Where to get rush translation without paying extra?

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Where to get rush translation without paying extra?

Everyone knows that time is a very valuable resource, and once wasted no one can essentially turn it back. This is why people, businesses, and companies have always put too much emphasis on the importance of time. As the old saying goes, “Time is gold.”

Time is essential in almost any aspect of human life. The concept of ‘late’ is something that is always frowned upon, while the concept of punctuality is something that is expected out of everyone, especially in the business world.

As we walk through the stages of our life, we have encountered, at least once, being late. May that be in school or work. Those who have experienced it knows for sure just how embarrassing it is. Missing an appointment because you are late may sometimes have irreparable consequences. Imagine a doctor arriving late for a major surgery. Or a military operation that did not go in a timely manner. Again, the whole world revolves, at least a majority of it, around the concept of time and how to keep up with it.

The importance of time cannot be expressed in words. There are figures of speech that try to encapsulate its essence and importance, but most of them have proved to be moot in its immense expanse.

The concept of time is not lost in the translation industry. Like almost every industry or business, companies and individuals have always strived to beat a deadline, or at least they try to. Companies always offer a ‘faster’ type of business. In the scope of the modern world where multi-tasking is a well-accepted norm, normal speed is no longer a viable option. Everything now revolves around the concept of fast and rush. Fast Food. Fast Production. Rush Photography. Rush Translation.

The translation industry is also rife with various marketing strategies that market fast or rush services. This has become so ubiquitous in the industry that almost every agency now has its own rush and specialized fast service.

Rush Translation Service

As mentioned above, the industry now has a number of rush services to choose from. All of them differ on how fast they can beat the client’s deadline. While all of them have something in common, some are faster than others.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a rush translation service. Much like almost any kind of service in the industry, you have to make sure that an agency has a proper balance of speed, accuracy, and quality.

There are a number of rush service in the industry. However, the most common is the 1-hour rush service. Some agencies offer this at quite a steep price point as they need to pool several translators into a single project in order to make sure that they beat the deadline. This practice is common in small agencies. But why are so many certified translation companies  charging rush rates ?


Rush Translation without extra charges

However, an agency with thousands of employees can sometimes handle this type of project without the need of moving people from one division to another. What these companies usually do is that they have a dedicated team whose sole project covers only the rush translation division. That way, every time rush service is required, there is always a standby team that is ready to handle it. This usually saves a lot of time and resources. Checkout our translation prices here.


Fast Turnaround Time for your Rush Translation

Be wary, though, as it is quite common in the industry for a company to sacrifice accuracy in favor of fast turnaround time. Before agreeing to hire the service of a particular agency, it is important to inquire about their turnaround time and the degree of accuracy that they can accomplish at the time frame. Some companies sometimes drop the accuracy rating of a project for them to be able to reach their rush turnaround time.

Fast delivery, accuracy and quality kept

Next is to accuracy and quality is price. It is a common practice for many agencies in the industry to scale up the price of their rush services. The reason behind this is quite simple. Customers who are usually looking for rush services are in a bind when it comes to time. They might have a deadline that they need to meet. Since every hour is precious to them, they will pay whatever price an agency asks them to make sure that their project is done in time. When looking for this type of service, it is essential to at least shop for a couple of agencies in order to compare their prices and pick the right one.

Free Rush Translation Services

Now and then, some agencies offer free rush translation services. While this is exceptionally rare, it still happens. Companies usually do this in order to market their service, or they are relatively new in the industry. In order to try and build a customer base, an agency sometimes offers free services. Aside from free rush translation, one of the most common pricing arrangement is through discounts and affiliate marketing deals. There are always discounts that are available to clients. Both new and returning clients are eligible for this. Whatever type of discount is available depends mostly on the agency. The most common type of discount is given to returning clients and clients who have bulk projects. This is one of the ways how companies establish long term business relationship with a client.

Nevertheless, new clients are also entitled to these discounts. For further individual clients, they can opt to participate in affiliate marketing wherein all they have to do is to share the company through various social media platforms. In return, they can get discounts.

How much does a 1000 word translation cost?

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The cost of translating a 1000 word document varies based on a number of factors, such as the source and target language, subject matter, turnaround time, and the credentials of the translator. Generally, most translation agencies will charge anywhere from $0.06-$0.14 per word, though some specialized translations, such as medical or legal translations, may cost more. To get an accurate quote for your translation, you can contact a translation agency for a personalized estimate.

How much is 1000 word on a page?

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This is depending on font size, font type, spacing, margins, and the number of lines on the page. Generally, 1000 words would equate to between 3-4 pages when using 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced with 1-inch margins.

How long does it take to translate 10 000 words?

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Traditional translations offer 10,000 words translation delivery in 5 till 7 days roughly. Depends on the format of the documents. However there is a new translation services that offer Artificial Translation which is AI-translation. You will still have a human translator that will check the documents but the translation is done by analyzing with a huge database of already done and approved translations. This can be done in 2 till 3 days to get the same quality result as there is always a human translator checking the documents.

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