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What are the most important languages of the world to learn?

What are the most important languages of the world to learn?
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(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)

Language experts usually say that language learning depends on personal decisions and possible reasons to learn a language. So, you shouldn’t choose the most important languages by chance.

The most important languages to learn

If you require help to decide, Universal Translation Services has put together a list of some of the most important languages to learn along with some reasons why it may be a good idea to learn each language.

learn Chinese

Learn English

More than 375 million people are English speakers. English is well-known in the world by far, making it one of the most important languages. Being indeed the mother tongue of the internet and network technology, English is almighty globally. It is also necessary to add that it’s the official language of the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain, which are all on the record of the world’s ten biggest markets.

Learn Chinese

There is not one language in the universe with more local speakers than Chinese. Individually, 982 million people are native speakers, while collectively 1.1 billion people know the Chinese Mandarin language or the Cantonese language. Though the majority of people use it in China, the nation is so strong globally that this language surely earns a place among the most important languages.

It looks like China will become the world’s driving economy by 2050, which also means that it will become even more powerful, which makes it a great language to learn.

Learn Spanish

It is one of the most popular languages. There are nearly 330 million native speakers, while more than 420 million people use it as their second language.

Spanish is the first language of more than 20 nations, the bulk of which are located in Latin America. Though, it is necessary for the U.S. as well, since around 35 million people in this country speak Spanish at home.

Learn Russian

Russian is the native language of the world’s best authors, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy, which is more than reasonable cause to start learning it. Also, over 150 million people speak Russian as their first language, and a further 110 million use it on a non-native area. This addresses it as one of the most used languages, as it is amazingly famous among Euro-Asian nations. Russian is the official language in 38 provinces.

learn German

Learn German

Germany has been Europe’s most potent marketplace for decades, and its language is the most used in the European region. Along with 105 million speakers, there are also 80 million people throughout the world who use it as their second language. This language seems somewhat authoritative and severe, , could be hard to learn, but due to the importance of Germany in the EU, German makes the top on the list!

Learn French

The French language is the primary language of diplomatic discussions for centuries. Today, 79 million people speak French, but the overall number of speakers rises to 370 million, which shows how important this language is. Of course, France is still the sixth greatest economy in the world and Paris remains a true social epicenter. And keep in mind that French is universally acknowledged to be the language of love, which indicates, it has to be one of the most important languages!

Being bilingual or multilingual has its unique advantages, including the option to become a professional translator with us. If you want to learn more languages you may want to choose from the most important ones, depending on your needs and skills. Make sure that you check our infographic on the top spoken languages in the world. Good luck!

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