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If you say that you don’t enjoy music, you would be lying. There is a song for every mood and every occasion. When you are feeling sad, you can turn to music to feel better. And when you are happy, you can put on some beats and dance to them. But one thing that we often forget is that music is also a way to connect with others. Through people’s taste in music, we can get to know them in a better way. But music can also introduce us to other cultures. Every community has its own popular tunes that become a part of its identity. So, by listening to old Tamil songs, you can understand the cultures of Tamils.


Enchanting Music of Unakkum Enakkum Aanandham

The movie “Unakkum Enakkum Aanandham” features a captivating soundtrack with notable songs like “Pakkam Nirkkum Sorgamunakkum Enakkum Aanandham” and “Maeniunakkum Enakkum Aanandham-dhamvidiya.” The music, composed by Maenisj, includes tracks such as “Aarambam-bampudhiya Pudhiya Inbam” and “Pudhiya Inbammv – Wah Wahsj – Killi,” showcasing a diverse range of musical styles.

The lyrics, like “Pudhiya Inbamsj – Dhaekho Dhaekho” and “Pudhiya Inbamsj – Paalaadaidhaan Aadudho,” contribute to the film‘s emotive atmosphere. The soundtrack also includes the song “Vidiya Sondhampadukkai.” For those seeking an English translation, the lyrics add an extra layer of understanding to the melodic expressions in this cinematic musical journey.

The movie “Unakkum Enakkum Aanandham” boasts an enchanting collection of MP3 songs, with Maenisj’s composition “unakkum Enakkum Aanandham-dhamvidiya” standing out. The soundtrack features the soulful “Pudhiya Inbamsj – Paalaadaidhaan Aadudho – Oarnoolaadaidhaan Moodudhonerunga Nerunga Yaen Vetkamnaandhaan,” evoking a range of emotions.

The melodic “Vidiya Sondhammv – Padukkai” and “Vidiya Sondhammv – Bahut Achchasj – Padukkai” add depth to the musical experience. The film, starring Jayam Ravi and directed by AVM Studios, showcases the musical prowess of the music director, creating an immersive audio journey. The soundtrack, including “Irukku Ingaeiravum” and “Aadudhunee Edukka Edukka Theeraadhuun,” is a testament to the film’s musical richness.

Melodic Joys of Quality Songs and Sea’s Essence

Experience the joy of quality songs with the option for easy song download, featuring an array of melodious tracks. Standouts include the enchanting “Aagaayam Song,” an amazing musical piece that captures the essence of emotions. The captivating “pudhiya pudhiya inbam” and “pudhiya pudhiya inbam paalaadai thaan aadudho” contribute to the collection, offering a delightful couple of songs. The mesmerizing “vidiya vidiya sondham” and “Vidiya vidiya sontham Padukai araiyil” add a unique flavor to the playlist, ensuring an immersive musical experience.

Irukku Ingaemv presents the soulful track ‘Poo Maeni Pon Maeniindha Sultaan’ from the movie ‘Surangam.’ The song ‘Vanga Kadal’ captures the essence of the sea, with poetic lyrics like ‘kadal neerai – theakkum’ and ‘kadal thaandum.’ For those seeking a deeper understanding, exploring the songs translation enhances the lyrical richness. With the musical prowess of Jeyam Ravi, the soundtrack encapsulates the beauty of the sea and resonates with emotive melodies, making it a memorable addition to the cinematic experience.


Tamil Oldest Songs with Translation

Listening to music in a foreign language may sound difficult, but it can be pretty fun. If English is not your first language and you have listened to English artists, then you already like foreign music. It may sound a bit difficult to look up translation when you are enjoying a song. But once you get the hang of it, you will realize how beautiful the music of different countries is. And if you look up the lyrics and try to understand the meaning behind them, you will learn about a new culture.

In the realm of Tamil music, the allure lies not only in the captivating melodies but also in the profound richness of song lyrics. Take, for instance, the enchanting composition “Karu Karu,” where the original lyrics weave a tapestry of emotions with heart-rendering verses. The complete lyrics of this song not only convey a direct meaning but often harbor alternate meanings, allowing listeners to delve into layers of interpretation.

Exploring the songs’ translation reveals the depth of poetic expression, showcasing the linguistic beauty and cultural nuances inherent in Tamil music. The interplay between original lyrics and translated versions adds a distinctive charm, making Tamil music a realm where each song becomes a poetic journey. Indian movies, known for their vibrant storytelling, diverse genres, and spectacular musical numbers, have gained global acclaim, captivating audiences worldwide with their unique narratives and compelling performances.

So, if you want to get to know Tamil speakers, here are some old and new songs in the language with their translation:

Chinna Thayaval

This is a very touching song from the movie Thalapathy. It comes after an almost encounter between a mother and son happens. The circumstances never allowed them to be together but they have a deep love for each other.


Chinna thai aval thandha rasave

Mulil thondriya chinna rosave

Solava? Araro,

Nam sondagal yar-yaro

Undhan kannil yenthaan niro?

(Chinna thai aval)

Paal manam veesum poo mugham

Paarkayil pongum thai manam

Aayiram kalam our varam

Vendhida vandha poocharam

Veyil vidhiyil vaada koodumo

Deival kovilai chendre serumo

Endhan tenare

(Chinna thai aval)


Oh, dear one from my young mother

A small rose among the thorns

Shall I, oh little one, tell you

Who is your tribe?

Why do you have tears in your eyes?

A soft face that looks like a flower and smells like milk

Your mother’s heart becomes happy only when she sees you

For thousand years, I only had one wish (to have my child)

You are a garland of flowers that came to me as a result of my prayers of thousand years

Will you wither in the sun?

Or reach the temple?

My river of flowing honey

Tamil Oldest Songs with Translation

Evano Oruvan

From the movie Alaipayuthey, this song is about grief and regret. After breaking up with the love of her life, the girl feels sad and misses him.


Evano Oruvan Vaasikkiraan

Iruttil Irundhu Naan Yaasikkiren

Thavam Pol Irundhu Yosikkiren

Adhai Thavanai Muraiyil Nesikkiren

Kettu Kettu Naan Kirangugiren

Ketpadhai Evano Ariyavillai

Kaattu Moongilin Kaadhukkulle

Avan Oodhum Ragasiyam Puriyavillai

Pullaanguzhale Poonguzhale

Neeyum Naanum Oru Jaadhi

Ulle Urangum ekkaththile

Unakkum Enakkum Sari Paadhi

Kangalai Varudum Thaenisaiyil

En Kaalam Kavalai Marandhiruppen

Innisai Mattum Illaiyendraal

Naan Endro Endro Irandhiruppen


Someone plays the flute out there,

and I sit in my darkness and listen to it,

I am lost in its trance and in my thoughts,

The music of the flute is growing on me, (just like the grief is taking over her).

The more I listen, the more I feel connected to it,

but the one playing the flute does not know that I am listening to him play.

I don’t understand the secrets he is conveying through his music from the forest.

Dear flute,

Both you and I are the same,

We long for something,

And this longing can be shared between us equally.

This music that is bringing tears to my eyes,

Keeps me from thinking about my worries as time passes.

If it wasn’t for this sweet music,

I would have left the world long ago.


Tamil Oldest Songs with Translation

Ninaithu Ninaithu

This is a song from the Tamil romantic movie. There are two versions of the song mourning the loss of a loved one.



Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen, Nerungi Vilagi Nadandhen,

Unnal Dhane Nane, Vazhgiren Ohoo, Unnil Indru Ennai Parkkiren,

Eduthu Padithu, Mudikkum Munne,

Eriyum Kadidham, Edharku Penne,

Unnal Dhane Nane, Vazhgiren Oho,

Unnil Indru Ennai Parkkiren,

Amarndhu Pesum, Marangalin Nizhalum,

Unnai Ketkum Eppadi Solven,

Udhirndhu Pona, Malarin Mounama,

Thoodhu Pesum, Kolusin Oliyai,

Araigal Ketkum, Eppadi Solven,

Udaindhu Pona, Valaiyal Pesuma,

Ullangaiyial, Veppam Serkkum,

Viralgal Indru Enge, Thozhil Saindhu,

Kadhaigal Pesa, Mugamum Illai Inge.



You are living in my memory. I was near you and then I walked away.

Today, I am living for you. You are the one I see within me.

What good is a letter that was never read?

The colors of the trees ask of you, what shall I tell them?

Are you a wilted flower that never speaks?

My room missed the sound of your anklet. What should I tell it?

Is it possible for broken bangles to speak?

Where are the fingers that use to warm my hands?

I can’t lie on your shoulder now that you are not here.


Deivangal Ingae

This is a fun song about love and the beautiful things in the world from the Tamil movie Anegan.



Deivangal Ingae

dhiraviyam ingae

malalai pesum mazhai engae?

Maamalai ingae

manichigai ingae

manjal sindhum

veyil engae?

Manamellaam siragae

ulagellaam uravae..

Saalaigal maarum

paadhangal maarum

vazhithunai nilavu


Nadhikkarai maarum

kadarkkarai maarum

kadhalin varugai maaraadhey!!

Kalaiyaadhey kanavae

tholaiyaadhey varamaey!



God is here,

And so is fragrance,

But where is the beautiful song of rain?

Dusk has arrived,

The Manichigai flower is here,

But where are the yellow rays of the sun?

Minds are full of thoughts,

and the world is full of people in love.

Roads can change,

So can the traveler,

But the beauty of the moon and its light in our path,

will never change.

The shore of a river or sea might change,

But the lover will never change.

Dear dream, don’t disappear!

Dear blessing, don’t go away!

Tamil Oldest Songs with Translation

Enna Solla

Enna Solla is a song from the Tamil movie Thanga Magan. It is a confession of love in the form of a song when one is too embarrassed to express it in words.


Enna solla

yedhu solla

kannodu kan pesa

vaartha illa

ennennavo ullukulla

vella sollaama

en vekkam thalla

chinna chinna aasa

ulla thikki thikki pesa.

malligapo vaasam

konjam kathoda veesa.


What should I say?

What more can I say?

When our eyes meet,

No words come out.

I have many words that I want to say,

But my shyness keeps me from telling others what’s in my heart.

Little desires,

Flutter inside my heart.

Just like the smell of jasmine,

Fills the air.


This is just a short introduction to how beautiful Tamil songs can be. You can listen to them when you are going through a heartbreak or when you have just fallen in love. You can look up the full versions of these songs on YouTube and enjoy their melodies too. Once you become familiar with new and old Tamil songs, you can impress your Tamil friends with your knowledge of their music.

To explore the language of Tamil more, you can explore our translation services.


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Old Tamil songs are cherished for their soulful melodies, meaningful lyrics, and timeless compositions. The nostalgic value and emotional connection they evoke contribute to their enduring popularity.

The era of old Tamil songs featured legendary playback singers like T.M. Soundararajan, P. Susheela, S. Janaki, and K.J. Yesudas, whose mesmerizing voices left an indelible mark on Tamil film music.

Music directors such as Ilaiyaraaja and M.S. Viswanathan played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Tamil film music with their innovative compositions. Their work in the era of old Tamil songs is celebrated for its diversity and creativity.

Movies like “Mullum Malarum,” “Roja,” and “Mouna Ragam” are renowned for their exceptional old Tamil song collections, featuring compositions that continue to resonate with audiences across generations.

The influence of old Tamil songs is evident in contemporary Tamil film music, with composers often drawing inspiration from the timeless melodies and rich musical traditions established by the songs of the past.


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