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The Sim Language

The enchantment of EA or Electronic Arts video games is off the charts. Simulation games are more thrilling than real life. Because they allow you to create a world of your own choice. Choose paths that you want to explore, do things that you want to do. YouTubers have made it even more powerful when they started their streaming channels. Now people wait for them like they are some kind of religious installment they must view, understand, and even follow. And to talk about a game, you must have a special education about it. Fandoms are real, and so is the way the characters of the games speak. But did you ever think that there would be a gaming world that would have its own language? So much so that it’s a living language of modern society.

We are talking about very famous Simlish. The fictional language of the Sims is used in all EA games of the Sim series. It was developed by the creator Will Wright. The game is characterized as a Sandbox game. It allows the players to create their own characters known as Sims. What rather sounds to be nonsense language to non-players, is quite understandable for the fans. In fact, English language learners are now outdated, Simlish learners are leading the way.

Simlish; The Origin Story

Simlish or Sim language was first used in the debut game of Sim Copter. The game came out in 1996. After that, it became a monumental part of the game. You can hear sims speaking Simlish in SimCity 4, SimCity Societies, SimCity Version 2013, and SimCity BuildIt. The reason behind creating a new language for the characters is that they didn’t want the players to get bored with repetitive sentences. They didn’t even want the characters to repeat the Simlish.


To that, they came up with a solution. They used different voice actors for different versions of Simlish. Gerri Lawlor and Stephen Kearin improvised the sound of Simlish. By adding different nuances, emotions, and tones, they left the interpretation of the messages to the players. It was never translated into the English language. However, some of the terms are understood broadly by the fandom because of the time they are used. For instance, Sul Sul is a term Sims use when they are departing or leaving someone behind. Some say that it means hello.


Facts about the Sim Language

Simlish is full of interesting facts. Created with a unique thought at the back, this language has a lot you should know about.

So, if the French language shares similarities with Spanish and English, it should be easy, right? Well, no. Learning French can be quite difficult. As to why is French so hard to learn, the answer lies in the way the language is structured.

It's Totally Gibberish

You may think that the words your favorite sims speaking have a certain meaning. But in actuality, they don’t. You can’t have an accurate translation for Simlish words. The creates say that it’s entirely gibberish. They are a merger of certain Filipino, Spanish and Russian terms but they don’t have a firm linguistic at the base. Yet, it’s so popular, so you be the judge.

Simlish Voice Clips

Did you know that special voice actors were hired to record hundreds of voice clips with different variations?
The reason behind this was to use these clips in different situations with different emotions. There were tones such as angry, happy, flirtatious, and many others.
So in essence, we can say that the Simlish vocabulary is more about the tone rather than the word composition.

Simlish Music

If you thought that’s some tune you hear while the game begins, then you are terribly wrong. The Sim nation is so utterly famous that singers like Katy Perry and
Black Eyed Peas contributed to the Simlish Songs. And the best part is, the songs were translated from English and other origin languages into Simlish and the singers
enjoyed singing them. Popular songs like Last Friday Night, Pressure, Natasha Bedingfield Pocketful of Sunshine, and Don’t Kill My Vibe have all been transformed
into Custom Simlish Songs. Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now is also famous for being a part of Sims.


Can you learn Simlish?

People who have played The Sims must have heard Simlish countless times and by now they’d be familiar with most terms.


But can you learn it? it’s not as simple as learning your primary language at school because they have books, teachers, and a whole lot of content. With Simlish, however, you’d have to do the otherwise, to study, you’d have to play the game. Isn’t that exciting?


So after playing the games one after another, you’ll gradually understand the rules. Will Wright created Simlish after exploring many languages including Phillippines, Ukrainian, etc. But Simlish is not all about the words spoken, it’s more about the player’s interpretation of a certain phrase at a certain time in the game. They are supposed to analyze the situation and then derive the meanings.


Here is a guide for you to learn Simlish properly. Other than learning important details about the game and the Sims such as Lily Allen Smile, Jana Sim, or Sim to real transfer, you must carefully assess the situation. This is the only determinant of finding out the meanings of the Simlish vocabulary. And that will elevate the success rate of your learning. For more effective practices, partner up with your gaming buddy, invite them over for a Sim night, and exchange ideas and meaning for Simlish words you hear during the game.


And if your buddy is a fanatic too, you two can even converse in Simlish. So this is it, go ahead, welcome to the Sim nation, we are now ready to say Dag Dag or Daj Daj to you.

Sim Quotes And Words

For those who have never met the Sim Nation or hear the Sims speaking, it is very important to read the list below. These are some of the most popular Simlish phrases and quotes Sims use. However, a good thing is that there are thousands of fans out there who are intrigued to learn the accurate translations of these words. And we are listing the words with the meanings provided by the gaming community online.

The first one is “Sul Sul”, this has been used abundantly. According to most gamers, this greeting means Goodbye, yet it is also used for saying Hello. Weird, right?

Next up is Nooboo which means baby.

Another one is Oh Feebee Lay which they often use when they are hungry. They call milk “lalo”. Ooh be Gah may seem like Oh My God but it means very good. Checkmar is used for Checkmate. Woofum is used for Dog whereas Dag Dag is the way to say goodbye. Za Voka Geneva means I think you are hot.

They say Choo Waga Choo Choo when something comes in their way. Wipna Choga Dob means this is cool and Sherb is used for Shake. When they want to call someone they say Gerb Woofem. Sul Sul Plerb Meja Bliff means Hello, can I do something else?

Saas Awrful means this is awful. Vadish or Badeesh means thanks and Zor means more. You surely must be amazed by the writing skills of the creator of Simlish.

You Can Even Create Memories

Watching the Sims speaking an essentially unique language isn’t the only distinguishable aspect of the franchise. The Custom Simlish options are wonderful. For example, in Simcity 4, you can create custom memories for your sims. This definitely feels like creating a world of your own.


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