Maldivian To English Translation How To Get

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Maldivian to English Translation How To Get

When it comes to a holiday destination, Maldives is the best choice one can make. Everybody, at least once in their lives, wants to enjoy tropical landscapes, islands, and beaches. The Maldives has all of that. Factually, Maldives gets a very large number of tourists among all the other Asian countries. Different people from different countries speaking different languages come and enjoy their vacations in the Maldives. To make it more enjoyable and make a friendly environment with the locals, the foreigners would require Maldivian translation to the English language. The Maldives is a very beautiful Island country but its resources are limited. The question that arises here is “How to get Maldivian to English Translation?”

But you do not need to worry about that. Just like always, we’ve got your back. Whether it is English to Maldivian translation or Maldivian to English translation that you are confused about, you can always count on us for help. Nevertheless, you will find all the relevant help that you seek.


No matter, if you travel to Madagascar, Botswana, Hawaii, or Maldives. One thing that you must be capable of is to understand their language. Of course, many people try to learn the language of the country they want to travel to but in 3 months course, how fluent can they be? Therefore, you would need a translation service.

The Maldives is one most popular tourist spots in Asia. Keeping in mind the fact that many people, especially Asians and Europeans visit the Maldives the most, let us look into the Maldives to English translation. This translation might not be the highest in demand but it is very rewarding for the translators. Nevertheless, before moving straight to the point, let us dive into the details of Maldives as a country, and Maldivian as a language.

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The Maldives, An Archipelagic Country

The Maldives is an archipelagic country in South Asia. Its official name is “Republic of Maldives”. It is situated in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is the smallest country in Asia. It is also the 2nd least populated Asian country. Geographically, it is one of the most dispersed sovereign states. Malé is the country’s capital and the most populated city. Traditionally, it is called “King’s Island” because many ancient royal dynasties ruled it because of its central location. Dhivehi is the country’s official language. The total area of Maldives is 300 kilometers square. Its population is estimated to be around 557,426. The Maldives lies to the Southwest of India and Sri Lanka.

Maldivian, an Indo-Aryan Language

Maldivian is the national language and official language of Maldives. Its endonym is Dhivehi and Divehi. It means that the local population of Maldives refer to their language as this name while foreigners know it as “Maldivian”. Nevertheless, Dhivehi and Maldivian are just different names for the same language. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan family of languages.

There are about 340,000 speakers of this language, both native speakers and L2 speakers. Maldivian uses the Thaana writing system which is unrelated to any of the world’s common writing systems. It is the native language of Maldivian people It is also common among the people of Minicoy Island, which is a union territory of India.

Is it easy to translate Maldivian into English?

As you know that Maldivian is an Indo-Aryan language, it has a very good resemblance with Urdu and Hindi. Both Urdu/Hindi and Maldivian share a number of words. If a person knows Hindi or Urdu, they can easily translate Maldivian into English. Moreover, Maldivian sentences are not complex. They are direct and short making it easier for the translator to translate Maldivian.

Because of its colonial period, it also has some French and Portuguese influences. Maldivian, when spoken, is somehow similar to Urdu and Hindi. Therefore, it is relatively easier to translate Maldivian into English. Moreover, there are no lexical, phonological, or grammatical variations in Maldivian. Maldivian doesn’t have dialects that have huge variations from each other. Most of its dialects are very similar to each other. This also makes it one of the easiest languages in terms of translation..

Where to get Maldivian to English Translation?

You can order Maldivian to English translation either from the translation companies in your area or you can head over to the Internet. Prior to heading over to the Internet, you can check if there are reliable translation companies in your area that can provide you with a personal Maldivian to English translator.

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In case not, there are numerous translation websites. Some of these websites are run by scammers while others are legit. You need to make sure that you choose the right one. If the translation company is incapable of providing Maldivian to English translations, then you are at a huge loss. After you come in contact with a translation company, you can proceed to the next step: “How to get Maldivian to English translation?”

How to get Maldivian to English Translation?

The process is simple yet it demands attention. Firstly, do research about the translation agency and see if the translators and translations they provide are worth your money. In case you simply want just the translation of a Maldivian document, you can upload the document to their website. Complete the process by filling in all the essential details.

Conclude the process by completing the payment. In another case, you would be provided with a personal translator who would help you communicate with the Maldivian people by translating into and from their language. You would have to pay the company in advance for the translator. The translation company or (in a different case) the translator himself would be responsible for his food and accommodation.

Why do people need Maldivian to English Translation?

The Maldives is an island country. From this, you can have the idea that it does not share land borders with any country. It is a standalone archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, its people have limited resources and knowledge as well. They need to excel in education just the way people of every other country do.

In other words, to deliver the knowledge, Maldivian to English translations are in need. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of tourists in the Maldives every summer. Most of them come from linguistic backgrounds. Therefore, they are unable to understand and communicate with the locals. Of course, their vacations would not be very enjoyable if they could not find a certain place or food, and cannot even ask any locals because they do not know how to speak the Maldivian language. All of these reasons sum up to answer the question “why there is a need for Maldivian to English translation?” Read this blog post to know about the benefits of marketing translation when doing business abroad.


In conclusion to every little fact that we have stated so far, it is quite obvious that Maldivian translations would have been highest in demand if the home country of this language was a little larger or its speakers were large in number. Maldivian is a very important language.

If you like to do world tours and explore every corner of the world, we suggest you get accompanied by a professional translator since you are not very likely to learn all the world languages and that too, in a short time. An experienced translator, whether it be a human translator or a translator app, can help you with all kinds of translations.

You would not need to worry about Maldivian to English translation this way. Getting Maldivian to English translation would help you gain basic knowledge about the Maldivian language as well as develop a friendly relation with the locals.

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