How Does a Korean Resume Looks Like and Translated Into English

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(Last Updated On: November 7, 2023)

Korean Resume

Recently, Korea is the one country where many people want to live due to its popularity reasons. And if you’ve got a job opportunity there, it is now time for you to level up your dream!

As a foreigner living in Korea, it becomes very difficult if you can’t find a certain job to do. People even do two to three part-time jobs to meet their needs. If you don’t have a job opportunity already, you can simply apply for one. But everything works in order. To be eligible enough to meet the job criteria, you’ll first need an impressive resume that will give an outlook of your personality. You can add up your expertise, skills which you master, and other experiences in your resume.

It is the first step for people who are taking the first step towards their job career. Any company willing to hire you will first take a look at your resume to make sure that you are fitting for a certain position. If you don’t have an idea about what a Korean resume looks like, you can simply read this blog till the end. Furthermore, if you already have one but need its English translation for international business purposes, you can again look up this article! So, let’s start now!


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What is a Korean Resume?

Starting with the basic introduction of a resume, it is simply a formal document that lists out your professional qualifications including your experience in a relevant field, skills, education, and notable accomplishments. It is usually attached with a cover letter that helps the employers convince you that you’re qualified and hirable. For a Korean resume, it is amazingly standard across almost all companies either big or small. The whole format, style, and font size is set according to common Korean standards.

Most major corporations use their own resume form when they are seeking job applicants. This goes the best option because the company itself lists out what it is looking for. Such a form is usually available online via career portals however the formatting and the questions may also be similar in resumes of different corporations. To have complete knowledge and guidelines about an ideal Korean resume, read further to the next section!

What does a Korean Resume look like?

A Korean resume is nothing but a CV written in the Korean language. If you’re an English speaker, you first have to get a quick overview of the foreign languages that you may encounter onwards.

You can hire a translator or translation agency to make your resume look outstanding without any language problems. As a Korean, if you’re looking for a job, it is always better to write it down in your native language. However, English proficiency also comes a handful when companies look for a potential employer. At first, you need to know what a Korean resume looks like. The common standard size for a Korean resume usually has two pages. Upon these two pages, the following information needs to be mentioned:

First Page

The first page of a Korean resume involves your personal information and education details. The personal information will ask for your name, age, gender, and other things that may define you. For instance, there is a section to mention down to hobby or any other skills, you can write them out. These things give a quick glance at your personality. You can write down anything that makes you seem special.

For the educational details, you can write about the private school that you went to. Sometimes, a certain corporation may ask you for your GPA system before hiring you. But this is not a compulsion because most of them prefer a job interview before selection. It will also include your university scoring system. You can mention the years as well.

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Korean resume

Second Page

Your second page will list out your previous work experience and language ability. Do mention if you’re a native speaker or a foreigner and also about the languages that you can speak. As for the work experience, if you’ve worked anywhere before, in any specific field, just list it down. It is because there are companies that only prefer hiring professional and expert members as their staff. As a fresher, you may not be able to fit yourself in such a spot.

Further, for the language ability, there is usually a section with a level of proficiency including expert, intermediate, and beginner. Among these three, you can tick on the one where you lie. If you are a native of a particular language then naturally no certification is required, you can simply state that you are a native speaker. At last, list down if you have any computer skills or activities on the side. Conclusively, all this information will help the employers in know you better.

Why you may need an English translation of a Korean resume?

When applying for a job in any country via online or application form, it is better to always send your CV in both English and Korean language. It does not matter whether you live in South Korea’s city or in any other country. Considering English translation along with the original language is always a good option since it is a universal language. In your natural language, you can write more efficiently. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

Another reason for which you may need an English translation of your Korean resume is that your CV is expected to be scanned by foreign employees or conference centers in the company as well. And the original Korean version will be used by the Korean HR and recruitment team to jot down your credentials in their own internal systems; this is also the version that is passed around to interviewers and to company directors. This is why you should consider English translation for your resume.

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Where to get an English translation of your Korean resume?

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2023)
To get an English translation of a document, you must always contact a translation agency if you don’t know one before. There are several online websites and private freelance translators that are experts in providing translation agencies. But you need to figure out whether the one you’re considering is good at handling resumes or not. Apart from your signs that are usually written at the end of the document, everything else needs to be translated from the Korean language to English translation. The structure and requirements for both English and Korean resume are different.

A Korean resume wants the basic facts and only the facts. There is no room for embellishment or explanation nor does it require references. While an English resume is a complete opposite. But when you are getting translation services for your Korean CV, you have to keep all the information exactly the same. Avoid making additional changes or excluding any information because it may upset your client. Since this job comes with a lot of responsibilities, only an expert translator can handle this task.

What makes your Korean Resume successful?

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2023)
Several things help you in attaining a job. Among them, one is your firm attitude and commitment towards your work. If you want to get success in terms of job approval, do not jump out to know the annual salaries of the company. Rather, you can work on your language skills to make sure you can fit in different areas of a corporation. If you don’t have a grip on your dominant language, you can improve your proficiency framework by mastering foreign language skills. Mention all these things in your Korean resume because it will surely bring you success!

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