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How To Get Bank Statements Translated And Certified

How To Get Bank Statements Translated And Certified
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(Last Updated On: October 10, 2022)

 Bank Statements

Among the various documents that can be translated, bank statements rank highest as documents that needs the expert service of a professional translation service.

These are the 5 steps to getting your bank statements translated and certified. While it may sound like a lot of work, these 5 steps will help you understand how and why you need them.

First, we’ll start with explaining what bank statements are and why they matter to your immigration case. It promises to be an informative read. So, keep reading.

Step 1. Request Your Bank Statement

Getting bank statements translated and certified can seem overwhelming. When we speak of translating a document, that generally refers to translating the content from one language into another language.

Typically, translators will translate documents for clients who want their documents translated into a new language for reasons such as family immigration or international schooling purposes.

Generally, when you request your bank statement (a process also known as a translation service), the translation company will convert your local currency into their system currency so that the total is accurate (based on the current conversion rate).

They will then provide you with an unofficial or rough draft translation which you should compare against the original in order to ensure accuracy before sending it off for final certification.

The same process applies to financial documents that need to be translated because banks only send them in English by default. You may have hundreds or thousands of bank statements over the course of many years, so getting them all translated can be very expensive if you were to do it yourself.

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Step 2. Decide on a Translation Service to use

You will need a certified translator with translation expertise who is qualified in the language(s) of your documents. Professional translation services provide such translators as well as any legal, financial, or medical document translation requirements you may have.

Translation costs depend on the specific document (e.g., a death certificate can cost between $350 and $700). You should be aware that some documents will require special preparation (e.g., gathering additional information like official letterhead from certain organizations), which can increase the cost and time necessary for completion.

Another important consideration is whether your country’s English or other language is required for the translation, which can affect how quickly it’s done – as these languages are usually less common for translators to read than their native tongue.

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Step 3. Determine the Details of Translation Requests

As mentioned, each bank has its own particular details in the translation process. To determine how to translate your statement, check with your specific bank for the required steps on how it prefers that you provide an accurate translation.

But generally speaking, there are four types of translations: from foreign language into English; from English into a foreign language; from one foreign language into another foreign language; and from one natural language (like Spanish) into another natural language (such as French).

In order to keep these translations accurate and truthful, a qualified translator will be needed. When someone’s word choice is not literal enough or they leave out important details like numbers or dates – this can lead to inaccurate translations.

Step 4. Proofread and Sign the Documents

When you receive the translations, check the translation carefully and if it is correct then sign each page. Make sure that you check for formatting as well. If any mistakes are found during this process contact your document translation service provider so they can fix the mistake.

A bank statement might need a legal translation or a financial translation depending on the type of account being used (e.g., checking account). It might also need an official financial translation or an exact financial translation depending on how much money was in the account at the time of its closure.

In order to complete these types of requests, companies like Babblings will request certified bank statements from customers who need them translated and certified by a notary public in their state of residence before translating them into another language.

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bank statement translation certified

Step 5. Get Your Documents Notarized

Translations must be certified by a professional notary before they can be submitted as legal documents. The notary will ensure that the translations are accurate and not defaced in any way.

It’s important to provide your own copies of the original documents since they need to go back with the translation, so don’t trust a translator who has scanned them! The best thing you can do is have your translations certified by a trusted local bank or lawyer so you know they’re legitimate.

You may have your documents translated up front if you don’t need it certified for legal purposes, but this will cost more money because you’ll have to pay for two independent translation professionals instead of one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Luckily, there are many different places you can go for bank statement translation.
You can try your bank – depending on the type of statement, they may be able to provide an official, exact translation for you at no charge.

You’ll need your original document (birth certificate, marriage certificate, bank statement), an official translation, and a notarized translation. The translations are best performed by translators that have experience with official documents because they know the appropriate format.

It all depends on where you live. Some countries require that bank statements be translated when certified, whereas other countries are fine with them being in the original language.

It depends on the currency conversion of your document. You can find that information on the website of your translation company.

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