What Language Do They Speak In Hungary

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The people of every country have their own identity. But this identity is made up of multiple things. A nation cannot be defined simply by its beliefs. Even a single culture cannot define countries where multiple ethnic groups live. However, there are a few things that can help us understand the everyday lives of a nation. The linguistic and cultural preferences of people affect the way they live their lives. So, questions like what language do Hungarians speak can tell us a lot about the population of Hungary. It may not give us the full picture, but it can provide us with important pieces of the puzzle. It can give us an insight into the lives of people.


Hungary is a Central European country with a population of ten million. It shares its borders with seven European countries. Budapest is the capital of the country. The current borders of the country were established after World War I. It was at that time that Hungary lost 71% of its territory. Throughout history, the country has made significant contributions to the fields of science and technology, art, and literature. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is a high-income economy. The people of the country enjoy universal health care. In global affairs, the country can be classified as a middle power.


What Language Do Hungarians Speak?

There are many multilinguistic nations in the world. Not every country has an official or national language. Diverse nations can also have national unity. But the state has to make an attempt to find ideas and things to unite the nation. The Hungarian people don’t have this problem as nearly everyone in the country speaks the same vernacular. Hungarians are the biggest ethnic group in the country and make up 98.3% of the population.

The official language of Hungary is Hungarian. Ninety-Nine percent of the country’s population speaks it as their native language. When it comes to foreign languages, German and English are the most popular in Hungary. They are spoken by 11.2% and 16% of the population respectively. Various minority languages are also spoken in the country and have been recognized in the constitution as well. They are Armenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Romanian, Ukrainian, etc. However, the majority of the population is monolingual.

The Hungarian Language

Hungarian is a member of the Uralic family. It has 13 million native speakers. Speakers of Hungarian can be found in different European countries including Austria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovakia. The Hungarian diaspora in the United States and Canada also speak their native tongue at home. The Hungarian alphabet has been derived from the Latin script. There are nine main Hungarian dialects and they are all mutually intelligible. The standard variety is based on the dialect of Budapest, Hungary’s capital city.

Unlike English speakers, Hungarian speakers follow a four-tiered system for expressing politeness level. However, the four-tiered system is slowly becoming less popular. As a member of the Uralic language family, Hungarian shares word roots with Finnish and Estonian. There are also words of German and Slavic origin in Hungarian. English language speakers like “coach” and “paprika”. Hungarian has also borrowed a few loanwords from English. But overall, Hungarian has not been influenced by English as much as Indo-European languages have.

The unique vocabulary of Hungarian has made it popular. There are many words in the Hungarian language that don’t have a counterpart in English. Thanks to the internet, they have become popular in other countries too. You can see these words on the social media profiles of people. Due to the lack of popularity of English in Hungary, you will mostly see Hungarian written outside of shops. In all the small towns and cities, it is the common language of people.

Language Barrier in Hungary and Its Solution

Humans live in a multilinguistic world, which is why it is common for them to face communication problems because of it. However, this isn’t a problem you will face in your homeland. Even if you live in a linguistically diverse country, you will be able to communicate with other people easily because of common languages. But if you are visiting a foreign country, then a linguistic barrier can be a problem. English is the lingua franca of our world but it is not widely spoken in a lot of countries. When an English speaker visits such a country, they have to get the help of an interpreter.

Since Hungary is a popular tourist destination, millions of people visit it every year. However, those who are still planning have no idea how they are going to handle the linguistic difference. People can’t visit different towns and cities if they don’t know the local language. But fortunately, there is a solution for that. Nowadays, we have an app for everything. If you plan to visit a foreign country, you can install Google Translate on your phone. It will help you communicate with the natives with its voice support feature. You will also be able to read menus and street signs when you are traveling with the camera feature of the app.


Document Translation

Google Translate has also started offering document translation. However, you cannot rely on Google Translate if you need document translation so you can apply for a visa. Machine translation has come a long way but it is nowhere near accurate. It can never reach the level of human translators. If you require official translations, you should hire a professional. It is the only way authorities will accept your visa application. Machines also cannot understand a culture, so there is a high chance that even the everyday translations will not be a hundred percent accurate either. But you can still buy things at shops and carry conversations with foreigners with the help of language apps.

Hungarian Translation and Where to Get It?

There are rules of official translation that only qualified professionals are familiar with. You can’t expect your bilingual friends to help you when you require Hungarian to English translation. You will have to find a reliable service provider. If you want to get the best quality translations, then you should hire a native expert. Only a native speaker can truly understand their vernacular. But instead of finding a native translator on your own, you should look for agencies that hire them. A reliable agency can provide you with accurate results at affordable prices.

Due to the high demand for translation services, a lot of agencies have opened their offices. It is not easy to figure out which one to trust. But here again, you can count on the internet to help you out. You can look at reviews of different agencies online to see what their previous customers are saying about them. The Google ratings of companies can also tell you a lot about their services. When comparing prices, you should also compare rates if you don’t want an agency to charge you unfairly. If you choose a good agency, not only will you get good translations at affordable rates, but you will also receive them on time. So, if you require Hungarian translations, do some research online to find a good agency.


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