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Universal Translation Services runs a universal translator tips blog. It is made in a manner that helps translators because it focuses on providing as much information on the translation industry as well as tips on how to become a better translator.

This is a page for professional translators. If you are a client looking to have a document translated, please see our translation services page instead.

Tips and tricks for translators

Are you our very own newly minted translator who is looking around with dreamy eyes and the greenish hue of a newbie?! You want to know how to get more translation jobs that will pay the rent and then even more jobs that will bring you more money?

We know where you are coming from! We have seen young and ambitious birds flutter around our nest before and we are here to help. Our first and only advice, read our universal translator tips blog!

Our blog is also focused on helping experienced translators. If you are a seasoned translator but want to learn new techniques to get your job done faster, or want to learn how to use CAT tools, our universal translator tips blog will help you with that.

We have been in the industry since 2001 and our aim is to provide accurate translation services to our clients. As such, our translators are carefully selected and we work with some of the best translators. But since the industry is evolving, our translators need to be kept up to date with the changes. This is yet another reason why we run an universal translator blog.

We are doing everything we can to train our translators. Except for this blog, we also create video tutorials for translators, and we also offer one-on-one training with our specialized team. If you have questions or need help from one of our project managers, please get in touch in Tranwise chat.

universal translator blog

Why would you work with us as a professional translator?

we welcome new translators

We welcome new translators

We are always looking to hire more and more translators even for common language combinations. If you want to work with us, see our translators wanted page, or get in touch by live chat.

get more translation jobs

Get more translation jobs

With us, you have the chance to get more translation jobs and earn more. We have various projects on a wide range of language combinations and we are always looking to work with more freelance translators.

get paid on time

Get paid on time

We are the fastest paying translation agency both offline and online. We pay at the beginning of next month for earnings gathered in current month, and we never delay our payments!

Questions? We have the answers!
tips and tricks for translators

What could you learn?

We have gathered many posts over the years; they are focused on the following niches among some occasional rebellious deviations;

  • How to get more translation jobs that allow you to earn more.
  • How to become a professional translator.
  • How to use translation memory and CAT tools like Trados Studio
  • How to become part of our team.
  • The various legal systems that require translations and how the translators need to conduct the translations for legal documents. We have written some of the most detailed posts on this topic that you will possibly find without any exceptions.
  • How businesses ask for translations, what the various services are and how they are implemented in promoting the aims of our business clients by ensuring that our translators are properly debriefed.
  • A very detailed collection on our own process of translation so that you will know how translations are conducted and how we do the translations in the best way possible.
  • How the modern translation industry is growing, what the usual problems are and how they are dealt with!
  • The technique of the translation as manual as well as the computerized matter that is dealt with by the best professionals. The pros and cons of every technique that is in action right now and how these techniques are expected to grow with time!
  • The various subgroups of translation fields that come into play and the way they play with the client’s needs and expectations. We inform both the translators and the clients of how the fields develop and the process of conducting various different translations.

Why should you subscribe?

Because information is power, today’s translation industry is all about competition and understanding the trade as a modern system. You have to keep up with all the fast-evolving trends and you have to understand that the translation industry is becoming a fast-growing business. If you are going to make some bread and a lot of butter from this industry then you should also make sure that you are working with the solid knowledge of the industry and the system. Subscribe to translator blog now and start your career as a translator with the right attitude and knowledge.

Universal Translator Tips Blog

SDL Trados tutorial

SDL Trados is a computer assisted translation tool, a software application which helps translators in the translation process. In this quick SDL Trados tutorial for translators you’ll be able to learn how to use the most used computer assisted translation tool today.

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terminology tools for translators

The terminology tools for translators play an important role in the translation process. One should instead of going out of their mind to find terminologies in the language they want to translate, visit a few online search banks. Therefore here are a few places where you can get help for this purpose.

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low translation quality
An angry burst up from an angry client is not one of the best experiences for any business person out there. Yet, it is something we as a translation company, and every other business out-there experience sometimes. Clients will often become annoyed if they feel their received [...]Read more
preferred translator

If you are looking to enhance your prospects of becoming a successful translator, the below-mentioned tips are sure to help you out in becoming the preferred translator for your customers.

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importance of time management

If you are a freelance translator, you need to make peace with the fact that the importance of time management should not be neglected in the translation business. A few details that might help you understand this concept are discussed below for your convenience.

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handle stress
The translation profession, with its irregular hours and and its frequently tight deadlines can be really stressful. Here are a couple tips to help you handle stress during your working hours. How to handle stress as a translator  There are various ways to deal with stress and [...]Read more
translation skills

With the freelance translation job market becoming fiercely competitive and crowded it can be hard to stand out and get the job that you want. Having only your translation skills is not enough for you to get by.

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translator life

We’ve been asked how does a translator life looks like and what they do every day. Some people think that being a freelance translator is an easy life as they’re working from home and can work whenever they feel like, and do their errands when needed. While this could apply to some people, it’s far from the truth when it comes to translators.

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Time management
Isn’t it frustrating when you have so many things to do, yet you have so little time? Not only is it frustrating, but it is also indeed stressful especially when you have to think about the other tasks you need to do and you lack time management [...]Read more
how to improve your translation skills

As a freelance translator, you need to know the basics of translation especially when you are just a beginner. You need to search for tips in order to learn how to improve your translation skills so you can get more clients. Tips that help translators improve their craft is the topic of today!

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