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Help for Translators, Talking Dictionary

Help for Translators, Talking Dictionary
talking dictionary

Help for Translators, Talking Dictionary

There was a time when we had to do everything by hand, but then the machines came around and made our lives easier. There are many people in this world who still prefer the old world and rely on their hands to get the work done. The agriculture industry in developing countries is still run by farmers who don’t like machinery’s interference in their work. But for the most part, the advancement in technology has helped humans get rid of some of their burden. In the past, bookkeeping was done on paper. Keeping the records straight required a great deal of expertise and only those who had years of experience with it managed to handle it efficiently.

Small shops today still keep ledgers to ensure their financial matters are in order. But other than them, everyone has moved on to computers. The tools that are offered by computers are amazingly helpful in maintaining finances. They help you keep the record of every transaction and also make it super easy to search for a particular transaction whenever you want. Business schools today teach their graduates how to use computers for their benefit and as a result, people don’t have to look elsewhere to find computer experts. They can hire business graduates to manage their records. Not only will that employee know all about the business world but also how to create excel sheets and how to store data efficiently.

So, there is no denying that technology has made a lasting impact on every field of human life. It has greatly helped businesses, both small and big, by enabling them to keep a track of their finances in an easy and error-free way. Helping businesses keep a clean and easy to navigate record of their finances is probably the best thing computers have done for them. But there is a common misconception that technology can’t help in the creative fields. There are hundreds of examples out there to prove this wrong. It is true that some things can never be accomplished by machines but that doesn’t mean machines can’t be helpful at all.

Technology’s Effects on the Creative Fields:

The world of art is full of talented people who know how to create masterpieces. But not everything can be painted on a canvas and not everyone is a fan of using real brushes. Digital art has gained a lot of fame in recent years. Visuals are going to change the way we play games and watch movies. And none of that would have been possible without computers. It is true that many people won’t get access to the modern methods of visual communication designs but that doesn’t mean the advancement should stop. In enough time, it will become common and easily available to everyone.

talking dictionary

The movies we see today and the effects in them that blow are minds would not have been possible without the help of computers. Not only have they revolutionized the entertainment industry but also helped us do our tasks more efficiently. The authors of today don’t have to write their lengthy novels and scripts on papers with a pen in their hands. They can use computers and all the benefits it offers for writing. They can erase again and again without staining the page with eraser marks, they can replace a word with the help of a click without having to go through each page one by one, highlight their words, change the font and the formation of the text.

Computers in the Translation Industry:

Like every other field, the translation industry also benefitted from technology, personal computers, and the internet. It is true that the automated translations being offered by social media platforms under each tweet or post are no where near accurate, it is also true that websites claiming to offer online translations are not doing a good job either. But there are a few computer related things that have proven to be helpful in translation.

talking dictionary

Translators do a very difficult job. They have to keep in mind cultural differences while interpreting one language into another. And a little mistake can cost their client a lot so they always have to be extra careful. A talking dictionary is something that can make their lives a lot easier. Gone are the days when people had to sift through pages upon pages of dictionaries to find the word they are looking for. Today, they can look up a word and its meaning easily on their phone. All the modern dictionaries are available in app form for their users. But for translators, such don’t offer enough features.

Talking Dictionary:

A talking dictionary like Word Hippo that not only offers word translations in different languages but also provide synonyms, antonyms, tenses, grammar, singulars and plurals. Such a dictionary is a heaven sent for translators. It can help them finish their tasks quickly and move on to the next important assignment. A talking dictionary is very useful when a translator is having problem with a word’s translation. For each word, there can be different translations available. And sometimes picking the right option can be hard. But with the help of a talking dictionary, a translator can figure out the right option and even look for its synonyms so they don’t end up using the same word again and again in their translation. If you are a translator, then you should befriend a talking dictionary today if you want to make your work easy.

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