Survey: translation prices and how much certified translation costs (infographic)

Survey: translation prices and how much certified translation costs (infographic)
research on translation prices

Universal Translation Services is a pioneer in translation services and we love to help our clients gain the best translation experience. In this regard, we have recently completed a survey that is focused on general practices of major providers and their translation prices.

Survey on translation prices

Our survey was general in nature and we have focused on general statistics in order to carve out general patterns that will help our clients understand the general translation prices. The main focus of our study has been the rush rates, standard prices, and rates for certified translation.

We have focused on these three services because they are the most popular services of our clients and we think that they have the right to know the most they can about the prices for the three services that major translation agencies are charging.

rush rates

Rush Rates

Rush rates are important because when clients need to have their content translated in a hurry, they have no time to look around and compare the prices different companies are charging. So we have put together this data to show you how translation prices for rush jobs are spread through the general market.

How much you need to pay for a rush translation job

The rush rates range from thirty to forty dollars to a whopping one hundred dollars for the exact same content to be translated. Ten translation agencies ask for twenty-five dollars for the content under discussion. Most of the rates are more than fifty dollars with a few charging below twenty-five dollars. One of the translation agencies was charging only ten dollars. The highest translation prices for rush jobs we could find was $102.

Prices For Certified Translation

We have requested a quote for a document of 2 pages, having 447 words, for which we needed a certified translation. Here the data is much more interesting. Twenty-eight agencies asked for seventy to eighty dollars and nineteen agencies asked for sixty dollars. Sixteen agencies asked for a hundred dollars and fifteen agencies asked for ninety dollars.

Translation prices, in general, weigh heavily on the number of words and the target language but this is a good indicator of how translation agencies generally charge their clients for translation assignments. Since the same target document has been used, the number of words for each quote was the same. To conclude, agencies are charging whatever they want per word, or as expensive as a client might be willing to pay.

certified translation prices

Response time and delivery

One hundred and six translation agencies said that they will translate the content of two pages with a certificate of accuracy in about one day, with the others needing 2 days or more to have the translation done.

Here we also focused on response time for the translation agencies that we have contacted. The same one hundred and six agencies responded in the same day. Six more agencies responded the second day, and thirteen agencies responded in the third day. Fifty-four agencies responded anywhere between four days and one week.

To conclude

Of course these are just preliminary findings and we have detailed our research chart for further review. There is some interesting data in the infographic we have created for this survey for you to look at if you like.

certified translation prices - infographicWe have conducted this survey to make sure that our clients do not feel that they do not have enough information about translation agencies in order to make an informed decision on which service to take and how much they could be paying without looking around first.

Universal Translation Services is here to help you out and explain to you how the rates are distributed across the translation industry. If you need further details, get in touch and we will provide you with more information.

If you were looking for our translation prices, here you are:

  • general translation, from English into any language, or the other way around, only $0.10 per word. See our cheap translation services for more info
  • certified translation is $20 per page if the page has up to 200 words. If there are more words on the page, we charge $0.12 per word instead. See our cheap certified translation page for more details.
  • rush rates: there are no extra rush rates here. The price will be the same even if you need your translation in a rush, or it needs to be done over the weekend.
  • delivery: for certified translation, we ensure delivery by email in 24 hours or less. For general translation, get in touch as it largely depends on the word count.
If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to contact us
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