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During the whole COVID, situation pharmaceutical translation services have become crucial in the translation services field, globally. Just like other fields, a translation error in pharma translation services not just leads to jocular slogans, a misinterpretation, or even financial loss. In addition, a mistake in pharmaceutical translation will lead to irreversible consequences of mistreatment and death.

Well, pharmaceutical documents need expert knowledge as well as the most updated technology and subject matter expertise. The translators must know how to control several layers of quality to make sure that translation is error-free. The accuracy of translation guides people all over the world to make the right decisions.

Pharmaceutical translation services are needed at several stages of drug development. Translation plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry as it helps to bring new drugs and medicines into the market. Moreover, it is required in every step of research work, manufacturing, packaging, and labeling of drugs.

If you are looking to get pharma translation services for your documents and wondering what to check in for a reliable agency, read this article! It will guide you about the whole translation process, how to get it and where to find an agency for it? So, let’s begin!


An increasingly global market demands a strong need for effective communication and quality translations as pharmaceuticals are developing all around the world. From the year 2019 onwards, the COVID-19 has made pharmaceutical translation more important.

Countries communicate with each other to get some cure for this unpredictable disease. Overall, translation services are becoming crucial in the pharmaceutical industry, day by day.

Affordable Medical Translation Services
medicine translation services

You can compare the cost of a professional translation service provider to the impacts an inaccurate translation has on drug development. Researchers depend on the translation, so it is crucial to hire a professional pharmaceutical translator, who knows how to present the translation to the foreign market.


When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, people think it’s all about drug trials, patents, or stuff like that, while there are certainly other aspects of the industry in which documents need translation as well. Some of them are:

  • Case studies
  • Surveys/ Clinical trials
  • Clinical Study reports
  • Pharma marketing material
  • Informed consent forms
  • Pharmaceutical product instructions
  • Protocol documents
  • Training documents and more.

In order to translate these medical documents, the translator must know the regulations of the drug market in the country as the regulation of each country varies. When it comes to developments in the pharmaceutical industry, the United States, Europe, China, and Japan all have different rules and regulations.

It is very essential to get a high-quality and accurate translation as translations mistakes lead to serve consequences such as backlogs, rejections, or even legal inconvenience. Unlike other translation fields, it does not just cause a loss in money and time, it also leads human health and welfare in danger.


Clinical researches are done in multi-country trials on a large scale and a lot of drugs that are marketed in the US are developed outside the US in some other country. US-based drug developers also enroll in clinical studies of different subjects, outside the US. According to a report, 87% of all the subjects in clinical trials under FDA’s INDs were from abroad.

The translation is needed at every step that includes, bringing a drug to market, regulatory submission, manufacturing of drugs, it’s marketing, and packaging as well. Translation has serious impacts on various factors either it’s for better or for worse. These factors include:

  • The cost of the trials
  • The time to market
  • Legal actions, in case of rejections by regulators
  • Safety of marketed products.

Sometimes for example, regulators reject or disapprove the application when the translation isn’t according to the requirements and standards of quality medical translations. And guess what? The cost will shoot up; the market entry can delay for months or even years with a huge competitive loss.

Furthermore, an inaccurate translation can mark crucial links between the data from the research that is cited in different languages. It might have been possible for the sponsor to think that the compound tested is poison.

That’s why inadequate translations have high indirect costs. Even the efforts to improve another part of the development process cannot compensate for the loss of data quality. Even the efforts to improve another part of the development process cannot compensate for the loss of data quality.

pharma translation services
Translation Services Pharmaceutical Industry


You can get your services online; all you have to do is browse pharmaceutical translation agencies. You will get a lot of options; you can choose whatever suits you better. They all have a simple translation process, which you need to follow to get your services.


Send your regulatory document to the agency; they don’t require an original document. You can simply submit a PDF file or a scanned picture of your document.


After submitting the documents, you will get an instant free quote and an approval link along with it.


Once you approve, the translators will start working on your document and you will get your translation as soon as it’s completed.


When it comes to choosing a translation service provider of this much important field, people get worried about how to find a reliable one, what to check, and all that. But you don’t have to worry; we have prepared a checklist of what to check in a translation company, for you. So, let’s have a look at it!


As translation depends on a translator, so make sure to check that agency has native pharmaceutical translators because that is how you will get the quality translation.

The company must have a proper team of translators, who know how to deal with medical documents when addressing an international market.


The translators must have in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical expertise and great experience to deal with clinical documents. They must have a grab on all phraseology and terminology to provide you a world-class outcome.


This is very important; you have to make sure that the company provides a quick and fast turnaround time. So, if you need to urgently present any report to the pharma company, you have a guarantee that you will receive the translation within time.


Check if the company uses translation management software. If they have the leading-edge translation technology it will help to provide the most efficient services, above all, it will save the cost and the time of the clients.


Last but not the least, read the reviews and check how the experience of the company with the other clients was. If they have quality reviews, you are good to go!

So, if a company exhibits all the above-mentioned qualities, you are good to go for it! You will at least have the guarantee of a quality translation for your clinical reports or other documents. If you do so, the sponsor is no way to reject or delay your approval letter. Now, go have to browse these qualities in an agency, and then it will handle the rest!

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