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Assamese Language Translator An Overview

Assamese Language Translator An Overview

Planning a trip to North East India? Well, definitely a good idea! India is a land of religious and cultural diversity. So, if you are really into exploring new languages and cultures, you should surely visit it out! It’s always a language barrier that makes it difficult for people to communicate with each other, but translation plays a crucial role in communication with people across borders.

As India is a large country with diverse linguistic variety, some of the most popular Asian languages are spoken in this South Asian country; so, it has become important to understand the dialects of spoken languages and the culture of the local population, which is why people need translation services in each region.

Due to high demand from Assam and North Eastern States, Assamese language translators are required to provide Assamese to English translation or any other language and vise versa. If you are also in need to get Assamese translation services, here is what you need to know! We will discuss Assamese language and who can translate it well; moreover, we will discuss where to find professional Assamese translators. So let’s just begin!


Among Assamese language facts, Assamese is an Indo-Aryan language. It is the official language of the Indian state of Assam. The state of Assam is popular for its tea, other than that it is horned for being the home of Indian rhinoceros.

Assamese is a beautiful language and is one of the 22 regional languages of the Republic of India. Over 20 million people in Eastern India states of Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal, and Arunachal Pradesh, speak Assamese.

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Some people from Bangladesh and Bhutan also speak Assamese.  Assamese, an Indo-European language is related to other languages spoken in the Indian subcontinent such as Hindi, Urdu, Odia, Bengali, and Gujarati.

Some European languages, for example, French, Norwegian, English, and Greek are also related to the Assamese language.  When it comes to its translation services, the first thing that you need to concern about is a perfect translator. Let’s have a look that you need to know about a professional Assamese expert.


If you are thinking to save money and get your online translation by a Google translator, then let us tell you Google translator doesn’t support the Assamese language. If you search on Google to translate English to Assamese, the translator will show you the Bengali language instead, not the proper Assamese.

So, it is better to find a human translator to get an accurate piece of translation. An Assamese language translator needs to have a basic knowledge of Asian languages, as Assamese is related to them. A professional Assamese translator is a native speaker of Assamese as well as one who is fluent in the English language.

You need to check the credentials and subject matter expertise of the translator before hiring. You can find an Assamese expert on different browsers such as Freelancer, Fiverr, or Upwork.

Apart from that, you can find a professional Assamese expert in a translation agency; in fact, translation agencies make it even easier for people to get accurate Assamese translations.

They only work with native language translators to make sure that the customer gets the right content. In addition, they are more professional and skilled to deal with languages. So, it is always better to hire a professional translation agency. But, if you still want to save money and stick to a machine translator, here is what you need to know more!


Linguistic diversity in the Indian Subcontinent makes the language barrier common among people. Diversity is so common that people of one state are unable to understand the street signs of another state. Thousands of different languages are spoken alone in the capital of India, New Delhi.

Every time people move to Delhi from different regions brings different languages along with them; that’s how the city becomes is much diversified and the language barrier among people is increasing rapidly. Different translation apps and software are trying their best to solve the language problem.

They are helping people to engage in real-time conversation. Microsoft India has been working on their Microsoft Translator App, to make it more engaging towards the Indian languages.

But we all know technology can’t beat humans, which is why you have seen the inaccurate translation of Asian languages on the Internet everywhere. Even Google Translate and Microsoft Translator are unable to provide 100% accurate translations.

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It’s not that the South Asian languages are too complex to translate, it’s just these languages are greatly influenced by the cultural values of their speakers. You can get word translation from Google, but if you need document translation, you need to find an Assamese language expert.


People need Assamese translation services for business purposes in different industries. For example when you want to expand your business to an international level, or if you are working with Assamese partners, you need to get translation services to provide you services to the Assamese audience. Here are some of the industries that need Assamese language services:


People need Assamese text translation services for different legal purposes such as transferring assets and property. Other than that, Legal firms need translation services to communicate with international legal corporations and firms. As legal purposes are very sensitive that’s why only a professional legal translator can translate the content accurately. You need to hire an Assamese legal translator who is specifically trained in legalese and subject matter-specific terminology.


Medical sciences need translation services for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnological labs and firms, IVR companies, and healthcare marketers. In order to get the translation of your medical documents, you need to hire a certified Assamese language specialist with scientific and medical specialization.


Exactness is something that every financial document, top finance firms, and banks need when it comes to language translation services. Insurance agencies, loan providers, and financial advisory firms need translation for various reasons. If you want to get flawless language translation, you need to work with an Assamese translator who is specially trained or experienced in accounting and finance.


Industrial and manufacturing enterprises need translation services to expand their services to as many people as possible. As India is a large country, so people want to invest there. If you are running a manufacturing company in the US and want to invest in the Assamese market, get yourself a professional Assamese expert.


When it comes to the translation of regional languages of Northeast India, human experts are the best translators you can have. You can find native experts for all Indian languages. The only way to get a flawless and accurate solution for your translation problems is to choose a human translator instead of relying on Google Translate or Microsoft Translator App.

All Indian languages are unique and their uniqueness is what makes them complex. Even though these languages are only spoken by some small tribes, they are equally important. The most ideal choice to get the best linguistic solution of such tribal languages is to hire a native expert; the one who not just translates the content, but maintains the cultural consideration of the language. So, turn to a human expert whenever there is a need for accurate translation.

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