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If you are interested in finding out more about the translation industry or about how to get a translation, how to ask for a quote and how to differentiate between different services offered to you then you’re in luck. Our translation blog provides answers to all those questions, and much more.

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You spend a lot of time on the internet these days and whenever you come across a text in another language, you use a search engine to translate it in English or your native language.

As long as it is limited to the internet, you are fine. But when the university for which you have been longing to get admission calls you, and they want your credentials to be translated in English, what would you do?

If on the other hand you are a business looking to expand your reach, or trying to enter a local market, you’ll need translations for your website, your marketing materials and any legal documents. What would you do?

For matters like these, you must use professional translation services. And when you want a translation, you want it to be top quality, but you also want it fast and at an affordable price. We can help you with that whenever you need it.

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Translation news

The internet is considered the best source of news these days and rightly so because it is the place where news first break. The internet is also the place where a lot of journalists spend a lot of their time, and hence they share the news with their audiences as soon as they receive it. But there is one problem with the news that you get on the internet, it may not always be accurate. The abundance of information on the internet makes it hard to understand what is right and what is not. When you are in search of a particular service and search it on Google, the first couple of results you get will be paid. But how do you know if they are there to steal or your money or to serve you? Finding the right news source can be hard but not when it comes to Translation News.

Universal Translation Services launched its blog to provide people access to accurate translation news. It’s not every day that people need certified translations and that’s why they don’t know what it exactly is. Our blog guides people about different types of translations and how to get them. We also help people make the most of our services. Worried about the translation rates? We got you covered there too. UTS’s blog will provide you with all kinds of translation news in one place.

Questions? We have the answers!

What Universal Translation Services can do for you

document translation

Document Translation

If you have a document you need to have translated, just get in touch with us by live-chat, email or call us, and you’ll get a free quote. We’re the best when it comes to quality, but also have the best rates in the industry. Only 10 cents per word for translation, proofreading and editing, from any language into English.

website translation

Website Translation

If you are a company looking to expand into the international market you need to have your website and your marketing materials professionally translated and localized to the target market. This is something we can help you with, including adding the translated content into your website. You don’t have to do anything, we handle it all!

certified translation

Certified Translation

If you have to deal with the US Immigration Office (USCIS), you’ll need to have all your personal documents translated and certified. We can do certified translation from any language into English, at only $20 per page, the lowest rates you will find in the entire state of Florida!

notarized translation

Notarized Translation

There are instances when you need to have your personal documents translated, certified and notarized by a Notary Public. For instance, when you want to continue your studies in the United States as a foreigner, you’ll need your diplomas and academic papers translated into English and notarized.

Why work with us?

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You get what you need, even notarized translation

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We’re fast, so you can have your translation in a day!

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We have the lowest rates in the United States

Translation Blog


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Sometimes a great idea can never be put into use because of how unpractical it is. Creators can forget sometimes that users are an important part of the process and if something isn’t easy to use, it won’t do good at the market. A washing machine that comes with fifty buttons because the creator wanted to give more options to the users will not sell well because consumers want ease above all else.

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Korean Dictionaries

The world is full of all kinds of things and as a result, there are fans of everything. If you go on Tumblr or Twitter, you will be able to see fandoms quite frequently. They also get in fights with the people who say something against their idols. But it’s all fun until someone questions another person’s right to like a band or a movie.

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E-Learning Course

If we weren’t born with curiosity, we never would have discovered anything and achieved a single little feat in life. But thankfully, we are curious creatures and that’s what helped us get out of caves and build societies and houses. Our curiosity gave us clothes, shelter, and food that wasn’t freshly killed or cooked over wood fire.

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Food Label Translation

You probably can’t imagine your life without Starbucks but there are countries in the world that don’t have one. There are also places in the world that don’t have any alternatives to Starbucks so they either have to go to cafes that offer bad coffee or make it at home. There are countries where KitKat comes in dozens of different flavors and then there are states where people don’t even know that such a thing as a White KitKat exists.

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Italian legal translation

There are many things in life that are complex to the point that most people find it difficult to understand them. But there are also things that we can easily understand if we try a little. Sometimes, the full picture is difficult to see but you can figure out parts of it. For instance, most computer users don’t know how a computer works. They don’t know how the input and output system keeps running smoothly.

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You could be a native English speaker and still not know the difference between affect and effect. Even authors forget the use of these two words sometimes and that’s okay because languages and words are confusing and there is only so much that we can remember. So, if we can forget something that is part of our language, you can imagine the confusion when one has to deal with similar looking words of a field, they have no idea about.

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translation automation

Everyone has heard the phrase “united we stand, divided we fall” but we get to see it often in real life too. Even if we don’t fall when we are divided, we struggle alone. The world isn’t designed for humans to be on their own. If we are to survive through things and get to the end of our lives, we need to be a part of a community, help others, and accept help when it is offered to us.

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French Legal Translation

There are thousands of hilarious incidents related to language that you can find online. Sometimes, the wrong spelling turns a sign board into something hilarious. You can even find mistakes on places where there shouldn’t be any mistakes, like the pamphlet for a school or a language teaching class. There are Facebook pages dedicated to the collection of such silly mistakes. But nothing comes close to the incorrect translations.

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UK Visa

When we grow up, we stop thinking about the dreams of our childhood too much. But that’s okay because no adult should be dreaming about becoming a princess anyway. However, there are dreams that grow up with us. These are the things we want to be able to do in our adult life. Since these things are not unrealistic, it is okay to want them even in adulthood.

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document translation app

Every parent hates it when their child starts acting improperly in front of guests. But it happens anyway when kids are too young to understand about behavior and why it has to be proper in front of others. However, once these kids grow up a little, they begin to understand everything their parents say to them.

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