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What Is Wordfast Anywhere And How To Use It?

What Is Wordfast Anywhere And How To Use It?
Wordfast Anywhere

There are a lot of things in life that you do on your own pretty easily. There are also plenty of things that you can do on your own, but doing them with someone’s help will save you a lot of time and energy. Imagine if you moved to a new house and decided to bring in all the furniture yourself and set it up. You can definitely do it yourself if there is nothing too heavy in there. But it will take you a long time to get all the things inside because you will get tired and you will have to take breaks as a result. However, if you hired someone to help you, or even asked a couple of friends to lend a hand over the weekend, you will get done with it in a few hours. This is the magic that happens when people come together to help each other out.

Since we are living in an advanced world, we have plenty of options to turn to for help. All of us visit Google at least once a day to ask a question we need a quick answer of. Sometimes, it is pretty ordinary, like the meaning of a word. Other times, it is something complex, like calculus. Either way, we get help from Google and that means we don’t have only humans to turn to in this world. We can get help from countless things around us. You can ask the AI assistant in your phone to set alarms for you or to call someone for you when you are driving. You can do a lot by clicking a few buttons or saying a few words.

But have you ever thought about the possibility of working together with a software? You may not realize it but you do that frequently too. You use Microsoft Word of Excel Sheets at work. You are the one doing the typing but it’s these files that secure the data you are entering in them. They save a lot of your time because you don’t have to use a pen and a paper anymore. All your words get stored on the computer and you can access them pretty easily whenever you need them. There is also specialized assistance for people working in different fields that they can get from all of their devices. There are phone apps for frequent travelers that give them food and accommodation recommendations and guide them about talking to people in different countries. There are countless software for those working in graphic arts. There are also plenty of such software for the ones working in the language services industry.

Wordfast Anywhere

What Is Wordfast Anywhere?

Each translator works on thousands of documents in their career. But they cannot remember each term they translated, if they could, it would make similar interpretations in the future a lot easier for them. It would also save a lot of their time. But since they can’t, they can get help from their computer. There is a thing called translation memory in which all the frequent terms and phrases can be saved which will help an interpreter during their work.

Wordfast Anywhere is a web-based tool that helps interpreters access translation memory (TM) in a secure environment. All the data will be saved on Wordfast’s servers and can be accessed by the interpreters from anywhere. Along with TMs, it also stores glossaries to help translators during their work. Since it is a web-based tool, there is no need to install anything or update it regularly. It is also completely free for translators.

How to Use It?

Not everyone interested in photography knows how to use Photoshop. Simply because it is not easy to learn how to use Photoshop. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible and anyone who wants to be good at photography must learn to use Photoshop. Wordfast Anywhere may look like a complex tool but it is pretty easy to use. If you have already used a CAT tool then you won’t have any problem with it. There is also a pretty detailed manual on Wordfast’s website for those who want to know every function the tool has to offer.

Wordfast Anywhere

You can start by entering in your browser and hitting enter. Once you reach the Wordfast Anywhere welcome screen, register for an account. This is just to keep your data secure; you won’t be asked for money. With your account registered and logged in, you will have to set up the initial configuration. You can change the details in the configuration later, but for the first time, you should enter the language combination you will be working with. Once you click OK, you can start working on your project.

First, you will upload the file you have to interpret which you can do that by clicking the Upload button. You can select a file from your computer or enter the URL of a page if you want to interpret it.

Wordfast Anywhere comes with a default Machine Translation (MT) setting, which means that you will be offered suggestions by machines for interpreting your document. The suggestions will not be a hundred percent accurate but you can easily make changes in them and make them better. When you start working, there won’t be anything in the TM. But when you keep working, the memory will build up and you will be able to use it for help with your projects.

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