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Languages of the Philippines: how many are they and why translation is needed?

Languages of the Philippines: how many are they and why translation is needed?
languages of the Philippines explained
(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

Languages of the Philippines are a controverted subject and the language dispersal is magnificent. Not many of the global population are aware of all the linguistic diversity that exist in this beautiful country not to mention where to find professional online translation services without linguistic discrimination. The most common native language of the Philippines is Tagalog, which is often referred to as Filipino the national language. Though not wholly synonymous, Filipino is the name given to the standard dialect of Tagalog and has been used to create a sense of national pride and identity.

Tagalog is the native language of about two-thirds of native speakers of the population of the Philippines, and the other one-third of native speakers it as a second national language. Along with English, the Filipino register of Tagalog language is the official language medium of instruction of the Philippines as per current constitution.

What are the main Filipino languages and linguistic classifications? Find out now!

Whether you need a Filipino national language to English official language or English language to Filipino translation or any foreign language, UTS can help you. We provide superior Filipino language translation services for a variety of situationsincluding minority languages.

Translation of regional languages of the Philippines medium of instruction ‘ primary branch is needed especially for businesses wanting to enter the consumer market in anticipation of the growing middle classes in the Philippine. It is advisable to translate the advertisement’s main article for their products or services into Filipino languages from a foreign language family.

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Why do you need a translation of the languages in the Philippines?

Translation of the Philippine languages into the English language and other major languages is needed especially for businesses wanting to enter the consumer market trying to increase retention rate of clients and Filipino workers in anticipation of the growing middle classes in the Philippine on the national level. It is advisable to translate the advertisements for their products or services in Filipino to cope with linguistic diversity, linguistic discrimination, and individual languages.

To reach this common root  in urban centers you need well-informed and skilled translators of philippine languages with official status, this is where UTS can support you in the entire region. UTS has a team of Filipino professional translators with official status who are experts in different fields like legal, medical, technical, financial, etc moreover they possess command over a dialectal variation and linguistic classifications of local languages as well as the primary branches of immigrant languages.

Benefits of understanding the national languages of the Philippines

Knowing and understanding the national languages and native dialect of the Philippines helps natural interaction and can save unnecessary hassle especially when you are involved in the business with Filipino workers in the entire region. It brings better business dealings with Filipinos and philippine subgroups who are known for their sensitivity and dialectal variation which they inherited from their Latin roots. Being able to communicate in Filipino  the official language with the aid of translation would be sincerely appreciated by Filipino customers.

Professional website translation and localization services

If you need your website to reach your target audience in their native language including the dialectal variation, then it is a common root to address the individual languages barrier stopping many of your prospective Filipino clients to read your website in their language of instruction rather than English language. At UTS, we have been providing professional Filipino website translation and localization services over the past decade. Our primary goal is to bridge the gap of language barriers and communication between our clients and their respective customers inclusive of dialectal variation.

Reliable and serious translations of all languages of the Philippines

Hundreds of clients  from different type of cultures across the globe use our translation services on a daily basis to communicate build linguistic relationships with native people. Whether you are hosting a conference in the Philippines or are looking to enter the Filipino market, UTS can support all your international marketing efforts and general business needs. Results from daily client surveys show that we have a high retention rate. comparative study shows that 84% of clients would recommend our translation services to a friend or colleague who is to interact with native people.

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Some Interesting Facts About The primary branch of national Languages Of Philippines

Did you know that according to linguistic evidence and comparative study there are around 187 philippine subgroup daughter languages and  major languages dialects spoken in the country of the Philippines north to south by native people? And were you aware that in Philippine History the Spanish language was once declared as the official language of the Filipino people?

Every country is full of surprises, you just need to explore the cultural heritage,endangered languages  and language dispersal. But it all requires time to deal with spread of languages,mutual relationships, the time that we don’t have much in our busy lives. We merely make it to the end of the day, managing all tasks in this hectic routine and this is an optional subject. And among all this, comes a need to translate a text written in one of the 180  daughter languages including Spanish language, a majority being linguistic minorities of the Philippines and you become lost in linguistic discrimination.

The Ultimate Destination For All Your Translation Needs

We are here to serve you  amidst the spread of languages in urban centers from the 19th century. We are bounded to excellence by our commitment to our clients and their projects. It is our promise to you that we won’t let you down even for your most complex needs  of  linguistic relationships and language dispersal while interacting with native people and different type of cultures.

So if you have a client there or trying to make one and require our services, feel free to contact 24/7. We are here to serve the global population and we don’t just make claims, we fulfill them with dignity and respect. Get your free quote today by visiting our website.

UTS is here to help: translate all indigenous languages of the Philippines without hassle

UTS has put together the best team of qualified Filipino translators in urban centerswho know native dialect of individual languages work for the most competitive rates. Though we assure the highest quality and authentic translations for every project and a huge chain of language dispersal, we also provide Quality Assurance option for customers who would like to get their translations to proofread to guarantee that it has been translated accurately and is entirely free from errors this has also increased our customer retention rate.

We work on a quick automated process that manages your translation job from the time you place your order till the completed translation is delivered in the majority  language. To know the cost of your project, please ask for a translation quote!

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