What are the Benefits of Mobile App Localization?

mobile app localization
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Does your business have a mobile app that goes well in your local market? Once you have a successful app that’s gaining in downloads and positive reviews, it’s time to think about mobile app localization.

Mobile App Localization

Having your app accessible in your local market in a good thing, but it also means you are losing on millions of possible deals from the international market.

Here are five significant benefits of mobile app localization for your business

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Access to a Global Market

Depending on the countries you choose to localize your mobile app for, the possibilities are almost infinite. You are not able to roll out a complete international mobile app localization project at once, so select the countries that show higher demand for your product or service. The very nature of your business means that you have access to an international market. But that doesn’t mean that you should try to access the entire global market.

Guaranteed ROI

Investing in localization will yield positive ROI. The localization process can seem costly at first, especially when you need to work with professional translators, native to the target country. But localize your app well, and you’ll see ROI guaranteed. Once you’ve started the localization process, each time you expand into a new country, things will also be more easier.

Unlimited Sales Potential

According to study, the favorite gaming app, Pokémon Go, made an astounding $35 million in its first two weeks. And that was in only a few markets they decided to target using mobile app localization. Investing in a robust localization strategy, Nintendo was able to make almost unlimited global sales. They had to study each new market and make sure that all texts, numbers, icons, and images were localized to their target viewers.

You may not be in the same business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit into extensive sales opportunities through successful Android app localization. Polish people like to get fit just as much as Americans. Italian businesses find project management software useful. Whatever it is you’re selling, you can be sure there’s a market for it at an international level.

Competitive Benefits

Taking users to download your mobile app is only the primary action. If your app doesn’t go well with the expectations of customers, it won’t last long. A massive 90% of users delete apps right away after download. Only 16% of them give an app a second turn. What does this mean? That investing in mobile app localization that is perfect and creates the best user experience for your target market will give you a competitive benefit.

Even if you aren’t translating your app into a different language, you’ll need to analyze systems of measurement, currency and local expressions. Get your mobile app localized the right way and you’ll be heads and shoulders above the competition who failed to localize fully.

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Improved Visibility

You may have an app that’s famous in the US, but that doesn’t mean it won’t need adjusting for different English-speaking markets. Your approach should be factored in from the start, whether you’re localizing for the UK or Russia. Localizing the text, images, and descriptions of your app will give you excellent visibility in the App Store and Google Play Store. Make sure that your app contains the right amount of keywords without stuffing.

A solid strategy will support more downloads, as your app will appear to more people. Even if you’re on a fixed budget, some elements of app localization are essential if you want to get in front of the right users. And if you’re going to encourage good reviews to boost your ranking, accurate localization is needed to ensure your app doesn’t get trashed.

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Expand your reach globally

If you are always in pursuit of new and unique mobile apps, you understand their importance in our lives. But mobile apps have become a source of business expansion all across the world. And around 99% of these apps are available in English by default. Although English is considered and has proven to be the most widely spoken language in today’s world, not everyone can understand it.

And if you are a business owner or a service provider, the need to reach a global audience at some point is imminent. Language could become a barrier if you don’t localize your mobile app. It could jeopardize your business, limit your services to a particular region and most importantly deprive you of the chances to earn more significant revenue. To avoid all this, Universal Translation Services advise its customers to localize mobile apps. Our experts here are very good at their jobs, and they can localize your app with the help of native translators and digital marketing experts. It is our top most priority to address all your concerns when it comes to mobile app localization. Next time you have a mobile app that’s not doing the best for you, check out our mobile app localization services and see your business grow.

Universal Translation Services can assist you to carry out a thriving mobile app localization design for any nation in the world, for Android but also for iOS apps. Contact us today for additional information or a free quote.

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