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Overview of Armenian Translation

Do you know what makes Armenians identity prominent? Their language-Armenian language! Well, Armenian is one of the ancient languages spoken in the world today. It is a beautiful language; its unique alphabets and numerous linguistic specifications make it different from other ancient languages. People translate Armenian literature to explore more about the language and Armenian culture.

Today, translating texts into the Armenian language is particularly interesting, especially after the widespread of Armenians all over the world. If you are looking for Armenian translation services and wondering where to find a native Armenian translator to get accurate and word-to-word Armenian translation, there are a few important things that you need to know. As we know, Armenian is an ancient language, so people sometimes think that it might be impossible to find a native Armenian linguist. Well, that’s not true! We will help you to find a professional one.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important facts and specifications about the Armenian language. In addition, we’ll have a detailed look at everything you need to know to get its translation.  So, keep reading to know all the important information.

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Armenian is the language of Armenia. The country, the Democratic Republic of Armenia, is a landlocked country located in the Armenian Highlands near the Caucasus region of Western Asia. The country was split into two part-Ottoman Empire and Russia and gave rise to two variants of the Armenian language i.e. Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian.

  • Eastern Armenian is the official language of the Republic of Armenia.  Armenian communities in Russia and Iran also speak the Eastern variant of the language.
  • Western Armenian is spoken by Western Armenians living all around the globe. However, this language has been declining for some time now.

Armenian is a member of the Indo-European language family. It is an independent branch of the Indo-European Family of languages of which it is the only member. Armenian is an isolated language as it can’t be affiliated with any other living language.

At the time, Ancient Armenian was also known as Classical Armenian and was introduced in 405 AD. It is way much older than English and French.

Armenian is a complex language, having its own direction of writing as well as unique alphabet consisting of 38 characters. It is somehow similar to Ancient Greek and some other Germanic language, but there are some linguistic specifications including, grammatical differences, punctuation, and conjugation, which make Armenian different from them.


Some linguists and researchers conduct a study and concluded that there is a linguistic relationship between Armenian and Anatolian languages. They relate both languages based on the absence of feminine gender and lack of long vowels. Moreover, they believed that a lot of Armenian words have been borrowed from Anatolian languages, particularly Luwian.

Likewise, some researchers believed that there are some linguistic similarities between Armenian and the Caucasian languages. According to them, Armenians themselves belong to a Caucasian tribe that adopted the Indo-European tongue later on. They believed that it is the reason that the Armenian language is isolated among Indo-European languages.

In addition, features including morphological, lexicon, and phonological system make the language similar to Caucasian languages.


Today, Armenian has three million native speakers within the country and two million people speak the language from several parts of the world. Armenia has a unique geographical location at its crossroad between Asia and Europe. It shares borders with Georgia to the North, Azerbaijan to the East, Iran to the South, and Turkey to the West.

Over 3.4 million people live in Armenia; it is home to almost 20 different nationalities including some big names, Russians, Germans, Georgians, and Ukrainians, etc. In addition to the millions of people living in Armenia today, there were an estimated 2 to 3 million Armenian who migrated to the United States, Europe, and some countries in the Middle East during the 20th century. So, people need Armenian translation for so many reasons.

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Finding native English speakers who speak Armenian fluently and provide professional language translation services, isn’t easy at all. Several translation companies are particularly working on their native Armenian speakers to provide their clients, the best possible outcomes. They are providing different types of Armenian translation some of them are:


Several manufacturing companies need technical translations in order to introduce their products and services to the Armenian audience. If you have a manufacturing company, that manufactures household appliances, automotive, or any kind of machinery, translate your products information and introduce it to the Armenian market and give your business a new move.


Health sciences firms, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals all over the world need medical translations. Only every Armenian translator can translate medical documents, you need to find an Armenian translator who specializes in scientific or medical fields; because a single error can lead to serious complications. Different Armenian documents that need translation are:

  • Armenian patient survey
  • Clinical trials
  • Armenian product catalog
  • Armenian insurance and approval forms, etc.


Legal documents that need Armenian translation includes employment contract, salary agreements, rent and hire agreements, business documents, commercial contracts, birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates, patent applications, etc. You need to hire a legal and certified Armenian translator to get your documents legally translated.


“Quality is never expensive, lack of quality always is”, this is something you all need to understand. You can’t translate even your birth certificate on your own. That’s why professionals are for you; you help you and guide you. You have to let them help you otherwise in the end it’s you who will face consequences. Here are some of the major consequences:

  • A rise in the overall costs of trials or product launches because of poor Armenian translation.
  • Marketing and launching delays.
  • Poorly translated Armenian content can sometimes lead to legal actions.
  • Local regulators can reject your product before even launching due to misinterpretation.
  • Losing reputation and negative image in Armenia’s market.
  • Of course, you need to pay another translator to finish translating something you’ve already translated yourself, and then you’ll probably have to wait until the deadline has passed.


Here comes the part you probably waiting for! Well, you just have to browse Armenian translator near you, a lot of options will appear you your screen. Visit their website, check their term and conditions, read the reviews and pick one or two, prefer those that are working with native linguists. Contact them or visit them in person if you want and discuss what exactly you need. Once you choose the right one according to your standards, move to the next step- place your order.

You can place your order while sitting at the ease of your home. Just scan your document, make a PDF file and send it to the translator. You will receive an instant quote with an approval link. Clear your payments with the approval link and place your order. The translator will start working on it, and you will receive the translation with 1-2 working days, or you can adjust the turnaround time according to your deadline.

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