Why translation quality control is highly important?

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Translation quality control is highly important? In the majority of cases, an accurate and reliable translation of documents can be critical. The quality assurance process adopted by a language translation agency handling the project is, therefore, a crucial factor in the quality of service they deliver.

To ensure the highest possible quality of our work, Universal Translation Solutions implements proven and strict translation quality controls for every type of translation, whether it’s legal, marketing, medical, financial, technical. Every translation is subject to precise quality controls. At UTS, we not only employ a team of expert translators but also work with qualified project managers who are reliable for communication and timeliness.


Translation Quality Control Process

The process we use at Universal Translation Solutions is the TEP process – Translate, Edit and Proof. By using this system, your translations are viewed and reviewed by several experts and proofed for accuracy, clarity and cultural nuances.


Document translation is the first step of our process, and we work only with native linguists who have an in-depth knowledge not only of the language but also of the target country itself. For instance, a legal translator should have experience of the legal system in the country the legal documents were issued and the nation which the translation is needed for.

Text Editors

We only hire qualified editors to improve the first check. Our editors are professionals or native speakers that distinguish local differences, cultures, and jargons which may have a different interpretation to target people. The editor is also able to find any errors the first draft may carry. Although our translators do an edit check themselves, small mistakes can be missed when only one pair of eyes have been studying the same text for so long.

Project Manager

Our project managers are responsible for managing the whole project from starting to finish and are tasked with sustaining the quality assurance and ensure translations are pure, accurate and brief. This also involves assuring the translation passes well and the formatting matches your expectations. Depending on the volume of a project, translations may be taken out by many translators and editors. The job of the project manager is to supervise the translation team.

Desktop Publishing

Translation projects not only need accurate translations but in many instances, they also have to be given in a format which is fit for your particular specifications or outlined for specific audience. The formatting step is typically offered by our desktop publishing team who provide the document to match the original stuff while also being sensitive to the cultural nuances of the target language.


The final step of our translation quality control process is proofreading. This involves making any final alterations to the document before we deliver the final translation to the client. This is arguably the most crucial stage of our translation process. As part of our commitment to our clients, we look to reduce business risk so only use experts we can rely on to provide relevant assistance and deliver the service you expect from a premium-quality language translation service.

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