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Simultaneous Interpretations For Meetings And Webinars

Simultaneous Interpretations For Meetings And Webinars
Simultaneous Interpretation
(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

The world has gone through many phases. There was a time when people had to travel a great distance to talk to each other, but nowadays, with the help of the internet, communication has become very easy. A few clicks and you will get connected to people living thousands of miles away from you. Distance does not matter in today’s world. The advancement in technology has made it possible for us to keep in touch with each other easily. Today, people can not only talk to each other on their phones but also engage in virtual meetings through videos. For business meetings and online classes, videos are quickly becoming the perfect medium.

Linguistic Problems in Video Meetings:

On a planet that is inhabited by 7.5 billion people, one can find thousands of different languages and cultures. Every human is unique, but those sharing culture can understand each other. But when people of different countries have to communicate with each other, they have to face a linguistic barrier. The differences in their cultures and languages can create problems for them. This is a problem for businesses and individuals. Although videos have provided a useful medium to people, the linguistic barrier can keep them from effectively communicating with each other.

Simultaneous Interpretation:

One useful way in which linguistic experts can help people is by joining a meeting through video calls and offering their assistance. Interpretation services have many types, and people can pick the one that suits their requirements in the best way possible. If you have ever watched a session of the United Nations’ Security Council, then you must have noticed the headsets everyone was wearing in the room during speeches. That’s how simultaneous interpretation happens. During this process, the linguistic expert interprets the speech of the speaker simultaneously. The linguistic expert waits for a few seconds and then starts interpreting the speech of the speaker.

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Simultaneous Interpretations for Meetings and Webinars:

Webinars are sort of online meetings in which a person or group of people can present their ideas, while other participants ask questions and vote on polls. Webinars are very useful for companies as they offer a great alternative to in-house meetings. When some parties can’t be at the office, webinars can help in connecting everyone. Meetings are also quite useful for businesses. They allow companies to interact with their potential investors. But again, the linguistic barrier can be a problem in online meetings and webinars.

Since everyone attending these webinars has a busy schedule and cannot wait around for long, simultaneous interpreting is used to solve the linguistic problem. Not only does it save everyone’s time, but it also allows participants to come to a conclusion before the end of the meeting. It also makes it easier for everyone to present their idea without having to worry about the language difference.

As more people are relying on video meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are also realizing the importance of interpreters. Simultaneous interpreting is making it possible for people to keep their businesses running during these tough times.

Simultaneous Interpretations for Meetings and Webinars

How Does it Work?

The process is not the same as other types of interpretation. If it is in-person service, then the linguistic expert is given a separate room with a microphone and headset. They listen to the speaker through their headset and then speak in the microphone. Their speech reaches all the participants who are wearing headsets.

When it comes to video meetings, the setting is slightly different. The audio of the speaker only reaches the linguistic expert; every other participant is given a headset through which they will hear the interpretation. The linguistic expert will listen to the speaker and then start speaking in the mic after a few seconds’ intervals. Some companies might also require the expert to explain the charts and images to the participants. This happens when a presentation is prepared in one language, and the participants speak different vernaculars.

In any case, this job is not an easy one, which is why it cannot be handled by just about anyone. Only those with plenty of experience in the field and the right qualifications can help you if you are dealing with language problems. In a world where technology is keeping us connected, it can be difficult to get over the linguistic barrier. But fortunately for us, there are qualified and experienced professionals who make the lives of people easier through their skills. Anyone that wishes to conduct a successful webinar with people from different countries should get in touch with a qualified linguistic professional and ask for their help.

How to Book a Session?

The booking process is quite simple. You will have to visit the website of the agency you wish to hire and tell them the date and time frame during which you will need the assistance of an expert. The first available expert will be assigned to your task. It is better to book the session in advance, so you don’t run into any problems on the day of the meeting. Interpreters are always in-demand, but more so these days when everyone is using the medium of videos to conduct business. This is why you should book a session a few days before your meeting. This will make it easier for you to plan the rest of the meeting. At least you won’t have to worry about finding a linguistic expert on the last day.

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