Translation Quality Control Process

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Translation Quality Control Process: Our Assurance to Our Clients

Universal Translation Services has a very serious attitude towards quality control for the translations that go through our office. We have strict guidelines and processes to ensure that the translation that we deliver to the client is in perfect shape and beyond any shadow of mistakes to the best of our abilities.

documents in all formats

We take documents in all formats…

You can give us an image of a word document or images of clearly written documents or any electronic copy of the document that you need translated and we will receive and accept your provided content as a project for translation. We take three main steps to form a plan for every translation project that we receive;

  • We create a master index that has the entire content broken down in a list of all the segments of the content that will need to be translated.
  • We assign a translation project leader who keeps track of the entire project and makes sure that it is successfully executed.
  • We also create a glossary of all the terms that have come up in the original content and will need to be translated. Our Quality and control team is here to make sure that the glossary terms are handled consistently through a standardized methodology.

The Post- Translation Process?

Once the translation is complete and the content is ready for quality check and review, we take the following steps to ensure that the content is successfully translated;

  • Files will be returned to the proofreading team for further evaluation. They will look into the material and see that there are no mistakes made that need to be fixed or solved.
  • Now the files go to the copyediting team that reviews the content and makes sure that the content is well done. Copyeditors are here to look into the literal translations and edit the text whenever they feel that the metaphorical context, idioms, phrases and many other factors for using a deeper translation method are all upheld properly.
  • Graphic department will now review the content and make sure that if there are any graphics to be placed then they are designed. For example, all document translations require that the original designing of the paper in the original document is reproduces in the translated text. So these things are handled by the graphics departments.
  • Spelling and Grammar is also checked to make sure that the translation is up to the mark and the content is ready to be sent out without any errors.
  • Now the file is ready to be forwarded to the client who will receive a thoroughly reviewed and quality controlled document.
Post Translation Process

These are the steps that we take to ensure that the document that we deliver to our client is upto the mark and ready for the aims that you may have.

We, Universal Translation Services, are here to make sure that you never have to compromise on the quality of translation when the content is of importance to you. Come, see us now!

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