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Writing has been around for a very long time, but compared to it, the paper took a while to become commonly available. This is why we don’t know much about a huge portion of our history. We know nothing about the humans of ancient times and the way the earth used to be. No one knows what type of languages we will never hear and what cultures we have lost forever. However, we can’t do anything about those things now. What we can do is preserve the things we have enjoyed today so the people of tomorrow can understand us and learn from our mistakes.

Indigenous Languages:

Currently, the people of the earth speak more than seven thousand languages. Out of these, approximately four thousand are spoken by indigenous people. But these languages do not have a lot of speakers, and many of them are in danger of becoming extinct in the future. We make a lot of efforts to protect buildings of the past and preserve knowledge forwarded to us by our ancestors. But we would not be doing justice to our future generations if we don’t preserve the languages that are in danger today. Indigenous people have already suffered a lot at the hands of cruel invaders and colonizers; they deserve to have their cultures and languages protected.


The Guarani Language:

A lot of people hold stereotypical beliefs about South American countries. Due to their ignorance, they often fail to notice good things about the cultures of these countries. They are also used to thinking that every country in the region is the same. They fail to understand the differences between the different states of the region. Another common misconception about the region is that everyone there speaks Spanish. In truth, Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the region, Portuguese comes at the top. However, Latin tongues have nothing on the hundreds of indigenous languages that are spoken in the region.


Guarani is the most popular indigenous language in Paraguay. It shares the official status with Spanish, but the majority of the population speaks Guarani. In fact, most of the rural population in Paraguay only speaks Guarani and cannot understand Spanish. The language is not limited to Paraguay. It is spoken in different countries of the region like Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. Most of the countries in the Americas went through a language shift towards the languages of colonizers like Spanish and Portuguese. But with Guarani, a clear exception can be observed because a large number of its speakers are non-indigenous people.

Translation Services Guarani to English:

If you have a business of homemade jewelry and an internet connection, you can sell your products anywhere in the world. But you will need English translation of your content to reach out to a greater audience. With the help of translators, businesses can expand to regions they would never have thought of operating in. This also works in favor of consumers who get access to all kinds of products and services. But business is not the only reason why you might need Guarani to English translation.

When someone from Paraguay wants to study in the US or immigrate there, they will have to present their documents to the relevant authorities. But if those documents are in Guarani, they will not be accepted by a US institute or the immigration office. However, by getting them translated, a person can easily apply to the university of their choice. If you think that getting translation services for a South American language will not be easy, then think again. There are plenty of good agencies that offer translation of over two hundred languages. They also hire native translators so their clients can get the most accurate results.

When Do You Need a Certified Translation?

When you need to get your website or shop page translated, you can hire anyone to handle the task. It can be pretty simple and short as long as it gets the message across. After all, you only need to let your clients know about your products. But sometimes, a simple Guarani to English translation will not be enough. In situations when documents are involved, and they must be presented to the authorities, you will need to get a certified translation. When you are applying as an immigrant, the requirements listed on the website of USCIS will tell you that you need a certified translation, without which your application will be sent back to you.

If you are applying for university admission, that’s also a reason for getting certified translation. Institutes and government bodies find it easier to trust the translation when it is accompanied by the signed statement of the translator. They will trust the work of a translator who doesn’t hesitate before putting his contact details at the bottom of the statement page. Such an expert is not easy to find. But with an agency, that won’t be a problem since they have plenty of experts on their team and can connect you with a certified translation specialist within seconds.

It is possible to love your country even if you are away from it. As long as you continue to respect its culture and celebrate it in your own way, it will remain alive in your heart forever. But you should be willing to move to a different place for the betterment of your future. The only way to survive in the cruel world of ours is to keep moving forward.

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