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What Is The Most Translated Websites In The World

What Is The Most Translated Websites In The World
Translation of Websites
(Last Updated On: October 19, 2023)

Everyone in this world follows a different routine. Some have to work the night shift, so they sleep during the day, while others go to bed on time and get up in the morning for their jobs. However, there are a few things that are common between us regardless of our different routines. For instance, all of us take meal breaks so we can have the energy for work. Also, all of us love to pick up our phones to browse social media immediately after waking up. Everyone has a different social media platform that they like to visit. But for most of us, the internet is the best source of news.


The internet is made up of many things, but it wouldn’t exist without websites. Even the apps you use on your phones frequently like Facebook and Twitter started with a web version and still have those that you can access easily from a browser. A lot of websites have launched their app versions to make it easier for mobile users to access them, but that doesn’t mean that they have lost their importance. If you use the internet at work, then there is a high chance that you use a laptop or desktop computer to do that. From such a system, you will go to websites instead of apps.

Since such huge traffic access websites every day, some standards have to be maintained. If you have ever been unable to access a site, you must have come across a screen with an error. Big companies have to make sure that none of their visitors ever have to face the error screen; otherwise, people will not think of them as reliable. Providing information through this channel is one thing, but there are a lot of other factors that must also be taken into account. For instance, not every visitor will be an English speaker; therefore, they must have access to a version of the site in their language.

Websites translation

Translation of Websites:

There are a lot of methods to translate internet content. Google offers this service to users of Google Chrome. People can click a button whenever they come across a page written in a foreign language, and they will be presented with the same content in their selected tongue. However, there are instances when this service offered by Google Translate doesn’t work. Visitors respect companies who offer multiple versions of their websites for all kinds of audiences. This way, no user has to worry about accessing the content in their own language.

When it comes to apps, most of them stick to English and are translated slowly by volunteers over the course of many years. But the same pace can’t be taken with websites that offer valuable information to their visitors every day. Their content has to be translated for the audiences. For this task, companies can turn to qualified experts who have prior experience with translating digital content. This way, accurate translations can be offered to visitors by the owners of the websites.

What is the Most Translated Websites in the World?

It is worth remembering that not every page accessed by people from all over the world has to be translated. For instance, Facebook users can post in any language they want. They don’t need linguistic assistance while communicating with their friends on the platform that speaks the same language as them. This is why such platforms can survive without requiring accurate translations in more than a hundred different languages.

Most Translated Websites in the World

However, there are companies that wish to make their information available for all types of audiences. They don’t even need to have data that people are trying to access the information. They get their content translated before anyone can ask for it. They want to make sure that speakers of all languages can read and understand the information they have shared on their site. This is why the world’s most translated website is not Facebook but jw.org. It is published and maintained by the religious group known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. So far, the site has been translated into 1,000 languages. Some of these vernaculars don’t even have a lot of speakers, but they can access jw.org and understand it without any problems.

On the second spot, we have Wikipedia with support for over 300 languages. Like Jehovah’s Witnesses, Wikipedia is also maintained by volunteers. Thanks to its translations in over 300 languages, it can be accessed by people from different parts of the world. Students can access useful information and finish their assignments with the help of that data. On the third spot, we have the commercial website of Apple, which can be accessed in more than 130 languages. It is astonishing that the commercial sites have not managed to take the first or even the second position in this list. But since the majority of Apple and other big companies’ customers are English speakers, they don’t have to worry a lot about translating their content. However, this trend must change in the future as customers expect companies to be diverse.

The only way forward in a diverse world is accepting its reality and adjusting to it. If big companies don’t start listening to their target audience, they will lose both respect and customers. Translating a website in a different language may seem like an insignificant thing, but it can really change the way a company is viewed by outsiders. So, make sure your site is available in all the languages of your target audience.

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