Trados Studio tutorial: What are and how to use bilingual files?

Trados Studio tutorial
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Our translators have to use daily the bilingual files in Studio and due to some of them asking questions about the process we thought of adding a short Trados Studio tutorial in order to help anyone needing to work with CAT tools and especially Trados.

We also have a special section on our website where we post translator training videos that you may want to check.

Trados Studio tutorial

how to use bilingual files

How to generate Trados Studio bilingual files

A document, stated in two different languages, side by side with reference to the pages is known as a bilingual document.

In order to generate bilingual DOCX file you can make use of the following two ways:

  • From Memsource Editor via Document – Export bilingual DOCX
  • From a Memsource Cloud project via Download – Bilingual DOCX

They can be re-imported into Memsource in the following two ways:

  • From Memsource Editor via Document – Import bilingual DOCX
  • From a Memsource Cloud project via Tools – Upload

The bilingual DOCX file feature converts an MXLIFF file into DOCX and back. An emblematic use of such a feature is this: export to DOCX, make edits, re-import. The benefits that can be achieved through it are:

  • Instead of Memsource Editor, spell check can be run in MS Word
  • A bilingual DOCX file can be passed on to customers or other users who for any particular reason prefer this file.

Check our Youtube channel for Trados Studio tutorial videos we have uploaded and make sure you subscribe, we add a new video every week.

How to get help in Trados Studio

Studio can provide help for this purpose in many ways. SDL is a software that assists or grants assistance to the freelance translator, most of which are flocked together on the Help ribbon and are self-explanatory. The Studio Blog permits an access to a range of different blog posts related to Studio 2015 including Paul Filkin’s priceless miscellaneous blog: SDL sustenance which briefs magnificently about the Support of Studios.

In the SDL Translation Zone, under the heading Resources (found particularly under the heading of Downloads) are a hefty amount of valuable items. The SDL Knowledge Base (KB), easily approachable via the SDL Solution Finder button in the Client Services view, is a pool of information (solutions, FAQs etc).  Under the heading of Support, another heading of Support resources at SDL Translation Zone can be found, both Tips and Tricks for Studio as well as Multi Term are obtainable. Support Services, another heading found under Support consists of numerous FAQs.

how to get help in Trados

Customer Feedback, a newly brought feature, opens the Customer Experience Feedback Options dialog box, introduced to augment the efficacy of SDL Software, though it is up to you to participate or not. The Welcome view leases you access to four different tabs, three of them regarding facilities. The fourth, Home, is the initiation of work/project along with videos to facilitate with the pattern (New Project, Translate Single Document, Open Package, Open Group Share Project, and Language Cloud).

The Get Started tab embodies three Quick Start Guides (Translating and Reviewing, Translation Memory Management, and Project Management) and five Getting Started Videos for Studio 2015 and Multi Term 2015 that provide an overview of the tasks performed and the way they can be accessed. The More Resources tab displays links to Help System, Release Notes, SDL Open Exchange, but most importantly SDL Trados Migration Guide, that serves as a prologue to Studios for all those who know or do not know about the Studio. The latest news circulating around the globe can be found under The Latest News tab. The SDL Community ( makes group discussions of the community achievable and also provides the links of the videos to be updated of latest SDL works.

We hope you found this Trados Studio tutorial useful. If you are one of our translators working with us and have questions please get in touch.

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