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Do you need the death certificate of any family member or close relative in China? Don’t know what is the process? No worries. In this article, we will cover every aspect of death certificates and how these certificates are used in the different governmental processes. There is also a need for translation of these documents if you are living in any foreign country.

You can’t trust any inauthentic source to translate any official document like birth certificate, death certificate, legal document translation, document for foreign citizenship, etc. These kinds of documents need accurate translations and most often certified translation. Like birth certificate is a document that is made at the time of birth.

It is two basic purposes; firstly it serves as an identity document till the person becomes major. Secondly, it is made to keep the birth records of people in the state. Likewise, death certificates are used to keep the death records of people.

What is a death certificate?

A death certificate is an official document that confirms the death of a person. So the information which you can get into that certificate is generally these three things:

  • Time of death
  • The location where a person died
  • Cause of death

There can be a lot of causes of death some of them are as following:

  • Respiratory disease
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Cerebrovascular disease
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  • Communicable disease
  • Infectious disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pre-existing chronic disease
  • Death due to high smoking status
  • Endometrial cancer

In most countries, only the family of the deceased person can request a death certificate from government officials. Like parents, legal heirs, spouses, etc. In China, you do not have to go through hard and fast rules to get that certificate from your family member. The procedure also varies from place to place in China. In most of the part of the country, you can get the health certificate by the minister of health.

It is very important to get on a death certificate because in China you cannot bury a person without a death certificate. It also helped the Chinese government to keep track of Hukou registration which is the individual registration of each person in the state. So there is not a very lengthy process you can easily get a death certificate in China. In the People’s Republic of China, you can have a gold standard death certificate that is signed by medical doctors easily.

Why do you need a death certificate?

A birth certificate and death certificates are very common documents. We often need it for different purposes. These are used in many important official works. A birth certificate is used while getting admissions in schools, colleges, and universities. Sometimes while transferring from one school to other.

But if you’re using birth certificates to apply to a university of any other country with a different native language then you need a Birth certificate translation. The different governmental institution requires a birth certificate for different purposes.

And your ID card gets the same number as on your birth certificate. Likewise, that certificate is also used for many purposes. Some of them are listed below:

  • Burial process
  • Claiming life insurance
  • Settling estates
  • Pensions etc.

These are a few common uses of the certificate and in China, it is also very important because you cannot bury your family member if you do not have the death certificate. In some other countries, there is no such rule but in China it is mandatory.

How to get a death certificate in China?

If someone dies in China this is how you can get your date certificate easily. Like all other medical certifications, you can get death certificates from health authorities. The first thing you need to do is to call the police or health authorities in China to get the death certificate. If the person died In the hospital then there is no need to call the police but if death was not good in the hospital you need to call the police. After requesting that certificate you will need two major documents for the process.

  • National ID card/traveling visa
  • Application form

Then you need to provide some information to them about the person who deceased. The information includes name, sex, permanent residence, marital status, cause of death, time of death, and location of death. You can also call the Ministry of health for queries like the fees and eligibility for the death certificate.

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But in the areas of China where the Ministry of health certificate does not give that certificate then you can easily get that certificate from the police or the hospital. It helps the government to maintain a mortality registration system and keep track of the mortality rate ratio and mortality risks to control them.

Chinese certified translation of a death certificate    

Now the question is why do you need the translation of that certificates? People of any translation of the certificate when they die in any other state with a different official language. For example, if you are from the United States and your die in China while traveling there. Chinese health minister issue these death certificates or relative health authorities.

Then you will need the date certificate which is originally in Chinese in your native language. Likewise, there are many other reasons people need translation of that certificates for example if the person had any property in any other state and now legal heirs want to claim it.

They’ll need death certificate translation. And for official documents, regular translations do not work. Official documents require certified translation. We cannot use original documents in any other languages in different states that is why certified translation is very important. Different governmental departments only accept certified translation.

Cost of certified translation

Making such documents does not result in a lengthy bill. Many good translation companies provide certification services at reasonable prices. The primary goal of creating document copies is to safeguard original materials. Most people need almost 10 copies of Death certificates for all different purposes to do the paperwork.

We cannot trust anyone with our original documents, especially official documents such as identification cards, birth and death certificates, and so on. An authorized person signs on these certified copies. However, employing them on purpose demands the implementation of additional procedures, such as expert translation of the original papers. There are so many reasons you might need to have certified copies of your documents.

Who is a certified translator? 

A certified translator has earned a translation degree or certificate. He isn’t your typical or casual translator. He had complete translation training and a thorough understanding of the market. The signature of an authorized person appears on the certified translation document. It’s almost as though it’s proof of the accuracy of the translation. In case of death certificates, the Ministry of Health or police officer, or hospital is authority and are Notary Public. Or for notarized translation, you can go to Notary Public office.

Many Chinese translators and interpreters you can find on the market or online. Birth certificates, death certificates marriage certificates, medical paperwork, company licenses, and other paperwork require accurate translation. When it comes to official documents, you can only trust professional translators, and the best is a certified translator. For death certification translation you need a legal translator. Certification is also required for official documents like

  • Notarial divorce certificate
  • Original adoption certificate
  • Original divorce certificate
  • Adoption registration certificate
  • Notarial court certificate
  • Authorization certificate
  • All types of notarial certificates

All these types of documents need certified translation which only a legal professional can do. The same is the case with other types of translation.

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