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What does it cost for Chinese interpreter services?

What does it cost for Chinese interpreter services?
role of chinese interpreter in business
(Last Updated On: October 5, 2021)

Are you planning to take your business to the largest market in the world? Then you already have an idea what interpreter services are and you are going to need an interpreter, right?

Well, an interpreter plays an important role in global business. They help us by enhancing communication by conveying accurate translation of information from one language to another all over the world. Unlike a translator, an interpreter deals with verbal communication. They specialize in specific fields, so you choose accordingly.

So basically, interpreting services are the audible form of communication, for instance, for a patient in an American hospital who doesn’t speak English, here the interpreter will provide services by corporate communication with the patient, and help the doctor to diagnose the patient. 

In this article, we will discuss the Chinese Interpreter Services, all the facts that you should know before hiring an interpreter. So let’s start!

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China’s Importance in the World

China is a well-known country and no one can deny the impact the country has had on technology. China introduces different innovations to the industries and helps companies how to triple their production. It’s not wrong to say that we would be far behind in technology if there weren’t any genius Chinese minds behind it. Moreover, Chinese values influenced the world’s culture. The most important aspect of Chinese culture is its various languages. We all know the art of the Chinese language

There are a lot of varieties in Chinese dialect but the most popular one is Mandarin Chinese. It is the official language of the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. It is the primary language of government and more than half of the Chinese population speaks the Mandarin language. A language that is spoken by billions of people and is also one of the most popular lingos on the Internet is not understood by other six billion people around the world. That’s why people need the help of a Chinese interpreter or from time to time

Chinese Interpreting Service

Professional Chinese Interpreters provide interpreting services for medical, legal, corporate, academic, and other industries. If you hold any international event or multilingual conferences, conducting a meeting with your overseas business partners, or looking for a personal Chinese interpreter to assist you at legal matters, business negotiation, or medical terminology; you need to connect to and interpreting or translation company to help you with all this and provide an accurate translation.

Chinese Simultaneous Interpreting Services 

Chinese simultaneous interpreting services are the perfect way to convey information when large conferences and meetings, as well as executive training programs or high-level meetings, are held. The mode of interpreting is preferred for events where a great deal of information needs to be conveyed in two or more languages; moreover, it saves a lot of time.

Simultaneous interpreters are more likely to work in pairs and will translate the words of the speaker without interruption. They also use specialized pieces of equipment such as soundproof interpreter booths, headsets, and receivers to maintain smooth communication.

Chinese Consecutive Interpreting Services 

Chinese consecutive interpreting services are best for small level settings and face-to-face meetings where only two languages are used most probably English and Chinese. Situations like these include:

  • Interviews
  • Press Conferences or Teleconferences
  • Medical appointments
  • Clients meeting
  • Chinese conference
  • Legal and court deposition
  • Business meetings
  • Training workshops for employees etc.

To provide high-quality consecutive interpreting services, the speakers need to pause and allow the interpreter to translate and verbally convey the speaker’s message. No extra or specialized types of equipment are used in consecutive interpreting which makes it more convenient and cost-friendly.

Phone Interpreting Services 

Phone interpreters provide interpreting services on live calls. These interpreting services can be conduct for two or more parties that are in the same room or remote location. Chinese interpreting companies provide a prepaid phone number. This service simply requires that one party connect to a professional Chinese linguist or interpreter on a call, and then add other parties on the line to make a conference call. Else they put the phone on speaker and so that everyone in the room that listen, and involved in the conversation.

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Role of Chinese Interpreter in Global Business 

Interpreters provide services in many business areas; they specialize in various specified fields. Some of the business areas in which interpreters play a key role are:

Medical Interpreters

Medical interpreters provide services of effective communication between patients and hospital management. They have strong knowledge of medical and conversational terms in both languages. Moreover, they need to carefully convey the message of the doctor to the patient keeping all the medical terminology in mind. A professional linguist who specializes both in English and Chinese language will be able to provide you medical interpreting services. 

Conference Interpreters

Conference interpreters work at the international level such as WTO, or the World Bank, etc, where participants come from all over the world. Sometimes conference interpreters also work as mediators among international businesses that are held in foreign countries. They can interpret the content in more than two languages.

Specialize Business Interpreters 

Specialized business interpreters specialize in various fields of translation such as marketing, finance, and economics. A business interpreter has sound knowledge of the respective business markets and current events. The translation in financial markets is an example of business interpreting services. This includes interpretation of business documents, legal documents, and other technical documents such as financial statements, mutual funds reports, regulatory statements, and reports, etc.

Localization Interpreters 

Localization interpreters provide their services to the local users. The main goal of the localization and experienced interpreter is to provide a high degree of knowledge to the local public.

What does it cost Chinese interpreter services?

A lot of Chinese companies are providing Chinese Interpreting & Translation Services at different rates. Some of them provide quality work at a high rate while orders are working at low rates but no one can guarantee their quality. So you need to very careful. Choose a middle ground, the one that provides quality work at affordable rates. 

Interpreter companies work at per hour or per-minute rates. Interpreting services may take place in person or over the phone call. Generally, In-person Chinese translators or interpreters charge $50 to $145 per hour. Some interpreters work at least two hours minimum. Some interpreters start at $ 100 per hour or sometimes $125 for sign language.

On the other hand, phone interpreters generally charge from $1.25 to $3 per minute, while video interpreters typically charge from $1.75 to $ 7 per minute. Some interpreter professional translators charge $2.25 per minute for any language and $2.95 for sign language. A minimum of 15 minutes is required by phone or video interpreting services.

Now you can compare the prices of different interpreters and choose which suits you best.


If you are a Chinese native speaker and have a basic knowledge of the Chinese business language, you can take your company to the next level, just hire a professional linguist or interpreter to translation Chinese into any other language and there you go.  

Now you have complete knowledge of Chinese interpreting services. Go get these services, conduct high-level meetings and expand your business, Good Luck!

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