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Which Translator App is the Best?

Which Translator App is the Best?
(Last Updated On: July 23, 2020)

Which Translator App is the Best?

There are hardly any people left on Earth who do not love technology. Even the ones who don’t openly express their love for the electronic devices they use rely heavily on the same devices to get them through the day. A lot of us will have no idea about current affairs if it wasn’t for Twitter where news reaches as soon as something happens. The website is a great source of information for everyone whether they are movie geeks or fans of politics. A lot of things were created to aid communications but they evolved to become a lot more than that. Social media sites may have started as a platform for people to connect with friends but today they are the largest databases for information and images.

The internet is a huge world of its own that has way too many information. No one has enough time to consume all that knowledge. And all of us feel helpless from time to time over this. Just like book nerds feel sad over the fact that they can’t read all the books in their lifetime or movie fans shed tears because they can’t watch all the movies in their lifetime. But the thing about internet and the choices it offers is that they are a bit too much sometimes and people end up not knowing which one would be the right one for them. Choosing an app or program that doesn’t work according to your needs is worse than it sounds because then you will have to go through the process of choosing one again and who knows whether you will be successful again or not.

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The same is true for the apps that developers offer for phone users. There are way too many options. But downloading all of them, even if you have the space in your phone, is not a good idea. Simply because you won’t be able to use all of them. So, it is better to do your research beforehand and download only the ones that can help you in your daily life and not the ones that just looked good in the app store.

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Translation by Machines:

Translation is a profession that has been ruled by humans and rightly so. It is a creative process that can only be handled by people with enough knowledge and experience. There are a lot of fields in which the debate of Man vs. Machine never ends but in the world of languages, there is just no doubt that humans can never be replaced. However, it is also a fact that with the help of humans, machines can be taught the basic phrases for translation. The purpose of that is to help other humans who want to get around in a foreign land but don’t want to learn a complete language for it. The easiest ways to utilize the help of machines in this case is in the form of apps.

The Best Translator Apps:

Just like any other thing, the apps for translation are plenty and no one knows which can be the right one. Searching which is the best language translator app on Google will generate a bunch of results but will not help you make the decision for you. You must read about the top apps to figure out for yourself which fulfills your needs the best:

  1. iTranslate:

No matter who you ask the question ‘which translator is the best’, you will get iTranslate’s name in response because the app is that good. The app is available for both Apple and Android users. Although it also has a premium version that offers extra features, the free version is perfect for most people as it covers the basics. The app covers combinations of a hundred languages. If you want translations on the go, you can get it for your Apple Watch too. If you want web translations and offline mode, you can also get the pro version. For those who travel frequently without internet, the pro version is an excellent choice.

  1. Google Translate:

If you want to know which online translator is the most accurate and also a hundred percent free, then you are at the right place because the answer is right in front of your eyes. The features of Google Translate are extraordinary. You get support for 103 languages and use typing to get their interpretation. You will also get an offline mode that supports more than 50 languages. The best feature of this app is the image translation where you can point your camera at a text and get its interpretation. This feature currently supports 37 of the most commonly spoken vernaculars. The app is available at both Play Store and App Store.

  1. SayHi:

If you would rather depend on your spoken word than the written one then SayHi is what you should download. The app gets activated when you speak in the phone and will translate your message that can be heard or seen by the person who is talking to you. This is useful for both verbal and written communications with friends, colleagues, and foreign investors. This free app is available for the users of both Apple and Android devices.

If someone asks you which translation is the most accurate then the answer will definitely be one done by a human translator. But for simple interpretations, the apps mentioned above can prove to be pretty useful.

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