How to get a free certified translation?

How to get a free certified translation?
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Globalization has completely changed the way we see our world today. We are living in a world of the internet. We are surrounded by software and AI, tools and tools everywhere! Hence, people from different corners of the world engage in similar business. Businesses are expanding in an international market and they have started viewing countries differently. However, languages are not a barrier anymore, and traveling has become essentially the most significant of our daily lives. But when did the need for certified translation arise? The modern world has led to a drastic rise in the demand for translations by business organizations. The need to attract new customers and reach a larger audience contributes to the importance of translation.

Then comes immigration, something we can’t put aside. For instance, going to the U.S requires us to get our documents translated. According to U.S immigration laws, all immigrants must submit certified translations of their official documents. Hence, the need for certified translation is eminent. You can find several translation agencies all around the world providing professional translations.

The Translation Company specializes in providing accurate and culturally nuanced language solutions to meet the diverse needs of its global clientele. Enrolling in online courses has become a pivotal aspect of professional development, particularly in fields like machine translation and language services.

Aspiring translators can gain valuable insights into the nature of translation through specialized online translation courses. These programs delve into the intricacies of machine translation, equipping learners with the skills to navigate and enhance automated language processes. Participants not only acquire proficiency in their target languages but also engage in practical translation activities that mirror real-world scenarios. Upon successful completion, they are awarded certificates of completion, recognized as credentials by both individuals and translation companies.

This digital certification serves as a testament to the individual’s commitment to advancing their expertise in translation, thereby opening doors to new opportunities within the dynamic landscape of language services.

Looking to Get A Free Certified Translation?

If you are also looking for free certified translation then you are at the right place. This article will guide you on how to get free certified translation services without spending much of your time and effort.

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What does certified translation mean?

So, if you have never come across immigration matters and not familiar with this term, then let us explain what it is actually. A translated document with proof of its certification of accuracy is a certified translation. Hence, it is proof that the original document has been translated completely and accurately with the translator accepting the responsibility for its accuracy. Simply, it is a lawful and a legal translation. Moreover, the translation professional also provides you a certification letter or certificate of authenticity with the final documents. He also includes the stamp and the end of the certification. Requirements for each country may vary. 

Certified translations are provided for the following documents:

  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Medical documents and medical reports
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Educational materials including school transcripts, annual reports, and university degrees
  • Insurance claims
  • Bank statements and Reference letters

How much does a translation cost?

As per the law, the higher the demand, the higher will be the prices. Similar is the case with translation cost. However, increasing demand for translation has also increased its prices. Prices may vary with the number of documents, their complexity, location of the service provider. Hence, in the U.S, $20-40 is the common price for professional translation services. Which is not so affordable for everyone. So, here’s what you should do. 

  • Go for free online translation services and later get them to proofread from any reputed company. This will save you half of the money.
  • Choose a highly recommended or well-renowned company. They will pay attention to all your concerns including pricing.  
  • Opt for a company that does not takes extra charges for 24-hour delivery.

Why there is a need for free online translation services?

There is a boom in the translation industry these days. This has further increased the number of translators and interpreters who are offering a wide range of services. At the same time, there are lots of free online translation services and tools available. We rely on machine help more than humans. However, they are one of the highly searched. Maybe you just got a new device and you are not able to understand the language of the instruction manual. Hence, you can get it translated into your language using free online translation tools at any time of day.

Translation services have a huge scope in almost every field from traveling to medical translators to immigration purposes. You have to be very careful while choosing a translator. Hence, only expert or professional translators with good translation skills can offer a certified translation. But if you are already late or in a hurry and also want to save money. Then the only option left is to go with online translation services.

Here are some of the free online translation tools:

Google translate

Google translate is one of the best and reputable tools available online. Hence, it has been used for a decade now by millions of people as the best free translation. Whatever is the size of the document Google translate has a reputation for being the most used and renowned tool. It supports hundreds of languages. However, Google translate is very quick and easy to use. Google keeps on updating and working to improve the quality of the translation of the tool. If you want to save your time and feel more convenient then you can go for this tool.

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Microsoft word translate

Another best tool available in the market is Microsoft word translate. Hence, their translator software is well known for its good quality services you can translate a complete document for free from Microsoft word office. However, It makes the translation process very easy.

SDL free translations

It is one of the best-known quality translations providing services. SDL translations offer both free and professional translations. You have to pay for professional translations since they are carried out by humans. Hence, they are more accurate. But the free option is also good and convenient if you want quick translations. 

So, these are just a few of them. There are many others available on the market. It is difficult to find out both free and high-quality translations at the same time. Sometimes these tools are not appropriate for certified translation of business documents and immigration matters. Still, if you have chosen which free service you want to use. But the problem of certification still lies there. Don’t worry we have a solution and a better option for you.

Avail the services of our company

Our agency is one of the best agencies that offer certified translation with the guarantee of USCIS approval. We offer all the things in one place, from translation to certification to notarization. We also offer localization.

Being the leader in the translation industry for almost two decades, we aspire to deliver value-added services to our customers. We have a team of professional translators working with us for years. We are providing the best translation, certification, proofreading reading services to its client at very reasonable prices. Hence, if you do not want to spend lots of money on translating your documents. Translate your document using Google translate and get it certified by using our proofreading services for only 10 USD per page. Yes, that’s right, now you can get your certified translations proofread for just USD 10 per page. Isn’t that amazing?

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Universal translation services also provide a free translation tool. Our tool supports as many languages as Google translate and provides good quality translations. It is handy and provides accurate translations of the phrases. By using this tool, you can also get the basic idea of your project that you want to get translated. 

So, without wasting any further time, you can go for this solution. We assure you of high quality and quick services. If you still have any doubt then you can have a look at our website and customer reviews. You can contact us any time. We are always at your service for any translation or certification you want. 

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If we can help you with any questions, please feel free to contact us

A certified translation is a translation of a document accompanied by a signed statement from the translator affirming its accuracy and completeness.

Certified translations are often required for official documents, such as legal papers, academic transcripts, or immigration documents, to meet the accuracy and authenticity standards.

Certified translations are typically performed by professional translators who are recognized or accredited by relevant translation associations or authorities.

The certification statement confirms that the translator believes the translation is accurate and complete, and it often includes the translator’s signature, date, and contact information.

Certified translations are commonly required in legal proceedings, immigration applications, academic admissions, business contracts, and any situation where the accuracy and authenticity of the translation are crucial.