How To Find Word Count on Google Docs?

how to find word count on google docs
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What Are Google Docs?

In every field of life which involves technology and mobile phone, Google has made our life much easier by providing us its best services. Either it is Google Maps or Google docs Google is constantly making our life easier. With each advancement, one can find the information he/she desires; for instance, you can find word count on google docs too.

It is time to switch your old MS Word to Google docs with some crazy new features. Making documents Is sometimes very boring. Then you wish you have more features in your documents app to make this fun and easy. Google always tells its customers to “say less”.

So, Google made Google docs to provide its customers with a good experience of making documents. It has several new features which you cannot find in your old MS Word.

Google docs have a very convenient keyboard shortcut, display word count, Tool menu, drop-down menu, has a very wide character limit, menu bar. It is specially designed to create different documents like your school essays, shorter documents, individual letters, school applications, news articles, and blog posts.

It has several templates you can easily create your documents, spreadsheets, menus, timetables, etc. You can also access Google docs on mobile devices it has access on your android device and iOS.

If you want to make documents on different devices. You can easily log in with your email address on your drive and can access your documents through different devices. Checkout our latest post here about the best method for sharing the file online!

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Some Cool Features of Google Docs

Here are some of google docs’ cool features which are very important to know if you are creating online content. Sometimes it is very frustrating to create engaging content and if you have to mess up with formatting as well. All you want is to tear your laptop into pieces.

But with google docs formatting is very easy, you can easily arrange your whole current document according to the format of your choice. You don’t need to waste your hours on formatting. Here are some cool features you need to know.

Several Templates

Google Docs has several templates from which you can choose and make your perfect document for office in school. For example, if you’re making a resume and you do not need to waste your time on googling the format of your Resume.

All you need to do is go to your Google Docs open the homepage and you will get the option of selecting a template. Instead of selecting a simple document scroll down and find a template of a Resume me.

Open it and you’re all good to make your perfect resume to land your next job. Likewise, you can easily make business letters, brochures, memos, CVs, notes, etc.

You Can Make a Table of Content

With the help of a Google docs outline, you can easily create a table of content. This table of content not only tells you what the article is about specific article headlines is but it will also make you do that heading.

It works like a hyperlink when you click it you automatically go to that destination, please in the entire document. set table of content is a very useful thing in our long document. A document with a large number of count totals often needs a table of content.

Now you do not need to waste your time on making a manual table for contents. Google Docs provides you with an automatic table of content. Some people are not very tech-savvy and do not want to create a table by themselves so this is the best way for them.

You Can Research Things Directly from Google Docs

One of the coolest features of Google Docs is you can research things in Google docs. That means that you do not need to open Google special need to search any specific term while writing an article. Sometimes switching apps break your flow and you are distracted from writing.

So, you can easily search relevant content by simply selecting the term on google docs. Open the tool menu then click the search button in the drop-down menu. And with the right-click, you will get on the tab with the research results and recommended articles of your selected them. While writing a lengthy and search-based article this feature can help you a lot.


If you’re making a document let’s, say, your school essay and you have certain questions about the material in the document then you can make comments on it. On Google Docs it is very simple to leave comments on the document all you need to do is go to the insert option in the menu scroll down.

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You will find the option of coming select it and add whatever comment or not you want to add in that specific word or sentence. This commenting will help you remember your doubts and comments about the content while writing or editing the document.

Edit Mistakes Easily

Google docs have the option of select and replace a certain word in the whole document. If you are writing a very long essay and you are using a long-term. You do not need to worry because you can correct your mistake by simply replacing the term by using the finding to please option in Google docs.

To find this option you need to going to the menu bar and find the option of tea can you please in the drop-down menu.  Select it and enter the term that you wrote in the document. Enter the term which you want to replace eight with. Select the next button and you are all good to go.

4 Things You Need to Learn About Google Docs

There are a few most frequently asked questions about google docs. Let’s find their answers together and master all formatting skills on google docs.

How To Find Word Count on Google Docs?

You can find the word count by opening your Google docs and check the top-right corner of page, there will be an option of tools word count. Then the word count characters on the page will be displayed on your screen. You can close it after viewing the word count and the character count.

How To Insert Links in Google Docs?

Most people get worried when they heard about the linking on Google docs. It is not a very difficult task all you need to do is open your Google sheet or your Google doc. Select the term or sentence you want to link.

When you double click that text, you will get different options select the option of hyperlinks or links. Then paste your link in the box verities enter your URL. By applying you will get your link in the text. When you will click the text, you will go straight to the link you inserted in it.

How To Add Pictures in Google Docs?

There are two options to add pictures in Google docs. One is very easy all you need to do is copy your picture and paste it into Google docs. The other is to go to the menu and click the insert option then select the image option and upload the picture from your device. By clicking the option insert after selecting the picture you will be able to see the picture in your document.

How To Add Tables in Google Docs?

Like adding pictures and links, adding tables in Google docs also very easy. If you already have a table format in any other document you can simply copy it and paste it into your Google doc. But if you want to make a new table then you can go to the menu and click the insert option.

Then select the table and now you will be able to see the columns and rows on your Google docs. And if you want to add a table of content in your Google docs then you can simply select the option of a table of content. And an automatic table of content will appear in your document.

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Boost Writing with Google Tools

In the context of enhancing writing productivity and accuracy within Google Workspace, a suite of tools accessible from the Tools menu significantly elevates the user experience. Among these, the character count feature, typically located in the lower-left corner of the document interface, offers immediate feedback on the length of the text being composed.

This count box, strategically placed in the left corner, not only informs writers of their character usage but also aids in adhering to specific writing style requirements or limitations that might be in place for a particular project. By integrating these count features seamlessly into its interface, Google Workspace empowers users to monitor their writing more effectively, ensuring that each piece of content meets the desired criteria without the need to leave the document or use external tools.

This thoughtful placement in the lower-left corner allows for a non-intrusive yet easily accessible way to keep track of writing metrics, enhancing overall writing efficiency and precision.

Make Your Application Stand Out

When preparing a job application through a slide presentation, utilizing the additional features found under the Tools option can significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your submission. Among these features, the real-time current word count and sentence count tools stand out for their utility in crafting concise and impactful content.

The count option, easily accessible during the writing process, allows applicants to monitor their word and sentence usage closely, ensuring that each slide communicates its message effectively within the allocated space. This functionality not only aids in adhering to any specified content length requirements but also encourages more thoughtful and deliberate word choice.

By leveraging these tools, job applicants can refine their presentations to highlight their qualifications and experiences compellingly, making a stronger impression on potential employers.

Streamline Writing and Editing

For writers and editors who prioritize precision in their work, achieving an accurate and correct word count is essential, whether for meeting publication requirements or adhering to content guidelines. The Google Workspace Marketplace offers a variety of script-based solutions designed to enhance this aspect of document creation, allowing users to set specific count goals and targets directly within their writing environment.

These scripts can provide a running count that updates in real time, making it easier to track both session word count and overall target word count without the need for manual calculations or external tools. By integrating such functionalities, writers can focus more on the quality of their content, secure in the knowledge that they are within their desired word count parameters. This level of precision and convenience, facilitated by customizable scripts from the Google Workspace Marketplace, underscores the platform’s commitment to catering to the diverse needs of its user base, from students to professional content creators.

Starting with a blank document can often seem daunting, but the use of a browser extension designed to assist in this process can transform it into a straightforward and manageable task. Many of these extensions come equipped with a step-by-step guide, walking users through the creation, formatting, and saving of their document.

Such tools are particularly useful when dealing with various file formats, enabling users to effortlessly convert their work into a TXT file or other preferred formats. This flexibility ensures that regardless of the project or platform, users can prepare their documents in a format that meets their needs and the requirements of the task at hand. By leveraging the capabilities of these browser extensions, individuals can streamline their document creation process, making the journey from a blank document to a finished product both efficient and user-friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the word count in Google Docs by clicking on “Tools” in the menu bar, then selecting “Word count.” A window will pop up displaying the total number of words, characters, and pages in your document.

Yes, Google Docs allows you to see the word count as you type. To enable this feature, go to “Tools,” select “Word count,” and in the pop-up window, check the box next to “Display word count while typing.” The word count will then appear at the bottom left of your document.

Yes, the word count in Google Docs includes text in footnotes. When you open the word count window, it provides a breakdown that includes all text within the document, including footnotes.

Yes, to get a word count for a specific section, highlight the text you want to count. Then, follow the same steps to view the word count (Tools > Word count), and the window will show the count for the highlighted section only.

Yes, on the Google Docs mobile app, tap the three dots menu in the top right corner, select “Word count” from the menu, and you’ll see the word count for your document.