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1 Day Out of The Life of The Translation Project Manager

1 Day Out of The Life of The Translation Project Manager
project manager

The Translation Project Manager

Humans are born with a few skills that can never be learned. There are many people who don’t believe in this theory and think that everything is a learned behavior. But various examples prove them wrong. People often end up at wrong jobs and suffer along with the quality of their work. Not everyone is destined to lead. Some people don’t have the personality to make others follow them and do as they say. But it isn’t a negative aspect because they probably have skills that even world class leaders don’t possess. This is why each government has different ministers for different departments. A prime minister cannot handle all the departments and not only because they have other things to do but also because they don’t have the appropriate skills to run a particular department.

People in administrative jobs have the skills to get things done. They are the ones everyone relies on everywhere. Whether it is a university or an office, the administration department is where people go when they need help with something. It doesn’t mean that people in the administration department do everything themselves. They assign projects to different employees to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

project manager
project manager

Managers are an important part of the administrative branch of every office. Without efficient managers, work will never get done. A good manager is one who knows how to put their resources to best use. They know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the employee working under them and assign them work accordingly. Without a manager, an office would be in a state of chaos. People often don’t know their own strengths and that’s why if it was left up to them to choose their own projects and assignments, no good will come out of that.

Like every other field, the translation industry also relies heavily on its managers. Translation Project Managers (TPM) are the people who know how important work ethics are and who is the best person for each assignment. They are experts at what they do and help their company make the most of the resources available at its disposal. But what exactly do they do in translation industry?

One Day Out of the Life of the Translation Project Manager:

A translation project manager’s job involves a lot of responsibilities and supervision. It is important to note that they don’t even have to know translation. But a degree in the relevant field will help them get a better understanding of the staff. In order to better understand their duties, let’s look at how they spend a day at work:

  1. Reviewing and Organizing New Projects:

They start their day by reviewing the requests from clients. The new projects are all in their inbox. Once they have gone through all the new requests, they organize them according to their deadline. They make sure that all the information about a project is mentioned in the planner so the translator will have no problem while working and the client will get the exact service they want.

Organizing projects and prioritizing them according to their deadline is one of the most important duties of a project manager and without that, the rest of their day will not be in order.

  1. Familiarizing Themselves with the Details:

Translators don’t have to know every little thing about a project as long as they can reach out to the manager whenever they have any confusion. In order to be able to answer all the questions, project managers familiarize themselves with each and every detail of an assignment. Whether it is the technical terms or the scope of the task, they will know everything about the task.

  1. Assigning Regular Clients’ Projects:

Every agency has regular clients who request the same language combination every time. If there is a translator on the team who does that client’s work every time then that consistency is maintained. Project managers will make sure that client’s task is forwarded to their regular translator.

  1. Find Translators for Other Projects:

They will know the right person for each job and assign the tasks to them accordingly. It is the quality of a good translation project manager to pick the right translator for each assignment.

  1. Staying in Touch with the Workers:

Once the work has been assigned, the TPM stays in close contact with each translator to make sure they are not facing any problem with the task and offer them help if they need it.

  1. Quality Check:

Once the translations have been completed, TPMs check their quality to make sure everything is accurate. They want to make sure that the work is according to the standard of the agency. This is a very important step as without it, the customers will never get quality services.

  1. Submitting Assignments:

Once the quality check is complete, the TPM sends the projects to the clients. Not all projects are completed in a day. But the managers also keep an eye on the ongoing tasks to make sure everything is working smoothly.

  1. Payment Process:

After sending the projects to clients, the TPM ensures that the payment process works without any trouble.

  1. Review and Planning for the Next Day:

Their review the day’s tasks at the end of the day and make a rough plan for the next day so they wake up ready to face the new challenges.

A look at the life of the translation project managers proves how impossible it would have been to run the translation industry without them.

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