Kirundi Translation Facts

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Kirundi Translation Facts

When you plan a vacation or want to expand your business internationally, you may experience the problem of the language barrier. It is surely a problem when you want to communicate with foreigners and convey your message. Since the modern world has a solution to every problem, you should rest assured about this tiny problem because many linguists and translators are on your way to help you with this issue.

The current topic is Kirundi translation Facts. The translation industry is immensely growing day by day. And with its increasing rise, it has become very easy for people to travel internationally. You may need Kirundi translation services for different reasons like personal needs, business purposes, education continuation in a foreign country, medical assistance, and migration. The language and its translation hold some amazing facts that are discussed in this blog.

If you have an interest in learning about Kirundi translation facts or you want to grab on some tips that may help you in hiring a Kirundi translator, then you’re just at the right place! So let’s learn about some interesting facts that may surprise you!

Kirundi Language

Before looking at the translation facts, you should get a brief overview of this language first! Well, Kirundi also known as Rundi is a Bantu language spoken by some 9 million people in Burundi and adjacent parts of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as in Uganda. It is the official language of Burundi.

Kirundi is mutually intelligible with Kinyarwanda, an official language of Rwanda, and the two form part of the wider dialect continuum known as Rwanda-Rundi. It is the native language to Hutu, including Bakiga and other related ethnicities, as well as Tutsi, Twa, and Hima among others have adopted the language. Kirundi is a tonal language with high and low tones. This language is not very common which is why Rundi academy is established in 2020 to promote Kirundi. You can get more knowledge from the additional resources about this lingo.

Kirundi translation facts
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Kirundi Translation Services

You may need Kirundi translation services for different purposes. Whether you need assistance with your software manuals, business correspondence, website content, legal documents, marketing material, book manuscripts, research projects, thesis statements, or anything else, you will need help from a professional translation agency or a freelance translator. If you need these services, it is always better to ask native speakers to do the work for you.

In medical sectors such as emergency departments, there is a high need for Kirundi translation services. The document that needs translation uses minimal text and visuals to portray seasonal flu documents for the low literacy population and people look for CDC resources to understand the medical terms better.

For healthy living and overcoming the hazardous life stages, doctors have to inform their patients about emergency preparedness. If there occurs a language problem, the presence of a medical translator is a must there. You can get high-quality translation services from translators by searching them online.

Kirundi Language Facts

Kirundi is the language of the majority of the people in Burundi. According to a recent consensus, around 98% of the country’s population speaks Kirundi. Considering its versatility in this region, this language is very diverse in terms of history. There are some websites where COVID-19 translation information is available in Kirundi for the assistance of people. Some facts about this language include:

Indigenous Language

This lingo is a unique feature for an African country since in most African countries no single indigenous language is the tongue of the entire population. The language was promoted during the Belgian rule in Burundi when it was taught in schools. The government of Burundi also encourages the use of the language as a means of uniting the people of various ethnicities living in the country.

Language Family

Kirundi belongs to the Niger-Congo language family. It is a hypothetical language family that people speak near the entirety of Sub-Saharan Africa. This group unites the Mandu languages, the Atlantic languages, and possibly several small groups of languages that are difficult to classify. This group has a similar level of diversity to Indo-European languages. It is generally the world’s largest language family in terms of the number of distinct languages.


The phonology of this language includes consonants, vowels, tone, phonotactics, and consonant harmony. Although the literature on Rundi agrees on 5 vowels, the number of consonants can vary anywhere from 19 to 26 consonants. The five vowels occur in long and short forms. The distinction is phonemic. It has two tones i.e. high and low. Rundi shows properties of consonant harmony particularly when it comes to sibilants. It has a Latin writing system.

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What are Kirundi translation facts?

If you need translation services, you can get them through the translation team of an agency or freelance translators that are available on freelancing websites and apps. The extensive quality control of an agency should focus on the accuracy of technical translations in various fields. The highest specialized translations are needed due to the sensitive nature and complex structure of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The increased need for accurate translations makes it obvious for this industry to state some facts. These are:


The word count and the speed of a translator are no doubt one of the major characteristics that one needs to adopt. Some researches indicate that, if a study examines the actual number of word count that all translators translate worldwide, you’ll know that such a huge community works in this field. A professional translator can translate around 250 words within an hour. A translator working full time can translate around 520,000 words per year. This is a huge number to handle!

Learning Diversity

The profession of a translator comes up with several opportunities. A Kirundi translator can also offer services in other languages like English, French, and German. You may get Arabic translation or Chinese translation but it all depends on your expertise in translation and your command of a language. This involvement in several languages opens the gate of language diversity. Further, translators can also take part in E-learning translation services to become experts in the translation business.

As old as the hills 

The translation profession is more than 2,000 years old. Yes, that is true! The Old Testament is thought to have been translated into Greek in the 3rd century BC, which would make it the oldest recorded translation. Further, the field of translation has grown through the years and therefore it is easy to find high-level translation these days. This profession even has sub-field like financial translation and medical translation. It even varies based on your target language.

A Billion Industry

Estimation is that around 300,000 professional translators work in the world today. It’s hard to get an exact count because many are freelance workers. Some, however, work for one of Earth’s 26,104 commercial language service providers. Last year’s estimates put the industry’s annual revenue at $40 billion worldwide and growing fast. Kirundi translation is also growing rapidly with time.

Translation Mistake

In 2009, British multinational bank HSBC launched a marketing campaign under the slogan ‘Assume Nothing.’ However, there was a failure to localize for foreign markets. The slogan translated in many languages to ‘Do Nothing.’ The mistake leads to an embarrassing scramble for the global financial leader. It cost them $10 million to do some emergency rebranding in the hopes of saving their image.

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