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If you require certified Swedish to English translation for immigration to the United States, then you have come to the right place. We have native translators on our team who complete each translation accurately. Universal Translation Services  provide you translations with the guarantee that they will be accepted by the authorities. Also we can help you with business translations if you want to open your offices in Sweden.

Certified Swedish to English Translation for Immigration

A small error on your part can sometimes make you lose your progress of a year. The best way to avoid such a problem is to learn about the requirements in detail. For instance, if you want to immigrate to the United States, it is important to first learn about all the requirements of USCIS. If you don’t fulfill the requirements of USCIS, your application will get rejected.

USCIS requires applicants to submit the English translations of their personal documents like birth certificates. But the original document must be accompanied by its certified translation and not a simple translation. For a certified translation, you will need the help of experts. We have native translators on our team who have experience in handling official documents. They know exactly what kind of translation you must submit with your immigration application.

The certified translations provided by us will get accepted by USCIS. Let us take care of your immigration translations, and you can focus on preparing your application. With the help of our translations, it will be easier for you to get through the immigration process.

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Swedish to English Translation Academic Records

We can also help you with the translations for your university admission. We can carry out certified translations of all of your academic records. Whether you have to submit an academic transcript to a foreign university or your degree, we will help you with the translation of these documents. This way, you will be able to get through the admission process easily and study at the university of your choice.

We offer a guarantee of acceptance by USCIS and urgent translations if you are running out of time. If you have a quickly approaching deadline, there is no need to panic. Just let us know how soon you need the translation, and we will complete it in that time. You can get a certified translation of your birth certificate within a couple of hours. And you won’t have to pay extra to get an urgent translation. You will only have to pay for the translation itself. Know about birth certificate translation for USCIS.

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Swedish Translation for Business:

Once a company has made its name in the US, opening its offices in European countries is often the next step. European markets have a lot of potential. But if a company does not come up with a good strategy for connecting with its target audience, it will fail to become successful. It is important for businesses to do market research before they make any plans. They should not only learn about their competitors but also the culture and language of the target audience.

Getting your advertising materials translated into the language of your target audience is very important. If you ignore the native language of your audience, you will not be able to attract their attention. We have native Swedish translators on our team who can provide you with accurate translations Swedish of your advertising content. They can help you attract potential customers through pamphlets, brochures, and signboards.

English to Swedish Translator

In today’s world, advertisements are not enough to attract people; having a website is also very important. But your website should be available in multiple languages. If your website is translated and localized, it will help you attract new customers.

You will also be able to create brand awareness with the help of your translated website. If your website is localized, the visitors will enjoy their shopping experience.

Our expert translators can provide you with English-Swedish translations for your businesses.

The translations provided by us will help you attract not only new customers but also investors. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with your business translation needs.

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The Swedish Language:

Swedish is a North Germanic language that has 8 million native speakers. It is the official language of Sweden, where it is spoken by the majority. The Swedish language is also spoken in Finland, where it enjoys official status along with Finnish. Swedish is mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Danish. But the degree of mutual intelligibility varies depending on the different dialects of the languages.

Swedish is a descendant of Old Norse, the language of the Vikings. Out of all the North Germanic languages, Swedish has the highest number of speakers. Modern Swedish has borrowed a lot of words from the English language. Multiple Swedish words have been adopted from French too.

The Swedish writing system is based on the Latin alphabet. But unlike other European languages, Swedish has not been heavily influenced by Latin. A very interesting thing about Swedish is its unique pronunciations. In Sweden, the pronunciations of different words vary from one place to the next. Each region has its own unique Swedish accent.

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swedish translation services

All Type of Swedish Document Translation:

Our Swedish translation services are not limited to a certain type of document. You can get in touch with us for help with all kinds of documents. If you need the translation of your legal documents, then let our qualified experts help you. They understand the legal terminology well and make sure that you get a hundred percent accurate results. We can help you with court cases and legal business matters. You can get the translations of everything from evidence reports to agreements and contracts.

You can also get in touch with us if you require English-Swedish translations of your medical reports. We can handle everything from blood reports to manuals of medical devices. With the help of our translations, you will be able to get over the linguistic barrier and get the treatment that you need.

We also have technical translators on our team who can provide you with accurate translations of your technical documents. Whether you need to share the technical documents with the people of Sweden or the US, we can help you get over the language barrier. You will be able to share useful information with the target audience with the help of our translations.

Affordable Rates

In the language industry, multiple agencies offer accurate translations. But many of them charge their clients unfairly. We have the most affordable rates in the industry, and we also do not compromise on the quality of our work. You can get the best quality translations at cheap rates.


If you get a certified translation from an agency and it is not accepted by USCIS, then it will be useless. But when you get a certified translation from us, we can offer you the guarantee that it will be accepted by USCIS. You can share the translations completed by us with authorities all over the world without any hesitation.

Turnaround Time

Sometimes, a moment’s delay can create a lot of problems for people, which is why we always deliver the translations on time. You can get the translation of a document within 24 hours. If you are in a hurry, you can request an urgent translation. No additional charges will be added to your bill if you request an urgent translation.

So, if you need translations of Swedish documents or websites, get in touch with us today, and we will provide you with the best language solutions.

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