught a new language through games and interesting activities. They don’t have to stick to books. They can learn while playing. They can watch interactive videos to improve their vocabulary of a second language. And you don’t have to worry about them losing their language skills in their mother tongue. If parents keep on communicating with kids in their mother tongue, they will stay fluent in it.

If children learn a second language at an early age, it will benefit them greatly in their later life. When starting a career, they will have an advantage over monolinguals. Knowing a second language can also be helpful in academics. Students can read books in different languages and gather as much knowledge on different subjects as they want.

Why Your Kids Should Learn Spanish?

Learning a foreign language can be beneficial for everyone, but it is one of the best skills you can teach your kids. It will improve their understanding of the world and make them more empathetic. Bilingual kids grow up to become decent citizens of society. And if you are wondering which language you should teach your kids, pick Spanish. A lot of people don’t understand how beneficial Spanish for kids can be. Here are the reasons why your kids should learn Spanish:


Tips for Teaching Your Kids Spanish:

Teaching your kids a second language can be a very exciting activity, but it can also get boring at times. It is important to keep it interesting for your kids. Although it is easier for kids to pick up a second language, they will be less interested in studying. The focus of kids is always on playing. So, you will have to make sure that the language learning process does not feel like a chore to your kid.

Second Most Spoken in the US

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US. Whether you have Spanish speaking neighbors today or not, knowing the language means your children will be able to communicate with 41 million Americans easily. It will help them connect with their neighbors, class fellows, and coworkers.

Better Understanding of English

Something that many English speakers must have noticed is that a lot of words in their native language and Spanish are either the same or very similar. So, by enrolling your kids in Spanish lessons, you will be helping them get better at English too. Learning Spanish will help them understand how different languages evolve. Their English vocabulary will also improve because of Spanish.

Stress-Free Travel

Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries. If your kid develops a love for traveling, they won’t have to worry about the language barrier. Even if they have to travel for work, they will be able to communicate with the locals during their overseas trip easily. They will be able to make the most out of their trip, instead of worrying about the linguistic barrier between them and the locals.

Introduction to Different Cultures

If your kid learns Spanish, they will be able to enjoy entertainment content produced in the language. They will be able to listen to Spanish songs, watch Spanish cartoons and movies, and read Spanish books. There is a lot of Spanish content that your kid can explore once they become fluent in the language. Through the content, they can get introduced to different cultures.

It's Easy

Spanish is easier than you think. It’s not just that it has adopted a lot of English words. Both English and Spanish have plenty of Latin words in their vocabulary. So, it will be easier for your kids to pick up Spanish words. If you don’t want to burden your kids too much but also want them to learn a foreign language, then there is no better option than Spanish.

Future Employment Opportunities

In the US, knowing Spanish can increase your chances of getting a job. Having two languages on your resume is instantly a plus point. But if your second language is the one that has more than 400 million native speakers then it will definitely open a lot of doors for you.

Here are some extra helpful tips for teaching your kids Spanish

  • The internet has made things easier for us in a lot of ways. You can learn everything from a second language to how to play the guitar through the internet. Utilize all the online resources for teaching kids Spanish. The Spanish resources designed for kids will be interesting enough to keep them entertained.
  • Play Spanish cartoons for your kids whenever they want to see TV. You can also find other story videos for your kids so they can learn Spanish and enjoy the content at the same time. Watching content in a foreign language will improve not only the vocabulary of your child but also their listening skills.
  • If you want your infant to pick up this language, you can play Spanish lullabies for them. Once they enter school age, you can start playing nursery rhymes in Spanish for them. There are plenty of songs for kids on YouTube. You can find poems like Humpty Dumpty in Spanish and improve your kid’s listening skills too.
  • Hire a Spanish teacher who has practice with kids. Not every language teacher would be able to adjust their lessons for kids. It is best to choose a teacher who can design the perfect Spanish lessons for your kids.
  • Play Spanish games with your kids to introduce them to Latin American culture. Through Spanish games for kids, their learning will improve and they will get to have a good time too.
  • Motivate them to start a journal in Spanish. They can note down new phrases every day and revise them before going to bed. Start by asking them to write down phrases that they will need in real-life. This way, they will be more interested in learning the language.

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