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Are you planning to go on a business trip or to spend your holidays? You may have to drive the car if none of your relatives live there. But before this step, you should plan to get your international driver’s license so that you become eligible to drive.

When you are getting your license, you may also need its translation. It is an additional requirement by the U.S. government. Generally, the translation is necessary so that while checking your international driving license, the traffic police and any other office can understand the details.

For any such service, you will need to contact the U.S. department of driving license issuance and the help of a translation agency as well. If you need guidance regarding this topic, don’t look any further. This article will list down all the details and important information that will help you in accessing both your international license and its translation.

What is International Driver’s License? 

The International Driving Permit or license is a document that allows you to travel anywhere in the world easily and comfortably. You should only get a valid license since it will allow you to drive a vehicle no matter where you are living.

An International Driver License is legally effective for up to three years. The name makes it easier for the reader to understand the meaning. It broadly consists of a plastic ID card, a leaflet, and a mobile application for Android and iOS with the translation into 70 languages (29 in a booklet and all 70 in a mobile app).

drivers licence certified translation
international drivers licence translation

Some people keep a temporary license to but only when they are staying temporarily as well. According to some research, tourists and people dealing with global organizations should have their international driver’s license with them. It is because this particular document will enable them to drive in any country of their choice.

Your International Driving License is like a form of identification in 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo, and driver information. Moreover, you will not even have to face the language barrier problems. Now, you may have understood the meaning of the international driver’s license. So, let’s take a look at its significance now!

Importance of IDL 

You need to get your International Driver’s License because it validates you to drive a vehicle in several different countries. Most countries require an IDP to drive legally. There are high penalties for those who drive a vehicle without permission. These fines for driving without an IDP can be quite costly. This is why you should check the brief requirements of a country before traveling it.

The requirements for getting a foreign license vary from country to country. Some states do not require translations for a foreign license. The applicant should complete the criteria for the translation before they can roam around the place with their cars.

For the English translation requirement, you can contact any such agency you find online to translate the original document. There’s another term that relates to this topic which is learner’s permit.

It is a document that permits individuals of age 18 or above who are learning to the driver. They can only drive when a licensed driver is in the front seat of the car. It is worth mentioning that most of the national drivers’ license only contains few identifiable information that will help law enforcement officers abroad.
This lack of complete information may cause problems such as unnecessary penalties, the driver’s detention, or forfeiture of the vehicle in a foreign country.

How to apply for the IDL? 

You can take help from governmental agencies to get your International Driver License. Two private entities in the U.S. are authorized by the U.S. government department for the issuance of the IDL.

The document is slightly larger than a standard passport and is essentially a multiple language translation of one’s own existing driver’s license, complete with photographs and vital statistics. The following are the steps necessary for the applying procedure of IDL:

Step 1

There are some websites and other government agencies that provide application forms to apply for the IDL. You will need to download the application form and keep one or two copies if anything goes wrong.

Step 2

You should know well about the information that needs to be mentioned in the application form. Most probably, you will need to list down your previous driving experience, applicant’s name, contact number, details about the home address, and all such information.

list requirements certifications
countries drivers license

Step 3

Once you are done filling the form, attach any relevant documents. These may include two original passport pictures which will appear on the driving license card. At one corner of the document, you will be asked to sign as well. Therefore, you will attach a signed copy of your signature also.

Step 4

Pay the permit fee in US Dollars. For accurate charges of the form and the driving permit, you should contact the U.S. embassy or the company that issues the license. The fees change from time to time. So, should stay updated.

Step 5

Once you have completed all the requirements, submit the application form to the nearest branch office of the United States department or the department of motor vehicles. Keep a copy of the attached documents, certification letters, and application form for the safe side.

How can you use your IDL? 

Imagine that you face a situation while staying abroad where your driving license is not considered legal due to non-compliance. This may spoil your journey. You can get a temporary license or a country license for the time being but only IDL can solve the permanent problem.

If you decide to get the International Driving License (IDL), it will help you to save time, money, and nerves. One of its outstanding benefits is that it allows you to get a car from rental companies all over the world. And be sure you won’t face any problems with local police enforcers.

And even if you are stopped by the traffic police for driving a private motor vehicle, do not worry, just show them the international driver’s license translation which is in the national language of the state.

You may be asked about the domestic driving permit, Inter-American driving permit, and the national driving permit, so if you can get them easily, make sure to keep them wherever you travel. Get alternative translation documents of these as well.

International driver’s license and certified translation

Many countries require translation of the International Driver License. Some of them include the United States of America, Ukraine, Turkey, Norway, Pakistan, Albania, Brazil, and many more. Some even require certification of the IDL as an additional step to verify that you are a valid driver.

Certified translation means that the translation is accompanied by a signed certification letter provided by a translation company swearing that the translations of documents were performed by a qualified translator and is a true and accurate translation. You can also get a translation of your social security card and other licenses.

Furthermore, you will need certified English translation in a foreign country so that you can show it to the law enforcement officer. You can get the translation service from any translation agency or an online translator. Make sure to get official translations in the official languages.

The United States is an English-speaking country; therefore, you will need English translation. A government agency can also translate your identity document into the native language of the country. Your IDL certificates will authorize you to drive in the United States.

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