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Bislama Translator Online
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(Last Updated On: January 11, 2022)

Bislama Translators Online

Do you have a legal document or a visa application that you want to translate from English to Bislama language? If you plan to migrate to Vanuatu, you’ll have to get translation services for all your official documents. This is an obligatory requirement of USCIS. You can make your documents useful in a foreign country only when they are properly translated.

For instance, if you have a driver’s license in English or Chinese language, you’ll have to get its Bislama translation to use it in Vanuatu. The increasing need for translation services has motivated many people to expertise their language and make their linguistic command as to their profession. If you need translation services, you should look for a translator ASAP! The more you delay, the longer it will take for your immigration process to progress.

There are multiple ways through which you can find an online Bislama translator, you just have to read this blog till the end. You may require Bislama to English translation or vice versa. But in either case, you have to look for a professional linguist who can translate your documents professionally into your target language. So, let’s explore some tips to find one!

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Bislama Language

Before moving any further, you should grab on the details of this language first! You can’t figure out whether your translated document is accurate until you know the basics of your target language. As a native citizen of Vanuatu, you may ignore this section since you already have the know-how of your language. But as a foreigner who is migrating to Vanuatu sooner, you should consider reading it!

Bislama, also known by its earlier name in French bichelamar, is a creole language. It is also one of the official languages of Vanuatu. It is the first language of many of the “Urban ni-Vanuatu”. And the second tongue of the rest of the country’s residents. The language is pretty similar to English and therefore 95% of Bislama words are of English origin. The remaining Bislama language has many words of French origin. Apart from this, the language is vocabulary inherited from various other languages of Vanuatu. The two prominent words in Bislama are ‘long’ and ‘blong’ which take the place of many prepositions in English or French.

Bislama Translation Services

Now when you enough about the language, your main focus is on its translation services. As a language partially originated from English and French, it becomes very easy to get accurate services in this tongue. A freelance translator or any translation agency can take the responsibility of providing accurate translation services according to your needs.

To get in a bit more detail, you should know that personal pronouns of Bislama closely resemble those of Tok Pisin. This means that it is your duty as a translator to figure out the correct words of the Bislama language. Further, from whomsoever you’re getting translation services, make sure he/she can consider language differencing while doing his job.

There are many reasons for which you may need translation services. For example, you may need to visit Vanuatu for business purposes, education needs, or you may need it because you’re married to your partner who lives in Vanuatu. Any of these could be the case, but you need to know that the documents you need for translation will truly depend on your purpose.

Where to Find a Bislama Translator Online?

If you need quick translation services in Bislama, there are multiple ways you can find a translator online. You may also want to avoid the expensive costs of translation services. To make it easy for you, here is a list of 5 free translation tools that you can use to get your work done. These free online translators are perfect for fast word or sentence swapping to another language. And some offer extra features that make them even better. When you find the best translator for your needs, don’t forget to bookmark it so that it’s always close at hand.

Google Translate

You may have guessed this name already! This tool can translate several indigenous languages from the source into the target without considering their country of origin. Bislama, a national language in the Republic of Vanuatu is very famous and therefore Google Translate can provide its translation services online.

As an English-based Creole language, you may worry that translators will mix up their vocabulary. But that’s not the case with Google Translate. This tool can handle all the native languages and translate the text with uniform spelling. Further, another good point is that it can handle hundreds of thousands of words at a time.

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Bing Translator

Next to Google is the Bing Translator, an online tool that uses Microsoft translator. You can select your input language or have the site automatically detect it as you type. If you want to cut off the struggle of typing your national language, you can simply use its microphone feature. This tool is very efficient in that it can hold language pairs also.

If you previously have language contact, you can review your document translation of Bing Translator to make sure that the text is properly translated. Further, after you receive the translation, you have options to hear it aloud in a male or female voice, share it, or search Bing with it.


Someone may need to translate the national anthem of a country or a legal court hearing in English language pairs. For translation purposes, you can leave the stress to Translatedict. It is an online translator tool that can provide efficient translation services using its language skills. Since you require services in the Bislama language, it is only justice if you choose a language professional. You should take language lessons to ensure your translation is accurate. If you’ve lived in a remote village in total language immersion, you can still understand Bislama concepts to some extent. To conclude, Translatedict can do the best work for you!


Linguee is more of a search engine and a translation dictionary than a translation service. While this tool can’t translate web pages and documents, you can type in words or phrases in languages that you don’t understand to see their meanings and other documents on the web where the word is used properly so that you can see it in action. It can handle the words that apply to the language of trade for good use. The language situation in Vanuatu may stress you, but you can choose Linguee to solve it all.


WordLens was developed by Quest Visual, which was recently acquired by Google. Therefore, you should expect to see some Google Translate features on this tool. You can study the Bislama dictionary and get your resume translation services from this app. The translation team is working to provide additional translations in this tool so it becomes easy for the users to access it more frequently.

Apart from the mentioned translators, there are many other Bislama translators that you may find online. You just have to look for a credible translator and enlighten his translation efforts to make sure that it gets along well with the Bislama-English dictionary. You should be aware of the Bislama language facts which can, later on, help you in recognizing translation problems while reviewing your document. Moreover, search online as much as you can to find the right document translators for your work. Best of luck with that!

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